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A farmer hires a young woman for the farm.

"Git dat pussy, nigga. Aww yeah...dere U go. Fuck!!!"

Abraham had to admit, it felt strange for like the first five seconds, because every time Abraham backed his ass up in an attempt to further fuck Kylie's ass, Josiah was ramming forward to fuck her equally as hard up the pussy. Sometimes it would match the timing of his strokes. But most times, it would force him to careen forward and jam even further inside of Kylie's tight asshole.

With Josiah satisfying her best friends pussy, Ashley came from under Kylie's pussy and marched Joshua (a light skinned brutha and Josiah's best friend) up front and placed his ass smack dab in Kylie's face.

"Git in dat muthafuckin ass," Josiah screamed over his father's shoulder.

As Kylie obeyed, Ashley knelt and swirled circles under Joshua's nutsack.

"Fucking hell, yo," Joshua moaned. "Damn these girls are some freaks."

Still being double pounded from behind, Kylie tore Joshua's caramel colored ass in two and began to tongue fuck him up the ass. Ashley slid both hands up to massage his chest, all before opening wide and gulping his ten inch pipe down to the fucking balls.

"Oh my god," Joshua rolled his pretty ass eyes in a 360. "FUCK!!!"

"Mm-hmm," Abraham pounded harder, loving the way his own son rammed into him from behind. It was almost like a locomotive pushing a boxcar in reverse. Every time Abraham would rise up and backwards-Josiah would slam them both back forward.

"Unnnnnnnnnnnnnnn," Abraham moaned. "Gotdayum boy. You like helping Daddy fuck these lil hoes? Huh? Answer me Josiah."

"Uhhhhhhh," Josiah only pounded harder. "Uhhhhhh."

"Yea, you nasty lil nigga. Don't stop. Not now. Not ever."

"She's so fucking tight," Josiah gritted his teeth. "Gotdayum. Every time you slam into her ass-uhhhhh...every time you slam into her ass it makes her pussy cream over me. Ughhh Fuggggccccckkkkk."

Now in a fully squatting position, Abraham licked a finger and reached down so he could rub circles over Kylie's clit.

"Awwfuck," Josiah moaned, as her pussy instantly clammed up. "You just made her pussy lock up on me. Ughh. Fuck!!!"

Totally rock hard, Joshua came back around so that he could slide under Kylie and aim his dick DIRECTLY towards her pussy.

"Hold still," Josiah told his Dad. "Don't fucking move."

"Aiight," Abraham stood as still as a statue. "Is that good?"

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhh," Kylie screamed at the top of her lungs. "Oh fuck."

This now made three black dicks inside of her at one time. Abraham's 8.5 INCHER up her shithole...his sons 10 INCHER up her pussy...and his sons best friend burying another 10 INCHES up the pussy."

Ashley sat on Joshua's face and let him eat her pussy as she roughly yanked Kylie's face and forced her into a lesbian kiss.

"Dere U two go," Abraham craned his head down to join in. "Mmmmm."

The men enjoyed the women for a long twenty minutes until Josiah suddenly yanked from Kylie's pussy and marched so that he could position himself over Ashley's asshole.

"Do it," Abraham reached down and spread her asshole for his son. "Git in dat ass baby."

Josiah simply closed his eyes and moaned as his dick slid into the fiery depths of Ashley's clenching hole. What made it even more nastier was that Ashley was simultaneously riding his best friends face, which meant he could feel his tongue on the other side of the thin wall of skin. Normally Josiah would shy away from something like this. But since they were helping a girl to bust her nutt, both men decided "fuck it" and kept their mouths shut.

"You know what?" Abraham backed up, pulling Kylie along with him. "Make those two 69. Push her down on your best friends dick."

"Aww yea," Joshua spread his legs wide apart. "C'mon."

Josiah quickly obeyed his father and pushed Ashley down so that she could 69 Joshua at the same time he himself sodomized her up the ass.

"And as for you," Abraham teased his son. "I'm gonna show you what it feels like to be getting some good ass and another nigga keeps fucking up your rhythm."

"Wait-wait," Ashley pulled from Joshua's dick and grabbed Abraham

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