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"Are there any questions that need to be answered?" John asked.

Everyone shook their heads no.

"Is everybody going to participate?"

Again they all nodded their heads.

"Good and welcome to Campus Du Page as this place will be called in the future. So, now that you have all decided to participate I will see you here in five days?"

They all nodded again. Then a look of confusion crossed all their faces.

"Five days. In nine days the event will occur. We need to be here when it happens. We also need to be here prior to the evacuation. So we will all be here in five days from now prepared to stay for one year.

"For the next two days you will be helping your families to move. I have arranged trucks and movers for you all. Then you will be here helping get this place ready for the next two days. On the fifth day you should be here no later than twelve noon.

"We will be staying here from then on. By the morning of the ninth day everyone should have been evacuated. The building behind the clinic will be set up as a dormitory for you. The building next to that will house ambulatory patients. Over the next few days half the rooms here at the clinic will be converted to hospital rooms.

"Two rooms will be converted to surgeries. I know that none of you are surgeons, but you will learn. I have also arranged to have a very good surgeon here to teach and help you learn.

"There will also be an extensive medical library, in electronic form, on the premise. Each of the computers you now use for patient data will be connected to the medical library. I hope you will all avail yourselves of the opportunity to learn. Learn all you can."

"I plan too," Michelle said, looking around the room at the other doctors and nurses.

They nodded at her statement looking at each other. Michelle and Susan smiled as their friends and colleges agreed silently.

"I have others who will be staying with us also." John continued. "They will be working in the restaurants and the pharmacy. There will be people to help with laundry and cleaning. Although I expect everyone to participate in cleanup, as there will be no maid service at the dorms.

"There will also be people working next door at the home supply store. As survivors come in we will put them up in the building to the west and east of us. Then they will be put to work in one of the places that we will maintain to make our stay here less tedious.

"Supplies will be air dropped in on an on going basis, once a week to start then once every other day until the end of the year. I expect for us to house about eight hundred people over the year. There will be more cycling in and out of Du Page during that time also.

"There will be approximately five thousand people within the zone who will not want to come to Du Page, which means that after a short time we will have to go to calls anyone." They all laughed at that until they realized John was serious.

"House calls?" asked one of the nurses.

"Yes, house calls. The doctors will take turns making round to camps that the survivors set up around Du Page as these people will not come here of their own accord. Think of them as field trips. Some of you nurses will also be going on these excursions so be ready.

"Are there any other questions?"

Everyone shook their heads no. John signaled Michelle and she rose and went to the door to open it to let the caterer in. People flowed into the conference room carrying trays of food and placed them on the conference table.

"I hope you're all hungry as I have brought lunch with me. Dig in. Don't be shy."

Over the next couple of hours John had a chance to talk privately with each of the doctors and nurses who would be staying.

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