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Cathy seduces Gary; Brisa is sick.

The sun was getting low, so we didn't waste any time unstrapping the boards, getting them waxed up, and putting on our wetsuits.

When Daisy emerged from the bathroom she wasn't in her wetsuit, but had changed into the bikini she'd be wearing underneath. I couldn't believe how amazing her body looked. Her skin was impossibly smooth and shiny, and inexplicably dark for someone spending their winter in the northeast. It was the kind of skin you just want to lather up with oil. And while I'm not normally a fan of tatoos, the very fact that Daisy had them was hot, as I hadn't expected them from a nerdy-looking Asian girl. On her left shoulder she had a tattoo of a sunflower, under her left breast was the beginning of a long quote, and the rest of the quote was wrapped around her upper, right thigh.

Her tattoos only enhanced her already amazing body. Her legs were well-sculpted yet feminine, her stomach was completely flat, and her breasts were perky and firm. Not to mention her ass looked absolutely incredible in the blue cheeky bikini she was wearing. I looked over at Juan and shook my head in disbelief of Double D's transformation, and he just smiled and shrugged.

Even the way she surfed was graceful and sexy. The waves were small, but she cross-stepped and walked the nose with fluidity and ease. I would've prefered bigger surf, but we still had a great time messing around on the small waves, swapping boards mid-ride and trying unconventional tricks like catching waves fin first. Juan didn't have the right kind of board for the conditions, so he called it a day early while Double D and I sat on our boards shooting the shit, watching the moon and stars rise as the sun fell.

When it finally got too dark to see, we embarked on the short walk back to the motel. Never before had I walked across snow on the beach, and it only exacerbated my desire to jump into the motel hot tub.

Juan had to call his girlfriend, so Daisy and I went down to the hot tub without him. We had it all to ourselves, and were able to fully relax as we drank our cold beers. For a while we had a relatively normal conversation, which I'd learned was very rare in Double D's company.

When she started to overheat a little bit, Daisy climbed out and sat on the edge. As she did so, I got a great view of her half-exposed assed glistening as steam rose from it. Her legs looked so delicious, so sexy dangling over the hot tub's edge. I imagined them wrapped around my head.

I was lost in these kinds of thoughts when Daisy asked about jobs I'd worked before. I started talking about how I used to work as a ranger, spending my entire day outdoors. Naturally Daisy followed with, "So did you fuck a lot outside then? Like on top of mountains and in the woods and all that?"

With a few beers in me I was feeling pretty open. "Of course. I love it. It's so primal."

"Did anything bad ever happen when you were fucking outside? Like did you ever have a mosquito bite your dick?"

I laughed. "No, but a red ant did bite my balls once. I wasn't having sex, but I was sleeping naked next to a lake when I felt a pinch. I woke up, and yeah, there was an ant just clinging to them. It kinda hurt."

Daisy laughed. "I've never had sex out in nature before."

"No? It's fun, but yeah, there's definitely risks involved."

"What about a hot tub?" Daisy asked as her hand made its way to my thigh. "You ever fool around in a hot tub before?"

I looked down at my thigh which was pressed up against Daisy's. Little drops of perspiration had formed on her silky skin. "I don't think so, not that I can remember."

She kissed my bare shoulder. "Would you like to?" she asked.

I gulped. "Yeah I'd like that," I said as I wrapped my arm around her waist.

She planted more kisses on my neck and shoulder, and I let my hand slip under her bikini bottoms on top of her plump ass.

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