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Heroic duo of a white mother and her asian step-son.

"Now, look around the room, my friend. Take a glance, and see how many people are on their cell phones right now." When Robert looked, he saw at least half the people in the food court talking on phones, and every pay phone in sight had a line of people waiting their turns. "I will wager you that at least a third of the people making phone calls are scrambling to find hotels here. And if you had, the opportunity, wouldn't you be?"

"Yeah, I would," he sighed. "But that's not all of it. Frankly, Kathleen… I've greatly enjoyed the time I've been spending with you and don't want it to end. At least, not until we catch our respective flights once they re-open the airport."

"Believe me, love, the feeling is mutual." She gripped his hand tighter as she said this, sending a thrilling tingle shooting up Robert's arm. "Now, relax a bit. We've got a cold, snowy night ahead of us. So just talk to me."

"What would you like to talk about?"

"Well… let's modify the current situation. Instead of being in this blahsted airport, let's say you're in a nice, comfy mountain cabin with an attractive lady." Seeing his blush, she continued, "Yes, dearie, you haven't hidden your attraction to me all that well. But you've been very much the gentleman about it, and I'm deeply flattered by the whole thing. Now, how about you tell me what you would do in that mountain cabin in weather like this." Reacting to the moment, Robert began talking. He was soon describing how he would have a roaring fire going in the bedroom fireplace, a few lit candles spread about the room, and possibly something to drink ready if both he and his lady friend were agreeable. The fire would have been going a while, making the bedroom nice and toasty. As he was describing how warm the heavy comforter would be, Kathleen's phone interrupted him.

"Oh, blast," she grumbled. "Just when it was getting good! Hold that thought." Picking up her cell phone, she said, "Hello? Dylan, love, I told you that I was stuck in Minneapolis… yes, I'm still at the airport; I have my travel agent working on a place to stay… I'm hoping to hear from him shortly. Okay, love. Toodles!" Closing her phone, she replied, "Now, where were we?"

"In a mountain cabin on a very snowy night, talking about a warm, cozy bed. Unfortunately, now I have to put the story on hold. I'm afraid I need to brave the men's rest room. Can you watch my stuff?"

"Don't worry, dearie, I'll take care of it." Robert picked up his empty plate and walked towards the exit. Once she saw him disappear, Kathleen dialed a number on her cell phone. "Hello, Carl? Thanks for playing along, love… yes, I am still using that security blanket… now don't start with me, Carl. What did you find out?" Taking a bite of her food, Kathleen nodded her head at what her travel agent was saying. "You're kidding? That's available? Grab it, Carl… Yes, I'll gladly pay that cost tonight. Book it for two people… that's right, two people. I've made a good friend here, who I am not letting sit in this blahsted airport all night if I can help it. Call me when you've got the room booked, okay? Toodles!" Hanging up her phone, Kathleen took a quick glance around. Robert was still nowhere to be seen.

Washing his hands in the men's room, Robert looked in the mirror. Maybe not the best catch in the world, he thought to himself, but not bad. But isn't it just your luck that you meet a lady who really trips your trigger, and she's married! Well, at least you've got some pleasant company for part of your wait in this frozen wasteland. So go enjoy what you can… and keep your damn tongue in your mouth!

"Good heavens, dearie," Kathleen said as he sat down. "I was beginning to wonder if you had fallen in!"

"Not quite," he chuckled.

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