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Amanda is initiated to the family.

"What else is on the schedule for today?" He then asked.

Bella spoke, it was obvious she was in charge of doing that. "Besides your noon meeting, and the guest we have coming over tonight, we do have one "Lesser" with a small violation that needs seeing.

Ted looked at me, smiled. "Take care of it, show Chris...and explain to her what that is. Oh, and you might also want to show her the girls dorms while you're at it," he stated, and then stood up in preparation of leaving. "Time we get serious again, and back to work," he then added.

"Yes master," both Bella and Deidra answered, bowing slightly as Ted left the room.

"Dorms?" I asked after he had gone.

"We'll show you, and explain all that later," Bella informed me. Just before Ted had left, he also invited me to stay for the evening as well. He had a guest coming for dinner, and informed me that I might want to sit in on the evening, get an even better idea of some of the things that went on around here. That he believed might give me an even better understanding of what it was like being here. With that, he headed out as Bella and Deidra took me on a brief tour after first changing their blouses since the ones they'd been wearing had been ruined.

As I already knew, the place was enormous, sprawled out on several acres of immaculately manicured gardens, pool area, and orchard. Towards the far back of the property sat what appeared to be almost an apartment complex. This I was informed were the dorms.

Deidra was showing me around as Bella had other duties to attend to soon leaving us. "This is where the Lesser's stay," she began. "Usually, we have at the minimum twelve who are here, no less than eight most of the time. A few, actually live off grounds in their own apartments, though if they do...Ted doesn't pay their full tuition for schooling if they are in fact going to school, which many of the girls are. For those that are here full time, he pays their tuition, books and such. They earn extra money based on their participation at whatever functions, gatherings, or social events we have here. She had already explained to me that they were called "Lesser's" as they were in fact less than anyone else here while in attendance. In addition, I learned there was also a privilege ranking even amongst Deidra and Bella, and me as well if I so decided to join them in coming here.

After taking a brief tour of the girls dorms, where I also learned they cooked, cleaned and fended for themselves there. In addition to actual studies if they were going to school, they also had studies and assignments in what they were obviously being taught here too. Many girls with the hopes of one day climbing up in the ranks as it were.

"We do lose a few," Deidra informed me. If there is a third violation for the same offense, the girls are then asked to leave, and there is no coming back, no reprieve. For those who truly do wish to remain here, they learn quickly. That is why there are very few disputes that ever really need to be resolved. On occasion however, we'll get someone who's a bit more stubborn and bullheaded, and press her luck. Unfortunately, those girls don't usually remain here very long.

"What was this infraction you spoke of earlier?" I asked.

"Oh that," she laughed. "A minor one really, and not worth Master's time. Usually, he calls on one of us to administer any appropriate punishments, and in this case, I'll be the one doing so, which is where we are headed now."

"What did the girl do?" I wondered.

"Like I said, a minor thing really...but something the girls know better than to do. She looked me straight in the eye, rather than looking down as we passed in the hallway. For that, she's to be punished having not been given permission to have done so."

The more I heard, the more I wondered.

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