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Wife gets turned into a whore.

Glen was older than the others, with a pot gut and average penis. Scott had a nice body, especially for a geek. He had to exercise to have the chest and abs he was sporting. Naked, his large member was even more impressive. I was curious to see what he could do to Cindy with it. Paul and Todd were the last to remove their clothing but with the rest of us nude the finally joined in.

As soon as they were naked, Cindy proceeded to suck both of them, taking turns with each cock. They reacted very similar to Scott and I really believed this was the first time they had had their cocks sucked. It had to be because Todd started shaking and creamed my wife's face and body seconds after she started sucking his dick. His cock burst forth, shooting a large amount of jizz into her mouth and onto her face. His cum dripped down onto her neck and the gurney pads while she stroked him to completion.

"Wow, I guess you are a little excited," Cindy said, wiping the cum out of her eye.

I handed her a cloth and she cleaned herself up. She smiled up at Todd and said, "Don't worry about it, just take a break and return when you're hard again."

Todd backed out, embarrassed. He was quickly replaced by Glen. Cindy proceeded to suck Paul and Glen while on her back. I motioned for Scott to take advantage of her spread legs. He got the hint really quick, kneeling down beneath her. I though he was just going to shove it right in without thinking of anything else but himself. I had Cindy stop him before he shoved his cock in her pussy.

She took her mouth off of Paul and said, "Now I know your mother taught you better than that. Don't just shove it in; you need to eat me first."

Surprised, Scott hesitated with his dick in his hand before finally lying down and sticking his face in my wife's crotch. I moved around to my wife's face to get my turn in. The three of us surrounded her, waiting our turn to be sucked and fondled while Scott ate her pussy and Todd sat on a stool, playing with his soft member until he could join again. I enjoyed the visual treat, watching my wife suck the myriad of cocks in the room while enjoying her pussy being eaten. Then it was my turn. Cindy grabbed my member and swallowed it, using her tongue on the head and sucking it deep. It felt amazing and the excitement of gang banging her had me very hard.

They boys were really getting into it now. When she wasn't sucking them they played with her perfect breasts, sucking and groping them while stroking their cocks. Scott had her moaning and rocking around with his talented tongue. I let her cum before he stopped, wiped his face and prepared again to enter her.

"Do it, Scott, shove that huge cock in my wife's pussy," I said rooting him on.

He didn't hesitate, grabbing the base, bending it horizontal and sliding it in easily. Cindy had a mouthful of cock but still managed to scream in pleasure as Scott's broad and long rod spread her wide. He threw back his head and grunted an animalistic roar before pulling out and thrusting back in. Cindy's breasts began to roll in a circle as he thrust in and out, grunting like a crazed ape. I think he had thought about fucking Cindy for a while now because he had a look of satisfaction on his face that was uncharacteristic to just having sex.

Watching Scott pound my wife while she sucked the three of us got Todd hard in a hurry. He was back kneeling next to us with his dick in his hand soon after Scott started fucking Cindy. She noticed immediately with a big smile on her face.

"That a boy, back so soon. I'm impressed. Now let's see if you can last a bit longer this time," she said sucking down his newly hard member.

Glen stood up, wanting a shot at her pussy.

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