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Lisa steps in at company fashion show.


"And I thought I'd give Bry a little treat, while I got myself a big one." Nicole's grin spread from ear to ear. "He had fantasies of being cuckolded, so I made it come true. Nine months later we were in the delivery room taking bets on the baby's colour, you were ever so randy that week love, but that black sperm just beat you to it."

"And she doesn't know which one knocked her up, do you sweetie?" Brian said happily.

"Not a clue love. It could have been any one of them. Four in one night, Brian tied to a chair while they all had their way with me. Every night that week I was on my back with someone plugging away in one hole or another. I was so sore on that flight home." The thoughts that ran through Dave's mind were disturbing. He stared; slack-jawed, as Nicole rattled off her experience. "Had my tubes tied after Jake was born. They'd done some damage, and I didn't want another ruining my fun."

"So, you're still..." Dave cleared his throat, "active?"

"Oooh yeah!" Nicole said, surprised. "I don't ever want to stop. As long as it's clean, long, thick and black, it's always got a place in me. And Brian loves clean up duty." Brian's smile was nearly as wide as his wife's.

"Does Jake know?" Dave asked.

"He found out the hard way." Brian's smile faltered. "He came home early from school and found me in the kitchen making a cup of tea, while his mother was fucking a black stud upstairs. He's come to terms with it, sort of."

"It's like an addiction." Jake's voice cut through the tension from the doorway. "Me and Dad just have to live with it. You know, once you go black and all that jazz." Sarah stood behind Jake, her hair was dishevelled, his softening cock was pushing at his trouser leg; Jenny tried not to stare, her eye's darting to the impressive length, there wasn't any wonder why her daughter's hair was so messed up.

"Tonight has been lovely." Nicole said, standing up. "We must do it again, if these two lovebirds decide to stay the course."

"Definitely." Dave said, kissing Nicole farewell, "It's been a pleasure."

They waved from the front door as Jake and his parents drove away. "Definitely unconventional." Dave said as he hugged Sarah's shoulder. He thought he detected the scent of his daughter's recent activity, but it could have been his wife's arousal as she pressed herself against his back, waving her a hand over his shoulder; the air was thick with pheromones.

Sarah turned, Dave's hand dropped from her shoulder and brushed past her stiff nipple, she felt a tingle in her pussy as a spark from leapt from his fingertip, electrifying her senses and causing her to shudder. They looked at each other, Dave saw hunger in Sarah's eyes; it seemed like a lifetime, but the spell was broken by Jenny, playfully slapping her husband's bum. "I am well and truly bushed." Jenny said, turning towards the stairs. "I'm off to bed."

"I'll lock up down here and I'll be with you in a sec." Dave said, reaching past his erection for the keys in his pocket.

"I'll check the windows are closed." Sarah said, glancing at her father's keys and the prominent bulge in his trousers below them.

Dave saw his daughter's look; he looked down at her breasts, covered only in a t-shirt, nipples testing the cotton and his resolve; daring him to reach out and touch them. His hand gripped his keys, the sharp metal digging into his palms as she walked away, her shapely behind swaying hypnotically. Doors and windows locked, she caught up to him on the stairs and kissed him good night, his hand resting on her hip momentarily, both of them fighting the urge to kiss again, not only fearing that the other would reject them, but afraid they would lose control. "Honey!" Jenny called from the bedroom, "Are you coming to bed? I'm lonely." Sarah and Dave parted guiltily; he patted her bum as she hurried to her bedroom.

"Night princess." He whispered.

"Good night Dad." She blew him a kiss; he caught it, and then disappeared into his own room smiling.

"Anything I should know about?" Jenny asked curiously.

"I thought

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