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Greg finds out the truth about Allie.

For a moment he considered taking her on the dance floor. She saw him approach and moved away slightly yet close enough to whisper.

"I see your wearing that belt I adore so much. Are you going to use it on me again?" He had to close his eyes for a moment to process the arousal that was flowing through him.

"Are you going to tie me up and make me scream?" she asked, coiling her body around him as he stood stoic on the dance floor.

Her familiar scent engulfed his senses as she began grind against him. He looked into her eyes, devouring her in his mind. Her eyes met his as they had done the first night yet this time she whispered.

"Hurt me." This elicited a ferocious growl from his lips, an exaltation of need that even surprised himself. This was the most provocative she had gotten so far and it shocked his mind. The sultry focus of his attention had begun to dance around the club to tease him mercilessly. She had dispensed with the subtlety completely. As time progressed it had become unnecessary.

"I need to be punished again." She sent to him amid her dancing, he wondered when she was finding the time for the teasing text's but logic had become lost.

He decided that the teasing had to stop, she was going to finally receive the discipline that she seemed to crave. Markus roared with frustration as he realized she had eluded him once again. Passion and rage were beginning to coalesce into one sensation. Luckily her next destination was not all too far. The "Washington Dance club" was well within walking distance.

"You need it as much as I do." Her voice echoed through darkness of the streets. They were outside of the dance club, she evidently had enough of the night life. He still hadn't answered her as he was still quite beyond rational thinking.

"I know you want to take me. You want to make me choke on your cock and beg for more." She told him. He could only growl and continue to follow her voice. It cut through the silence of the streets. Markus began to walk quicker, the scent of perfume and her arousal in the air fueled his desire. Like the night at the hotel the beast within him was taking hold.

She was leading him toward the park nearby, the time was well past two a.m. and it would be vacant of visitors.

"Come take my cunt." she called out into the night. This spurred him on like nothing else she said to him. Markus drifted into the park and moved from shadow to shadow. He could hear occasional footsteps and deep breathing he knew he must be approaching her.

"Hurt me Markus, i need you to. I want to suffer for you." She whimpered into the night air. His eyes finally locked onto her as she moved cautiously through the small wooded area. Markus stalked her quietly and patiently. He withdrew a pair of flex-cuffs that were just waiting to be used. It took him several long moments before he decided on the optimum moment to strike. With a growl of need he appeared around a large tree and grabbed her slender wrists roughly, the flex-cuffs slipped around her easily. He pushed her body into a nearby tree that would shield them form any onlookers. Markus smiled darkly and pulled her arms high above her head. His body molded against hers. She only smiled and looked up defiantly into his eyes.

"It's about time." She responded coldly.

"Keep your arms above your head." He demanded harshly. She obeyed long enough for him to pull a coiled piece of rope from his cargo pocket. He wrapped it quickly around the tree and tied it through the flex-cuffs. She was now at his mercy.

Markus let rationality slide from his mind, he was consumed by lust at this point. His hand connected with the smooth flesh of her cheek, a harsh slap that made her flesh glow hot. Slowly and methodically he let his fingers drift over the skin that he had slapped. Elizabeth only stared into his eyes defiantly. His strong fingers moved down to the soft pale flesh of her throat, for a moment he squeezed, watching a tear form in her eye then released.

"I deserve worse than that.

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