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Nick's cousin doesn't want to be a virgin anymore.

.. shadows of memories flooded back... she though strange seeing herself standing in the middle of the room, on top of the table; why?

She could feel her friends eyes on her.. But she couldn't remember much more... why was it so hard?

A shiver run the length of her spine when a spectral image of an old man standing in a dark alley... why did she felt fear? She looked down to her bruised and damaged breast and her fear jumped tenfold... wait... suddenly she saw herself face down on a pile of wooden skids, held down by hands, many hands and almost felt the enormous cock of the old man pumping at her exposed ass in the cold of the night.. She felt nauseous... she was raped!! And her friends were there!!

Her hand shoot at her mouth stifling a moan and her large eyes looked at their own center in the mirror... why?

She recalled, now clearly, Jen's smile in stark contradiction with her cold eyes, full of hatred. She had thought that all was behind... she felt the panic growing in her tummy... no, she hadn't moved on... It was her vengeance.. She saw the animal lust in Randy's eyes... those eyes that never looked staring at you... But they did last night... they wanted this to happen... they all wanted to happen... and for the first time on her life Nanci saw herself as a victim of a dark plan.

Bile shoot up her throat and rapidly she kneeled at the washroom bowl and let loose, trying to purge her pain, sorrow and deep sense of embarrassment. She was shaking violently and she sobbed uncontrollably, with her forehead resting against the rim of the bowl, strands of her hair floated in the dirty water.

What would she do now?

What would they do?

How will she hid all this from her lover? How would she ever go back to work?

She knew she had to get out of that awful place... she stood up, her hair and eyes wet in sweat, tears and who knows what other fluids.

She opened the faucet and washed frantically her face and head. The cold water offered a sense of relief; she tried frantically to wash away her emotions, her shame, her pain...

She fought the impulse to take a shower, even thought she felt filthy in so many angles... she had to get out.. Go back to the safety of her home... She wanted to run into her lover's arm and feel safe... But, how could she?

No matter, she had to get out... she dried her face and hair rapidly, didn't care if the room was left on a mess. -"Fuck you, Randy... I would trash this place if I wouldn't want to leave so badly!" - She thought to herself, almost vocalizing her thoughts.

She closed her blouse and left heading for the closet where her purse and shoes must be... she felt relief when she saw all her things on the little table beside the entrance.

Nanci was about to open the door to leave when she remembered the note sitting on the table... she looked back and saw the paper in the same place where she initially saw it. She rushed to the center of the living room and grabbed the flimsy.

Not bothering to read it, she held it on her hand and rushed through the door, and into the fresh air.

She walked rapidly to the bus stop, trying to put as much distance between herself and Randy's place.. The sun shone brightly and she looked at her watch for the first time, in a long time... she was surprised realizing that it was close to noon.

She didn't wait too long before the bus pulled into the stop, she climbed, trying to not look at the driver's face... while the bus was almost empty, she felt that the handful of passengers were looking not only at her but through her.

She fought the idea and headed o the very back of the bus. Sat at the last seat against the window and opened her clenched fist wrapped around the note.

She straightened the paper and began to read:

- "Dear Nanci, I truly hope you are reading this. You really gave us a show last night, you dirty slut!

I really enjoyed spanking that nasty pussy of yours and that sweet round ass.

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