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A historical forced marriage.

The radio was playing ramdom love songs.

I sat on the edge and placed my hand on her navel, she moaned lightly. I removed one of her hand from her face a planted a kiss on here closed right eyelid. She opened her eyes and slowly hugged me. She whispered in my ear very sweetly 'Ravianna'; I dint bother bout the brother word, perhaps Brahmin wives call their husband 'anna'.

My right hand had now moved to her fresh boobs. They looked small but felt good. My fingers were playing all over her blouse. As I finished my small play I started opening the blouse hooks one by one. She had a tight fitting back bra inside. With little difficulty I unhooked her bra and in a flash her twins were mine. Her fresh pinks stood proudly in her heavy breathing. Even my breathing was accelerated on this site. The circus in my underwear was houseful. I unzipped and relax mine as I lead my tongue to he pink nipple. She shivered as my tongue touched her nip. When my unshaven sharp moustache hair pinched her soft boobs she hugged me tight; in a reflex her knee hit my organ. But I continued sucking her fresh pink tits. She was a bit terrified by the size she felt. I tried to make her comfortable sucking softly; she started responding with light moans.

I took a phased and took off my t-shirt. As soon as she saw me what I was doing she closed her face as usual. I lifted her hands & placed them on my hairy strong chest. She smiled with shy & turned her face away from me. This gave me the right opportunity to suck her ear lobes, to make her more friendly & comfortable in the fun in her bed dude:). She gave a kind of lazy smile as she turn back her face towards me and kissed me all over my face & ended with a passionate smooch. Your tongues played the game; we both were quite unsure of smooch activities but still enjoyed it with your eyes shut. By now my right fingers where on here belly button. Her umbilicus was small & tightly attached to her belly.

Now my fingers took a step below and found the tightly tied petticoat. I found the knot on the near end and untied it. Inside I could see a white panty with small pink flowers resembling the one it covers. Suddenly she held my hands & in soft words she told me 'Vennanna' (No brother). I tried to console her softly that I am there for her & so on. But now I had removed her small saree off. Her knees were placed tight together & bent. This makes her petticoat to show her shiny flawless thighs. I reach for thighs; they were very soft and lovely. Her legs looked bit yellowish as she used sandal paste & had lots of black dots like stars in a moon less sky. But I was not able to apart her legs. I remembered one of the Literotica stories in same circumstances. With the guide of the story I started my journey from her toes. It wasn't a long journey, she moaned all the way. Now both her flawless thighs were in my shoulders like a garland & her panty was in front of my face. It had a wet spot near my nose. Slowly kissing over it, I removed her panty & I was mesmerized by what I saw.

In all its grace there she was with a crow of brownish tendrils & her wet labia oozing out. The clit wasn't visible. It looked as if even she hasn't disturbed it. I was pretty awesome fresh. My thambi (prick) was in his highest peak was struggling inside my underwear.

I planted kissed all over her bushes & the adjacent region and headed for the wet lips. As my lips touched her pussy lips electric waves were transmitted. Her legs crashed over my neck, pushing my face in to her flood plains. This was indeed too much for my thambi as he jerked in my undies itself, I was a virgin cant help it. My head was still locked between her thighs. She slowly loosened the grip & only then I came to know of the fact that my face was cover with her cum. We had your orgasm together that's encouraging. I looked at her face she looked puzzled and was unsure of what exactly had happened. Tears ran down her face & she pleaded sorry. I comforted her that it was noting and kissed her in her cheeks.

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