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Joanie goes home and discovers her fantasies are coming true.

"Uhhhhhh. Jason, oh, ohhhh..." she murmured as he continued.

Jason licked her outer lips before parting them and concentrating on the inner labia. After a minute or so he briefly flicked his tongue over her clit and moved back to her outer lips. She started writhing back and forth as he continued; only visiting the clit briefly.

"Jason, now. Don't make me wait..." she groaned.

He parted her more deeply and thrust his tongue in, fucking her with it, going back to teasing the clit and eventually moving back to kissing and teasing her lips. She periodically pounded the bed with her fist as she hunched her hips up. He decided she had waited long enough laid his tongue flat on her clit and licked upwards.

"Yes, uggghhh, yes, do it... so good" her words became indistinct as he she continued to moan and vocalize.

He easily inserted two fingers in her hot, wet channel and moved them in and out at a steady pace, gradually increasing in speed. He quickly flicked his tongue against her pearl as he inserted the fingers deeply and curled the tips backwards as he hit her g spot. She gushed into his mouth and screamed her release as he moved up to hold her while she shuddered.

Slaking his need, they then made love and fell asleep.

Heart pounding fiercely, he woke up in the middle of the night. Feeling nauseous, Jason sat up quickly, swinging his legs over the side of the bed. He leaned forward and held his head in his hands with his elbows on his knees and gasped in breaths of air. He heard Jen stir next to him.

"Jay," she murmured half asleep "everything ok?"

"Yeah, just gotta use the bathroom." Concentrating on walking with a normal gait, he made his way to the bathroom without alerting Jennifer that there was a problem. He sat down on the toilet for a minute or two and then got up to splash some water on his face. His heart beat slowed and the nausea dissipated.

He stood by her side of the bed, gazing down at her. The scant light from the street-facing window kept her face in half shadows. He leaned over and tucked a few loose strands of hair behind her ear as she lay on her side. She hated her hair. Jen thought it was a dull and boring brown, common and pedestrian. He loved it. Her hair, to Michael, was warm and rich. For some reason it reminded him of the early fall and freshly tilled earth.

He heard her breathing change as she reached up sleepily and grasped his arm lightly, lovingly, before tucking it back under her pillow. Sighing, he made his way around the bed, slipped in and soon fell back asleep.

He fucked her fiercely in the morning, as if immersion in the act and the physical contact would drive out the fear that he felt creeping into his soul. They made love again slowly, languorously in the shower before heading home.

More than two weeks passed before Christmas arrived. Jason shopped carefully and selectively, having little money left to spend on gifts. He picked up some small presents that he believed she would enjoy for their thoughtfulness and bought a good bottle of wine for her parents. He got Mr. G a six month subscription to one of his self help guru's online presence and bought Mrs. G a case of salt and pepper shakers for the coffee shop. They were shaped like pineapple halves.

For the previous four years he had been invited to the Grandino's large family Christmas dinner. It was a fun, boisterous day filled with siblings, cousins, nieces and nephews gathering at the coffee shop. Large folding tables were put out to supplement the booths and existing tables. The 'closed' sign was put up on the door, but if anyone knocked they were invited in and fed. Everyone always made him feel welcome and he enjoyed being part of their family for the day.

Christmas and the Fourth of July were his favorite holidays and the loneliness and depression hit him the strongest then. He welcomed the distraction of their loving extended family.

This year he was spending the day with Jennifer and her f

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