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A disaster recovery of the very best kind.

Pale skin reflected brightly in the fluorescent lighting of the bathroom. He looked into his own pale green eyes in the mirror, then took in the rest of his face. Angular cheek bones and jaw were a gift from his mother, along with the light dusting of freckles across the bridge of his nose. The nose itself was his father's though, straight and chiseled with a slightly rounded tip. He appraised rest of his body with distaste. Always thin and slightly gangly all through his teenage years, Jacob had never really fit any description. Now that he was twenty-two and had filled out a little, he was merely lean, and very tall. "I'm so... I'm so, ordinary," Jacob scrunched his nose at himself in the mirror. "She would never even be able to pick me out of a room," He thought glumly.

Turning to walk into his small bedroom, he noticed the hall clock reading one thirty A.M. "If only I didn't have to work again tomorrow." Jacob gave an exasperated sigh and turned off the light in his room. "Then maybe I could start looking for her." He thought as he felt his way to the bed. Half dry, Jacob sunk down onto the mattress and pulled the covers over his head. As he was drifting off to sleep, he heard a voice far away in the back of his head saying, "Maybe it won't be so bad. Maybe she will come in again tomorrow."

"Ya right" he mumbled sarcastically. But that night he had dreams of meeting her again. Talking to her and then charming her and whisking her away with him. It was a nice dream, while it lasted.


Natalie was biting her lip again. Wearing cowboy boots, black tights under a jean mini skirt and a red cardigan, she was feeling very foolish indeed. "I'm just going to order coffee. Why did I dress myself up like this." She thought miserably. The wind was biting at her thighs and she longed to be inside the coffee shop. "I hope he works at 4:30," she thought then reminded herself that she was just going to get some good coffee. "I must be crazy." She sighed as she crossed the same street for a second time in 24 hours.


"Earth to Jacob. Hello? Is there anyone in there?" Karolina teased as she knocked on his head playfully.

"What? Were you saying something?" He asked with a blank stare on his face. He hadn't taken a brake in at least six hours, and Karolina was worried about him. "No, of course not. I was just wondering if you had been abducted by aliens yesterday while we weren't looking. That's all." She raised one eyebrow to stare at Jacob. "Oh...okay." Jake turned back to the coffee machine and started pressing another batch of Columbian roast. Karolina rolled her eyes and turned to walk back to the cash. Mike eyed her from across the blender with an "I told you so" expression on his face. Karolina just shrugged and mouthed "I tried." Barely visible, Jake's shoulders slumped a little more.

The bell above the door jingled again for what felt like the millionth time that day. Jacob didn't even look up now. After the first few hours of hopeful watching, he had given himself a firm scolding and just gotten on with his job. Mike was there again today so he should have talked to him, but somehow he felt he couldn't share his disappointment with Mike. Jake didn't have the closing shift today so he decided that he would just take his break off at the end of his shift and leave a little early. Jake looked at the clock. It read 4:25 on the nose. "Well, I guess I'm just going to leave a bit early instead of taking my break. Okay guys?" It wasn't really a question as Jake headed into the back and started taking off his apron and putting on his coat.

Just as he was turning the knob on the back door, he heard Mike call him back. "Probably wants to go for a drink after work." Jacob grumbled as he closed the door and put his head down against the wind.


Natalie was furious with herself.

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