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We asked for the bill and went for a walk along the harbour side. I was extremely proud to be promenading with her on my arm, her good looks and figure turned a few heads, and with every step her top seemed to loosen even more.

We stopped to admire a beautiful wooden yacht. It had far more quality than most of the plastic Gin Palaces around. Two of the crew were enjoying a beer on the gangplank and saw us admiring the boat; we started chatting to them about the boat how it was built. They constantly replied with innuendos like "yes she's in very good shape" "we love the fine lines" "moves really well" and that sort of thing, my wife certainly understood their meaning and was blushing when we left, and told me being in their presence had turned her on.

We decided to try and find a Piano Bar that we had visited on the previous visit. It seemed larger than before and the atmosphere was great, you didn't order drinks at the bar as there were several stewards going around and taking orders. By this time we were really in a party mood, the place was very crowded, and my wife's dress was really gaping. Much of the deep vee of her tanned flesh was exposed.

I noticed one guy with his wife leaning against the rail watching us intently I sort of acknowledged them as his eyes were fixed on my wife's exposed cleavage. By this time she was leaning/sitting against me as I sat on a high bar stool facing the couple. His wife was also very smart, dressed in a pale blue cocktail dress, with a deep halter neck partially covering her smallish pert breasts.

The music was loud and vibrant so we cold not really talk. I had my hand around my wife's waist and watched the other couple watch us. Already aroused by the possibilities of this encounter, I moved my hand up around the side of her dress and up to her shoulder then gripping the top slowly pulled it over her shoulder to reveal more of her breast to them. I didn't even consider at this stage whether or not she approved as I was in heaven knowing that I was allowing this couple to gaze on my wife's delights.

They started to respond as though we were in some sort of sexual competition and he moved his hand up to cup his wife's breast. Now I needed to enlighten my wife as to what was happening and nodded to her in their direction. She looked across and saw them smiling at us, then looked down to see what they were able to see, most of the mounds of her breasts were exposed. She smiled back at me and gripped my fingers; a few moments later, I took her gaze in mine and turned her around to face me and gently pulled her shoulder strap back into place then started undoing the tie on her blouse, not stopping until it was completely removed.

I was so hard that my wife could feel me as she pressed against me. At this time she knew what I craved and turned back towards to other couple knowing the pleasure I would get from this show. The tension was electric. The top was now loose to her navel and she purposefully gyrated her side against my hardness and allowed more of her nakedness to be seen. The feeling I was getting was indescribable I could not believe how this encounter was developing! The other guy moved his hand inside the woman's dress was still gently rolling his her nipple between his thumb and finger as they us watched intently. My wife's delectable soft mounds must now have been almost exposed to them.

I needed to see! I moved from the stool to stand in front of her. Yes much of her cleavage was exposed. The eroticism of the moment increased my boldness and I once more slid my hand to gently caress her shoulder then slipping my thumb under the strap, gently pulled it slightly over her left shoulder, hoping that gravity would do the rest. I watched expectantly as the strap slipped slowly down her arm before finally letting the fabric fall from her tanned breast and bringing her exited rock hard nipple into view.

I turned to see if we were still being watched.

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