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Older man finds love.

" Mark said anxiously.

Ryan cleared his throat, "I wouldn't worry about Lillith, I am sure she is fine, very fine, so uh, I've been thinking it's not fair that you, have to work in a distracting open-planned office, when we have that meeting room which no one ever uses. You should move there, I will get you anything you want, the latest machinery, the most ergonomic chairs. Everything!" Ryan said hurriedly.

"Okay, but ask Gunther too." Mark said unblinkingly.

"Yeah, sure, sure. So, don't worry about anything, because there is nothing to worry about."

"Okay, thank you Ryan." Mark was not actually that excited, though the idea of ergonomic chairs and new computers perked him up a little. Perhaps he could also invite Sally into his new office and show her stuff.

"Can I invite Sally into my office and show her stuff?"

Ryan coughed before replying, "Uh, look, why don't you just ask her out first? If she says no, then I think you should leave it and focus on other women, preferably ones outside of the workplace."



Mark resolutely walked over to Sally's table, Sally turned her chair and looked up at him, "Sally, please go out with me, for a date."

Sally looked at Nina, Nina glared back, Sally then looked at Mark and said, "Okay, where shall we go?"

"I don't know, would you like to come round to my flat?"

Sally frowned, "Or maybe a restaurant or the cinema for the first date?"

Mark screwed his lips up, "No, no, I don't think so, if you come to my flat, then there are numerous intimate activities we can engage in that would be unsuitable for the public gaze."

Nina chuckled and shook her head as she worked.

Sally gave Mark a stern look before her gaze softened, she sighed."We'll go to a restaurant in town, you can pick which one as I eat anything. Collect me from outside the Public library at half-past seven and take me to wherever you've chosen. I think that's reasonable."

Mark smiled, "Oh, um, okay. So, are you enjoying work?"

Sally looked uncertain, "I would enjoy it a whole lot more in Ryan would tell me exactly what I am supposed to be doing. Is he here?"

"Yes, he came in late, he looks sick."

"Hungover." Nina said knowingly.

Sally crinkled her forehead in concern, "Oh dear, maybe I'll leave it until tomorrow."


Mark waited by the San Francisco Public library, worried about how he was dressed as Lillith was still not picking up and therefore could not advise him. In her absence, he had googled for ideas and decided to go with a tuxedo, as was favoured by James Bond who always seemed to attract women. He also bought some roses as women found that romantic, though he did not know why dying plants would stir such joyful emotions.

Sally approached Mark, wearing a deep red dress that was just past her knees and her red hair loose around her shoulders. When her earnest green eyes set sight on Mark she had to blink twice. He stood there in a tuxedo clutching a large bouquet of roses that throbbed in the evening breeze. Mark was shuffling his feet like he was about to break into a jig. Still, tall, dark, and excessively groomed, he looked achingly handsome.

Mental, you must be bloody mental. When this all goes tits up just you wait to see how much fun it will be crawling into work. Sally thought, kicking herself. Day two and she was already not-so-subconsciously imagining being ravished by her eccentric colleague.

Mark smiled widely and thrust out the huge rose bouquet to Sally, "Hello Sally, I bought you these flowers."

Sally smiled sweetly, "They are very lovely Mark." She did not want to tell him that it would make walking around an awkward experience.

Sally assessed Mark's tuxedo, admiring how his masculine physique filled it out, "You look very nice, but maybe for tonight you can go for a more casual look.

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