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Arrogant man meets familiar girl.

She draws her legs up higher, reaches down and displaces his hands, spreading her own lips wide, wider than he had spread her. She writhes as Daniel's tongue plunges into her, his lips grinding against her coral pink flesh, lapping at her juices, all the while driving her headlong toward another orgasm.

"Yah! Das ist sehr gut!" She sighs as she squirms against his face. Daniel's questing fingers find her rosebud anus, slick with her own secretions. With insistent pressure he pushes past the resistance of her sphincter, sinking his index finger into her rectum. She gasps, forces herself to relax and accept his intrusion. A second finger, a louder gasp as momentary discomfort gives way to delight. She is on the very brink of


His tongue withdraws from her fotze and starts lashing her clitoris. She cries out as he tips her over the edge of the abyss into orgasmic oblivion. His free hand drives two fingers straight into her gaping hole, withdraws and plunges into the depths again - again - again.

"Yah... Oh Yah...YAH!" Her cries of ecstasy rise almost to a scream as wave upon wave of sensations crash against her nervous system. The final wave of pleasure tears the orchid's petals from her grasp, uproots his questing fingers from her flesh and washes away all thoughts as she slips into unconsciousness, exhausted and sated by her climax.

The first time Sabine passed out during an orgasm, Daniel had been scared witless but it'd happened a few times since and he'd got used to it. He lay alongside her and cradled her head, stroked hair away from her face and waited for her to recover. Man! It felt good to have his hands back.

Sabine was only out for a few seconds. She opened her eyes to see Daniel smiling down at her. "Mmm." If she were a cat, she'd purr. "This is for me. Yah?" It was almost a reflex that she'd reached for his penis. Her thumb smeared a teardrop of seminal fluid in little circles around his glans.

"Yes Leibschen, it's for you, all of it. Better catch your breath first though. You're gonna need it." Daniel had got quite adept at fucking without having his hands to stabilize him. His thighs had toned up a lot to meet Sabine's demands for really forceful penetration. He wondered just how much she'd take before calling pax. He wanted to find out if the return of his hands would make enough difference. Was he at last enough of a man to satisfy Sabine? Time to find out.

"So. I think I am ready for this." She gave his hard shaft a squeeze, clearly approving of its readiness for duty.

Daniel reached into the drawer at the bedside, retrieving a condom. This was one thing he hadn't missed doing for himself. He handed the little foil sachet to Sabine. She took his cock in her mouth, sliding down it's length until he was almost entirely hidden from view, then sliding equally slowly back up to the tip and releasing him. Only then did she roll the sheath onto his penis, stroking it down with both hands. It was a ritual he'd inadvertently started by telling her about 'kissing the rod' - a Victorian tradition whereby a wife or daughter would kiss the wooden rod used to beat her, to show that she accepted the authority of her husband or father.
Sabine has 'kissed the rod', now she assumes the position, on her knees, head low and hips thrust back to offer him two ports of call. He loves this moment of choice - Eeny-meeny-miney-mo-Into-which-hole-will-we-go? He kneels close behind her, guiding the head of his penis to the orifice of his choice and, after a moment's pause, thrusts into her.


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