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Photography lesson in the Dark Room for Fourth Block Fun.

Around each breast you softly draw rings, lowering your head to draw the parallel rings around my nipples with your tongue. Soft moans escape my lips; you take a nipple in your teeth, pulling on it, then sucking it. The desire you build inside me doing that makes my back arch to meet your warm lips. My fingers entwine in your hair, holding your face to my breast, wanting more, and needing more. You raise your head to look at me, my eyes clouded with the lust you have risen in me. I raise my head to meet the lips that are lowered to me, kissing them long and deeply, never wanting to be free from their embrace.

Your hand now moves to my stomach, your soft lips following, leaving little kisses behind. You move between my legs, sitting on your's, facing me. Your hands slide up both of my legs, from my feet, up past my knees, my thighs, your thumbs brushing past each side of my clit, but never actually touching it, driving my passion even higher, knowing that when you did finally touch it I would not to able to stop myself from crying out from ecstasy. Up to cup my breast, bringing your head down, lips touching for another sweet kiss, licking and kissing your way back down. I jump when you tongue finally meets my moist pussy, rising to meet the pleasure that you give it. Up on side of my clit, up the other side, rising to meet each motion of your tongue, longing and waiting for the moment it comes into full contact with the one spot that wants it most.

Your tongue goes around the opening, then in and out, filling me, tasting me. Up from there to the moment of truth, my shoulders come off the bed, my hands to back of your head, holding you to me, faster and faster you tongue my clit till I can stand it no longer! My orgasm coming fast and intense, softly you suck it till I lay back, pull you to me. My lips seek your, the flavor of my sex on them, I kiss you deeply, truly satisfied.

We lay together, legs entwined. I glow with the pleasure you have given me. I feel your desire, hot and hard against my hip. I push you over onto your back; my lips brush your cheek, down to your neck as we turn as one. I rise to look into your eyes, softly hooded with the desire of release. I kiss one eyelid, then the other, the tip of your nose. My tongue grazes your top lip, around across the bottom, down your chin, to the shallow of your neck.

Leaving soft kisses behind, I move to your nipples, flicking them with my tongue, nipping and teasing them, releasing soft moans from you. Down and down the kissing, to your belly button. Around it, my tongue again, low sounds of passion from your lips. Down one leg my lips travel, tasting the sweetness of your skin. Up the other leg, I run my tongue along the crevasse between your leg and your balls. Across to do the same on the other side. My nose filled with the scent of your manhood, making the spot between my legs warm again, my entrance wet. Between your legs, I start with my tongue upwards from under your balls, up between them, up it goes, along the line on the underside of your cock, all the way to the little slit on the head of it. Around the head, down the other side to the base of your shaft. The moans become louder, more insistent for release. I alternately lick and suck each ball, feeling your cock move with jealousy, aching for attention too. My tongue once again to the head, where I take it into my lips. Softly, slowly, sucking it in, sliding it back out. I feel you getting harder, feel the pulse of it on my lips. The energy from it seemingly moving down my throat to my belly, downwards, making the wetness there flow more.

My work on your cock-head increasing, your hips rise, begging me to take more.

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