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Lee and Jenna have a little fun with some whipped cream.

But Kim didn't stop like I did. She sat back on her legs and lifted my right foot to her face and bit me with a little nip inside my arch, then took my three largest toes into her hot mouth, rolling her tongue around them as she sucked my foot. At the same time, she used one thumb to massage the ball of my foot and the other to continue the massage on my arch. I squeezed my pussy two or three times with my hand and that was enough to start an orgasm. I came and I came hard, so hard that I suspected that I leaked a couple of drops of pee, too.

I let myself fall on my back and arched my hips, my hand still clutching my pussy tightly as roll after roll of pleasure washed through my hips and thighs. I grunted repeatedly and moaned the anguish of pleasure overload. Even after Kim put my foot back on the floor I thrust my hips at her several more times, gasping and panting my joy at such a complete release. After making sure Kim got a nice shot of how wet my panties were, I hurried to the bathroom without bothering to close the door, and let go a heavy stream with relief. Kim peeked in the door laughing and said, "I think part of my stripe as you call it is a little leaked pee, too. So hurry up please - I think it's just something about feet, like how walking on hot sand at the beach can make you want to pee?"

I had to grin, but there wasn't a lot of dignity to it. I stepped into the bathtub and ran some water and washed my crotch. I wasn't going to put my damp panties back on, so I just pulled my sweater as low as I could and came out. Kim hurried in and closed the door. I put my panties in my hamper and fished out a fresh pair and put them on, feeling mostly recovered and totally satisfied with that lovely orgasm, even if there was a strange side effect. I heard the toilet flush, then a little splashing in the bathtub like I had made. I grabbed a beer and opened one for Kim and sat back down on the floor. Then she poked her head out the door and with a smile asked, "Would you hand me some fresh panties, please?" I jumped up and did it, wondering why I hadn't had that thought of just asking.

"Thanks. That was a really, really nice orgasm," I told her when she came out and sat down across from me. We were both cross-legged now. "In fact, that was a super good orgasm, even if it was a little messy."

"Well, I thought if might slow you down a little if I gave you some relief. Why did you stop with me?"

"I wouldn't have if you'd said not to stop one more time, but I didn't want to rush you," I said.

Kim nodded thoughtfully, "That was pretty terrific, watching your orgasm, and if it makes you feel any better, I think I'm going to be ready for one, in a little while." She took a long drink of beer, eyeing me the whole time. "I think we could take our shirts off now, if you like, and maybe go lay down together and do a little cuddling and kissing."

I took a couple of gulps of beer, "Now who's in a rush. I still want to kiss your legs, and you only gave me one kiss on my knee. Don't you want to kiss any more on my legs?"

"That would be pretty nice," she said giving me a coy look, "Do you think you could stand in front of me, facing away from me," she added softly.

I obeyed and stood in front of her, while she sat on her legs, and evidently bent over because I felt her take the narrow part of my ankle at the base of my Achilles tendon into her hot wet mouth and suck on it. "Oh!" I chirped startled at the intimate feel of it. I won't try to name all the parts of my right leg she kissed, with French kisses, because I could tell she didn't miss a spot. She spent a lot of time though on the thickest part of my calf. The kissing of the backs of my legs was terrifically erotic, but a couple of highlights are definitely worth mentioning.

While licking and kissing the thickest part of my calf, "Is this where she fucked you?" I heard the soft voice behind me ask.

"Yes," I said in a whisper, "and also lower, she was moving around quite a bit."

"She has good taste then, although I think one of your but

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