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A young woman enjoys her first threesome.

We have been anticipating this all week." I replied with a smirk.

"Well! Then let's just see where we can take this!" Dianne said while looking up at Marsha.

Dianne then stood and put her hands on Marsha's shoulders, lightly pushing her to the floor. She then placed a pillow under Marsha's head and ran her fingers through her pussy some more. Marsha moaned quietly and spread her legs to give Dianne better access. She leaned over and buried her face into Marsha's pussy and reached up with her left hand and pulled Marsha's bra up over her tits. She then pinched and rolled Marsha's left nipple between her fingers. She gasped and arched her back just a bit.

By this time Mark and I were totally glued to the scene in front of us. My cock was so hard it hurt from being trapped in my pants. I started stroking it through the material getting it even harder than before. I saw Mark doing the same thing through the corner of my eye.

Now Marsha was moving her hips rapidly up and down against Dianne's face. I could tell Marsha was going to cum soon and it was going to be a good one. Dianne pressed her face in further and reached down and started rubbing her own clit rapidly.

The scene was too much for me at this point. I stood and dropped my pants to the floor. My cock was so hard you could hang a coat on it. I removed my shirt and sat down. I spit on my hand and started stroking my cock while watching the scene unfold in front of me. Mark stood and did the same.

Dianne was watching us in the corner of her eye. She waived me over to her and pointed to her ass. I knelt behind her and slowly pushed my rock hard cock into her pussy. She was really wet and I could feel the juices running down my balls. I started pounding her really hard and she was pushing back to meet me. I looked up and Mark was really jerking his cock at this point. I was almost ready to cum when Dianne pulled away. She then waived Mark over and I sat down and started stroking my cock again. I had a bit of pre-cum and Dianne's juices on my cock so it made the stroking much easier and very pleasant.

Mark was pounding Dianne harder than I was and she never took her mouth off of Marsha's pussy the whole time. At this point I think Marsha had cum at least twice.

I could tell that Mark was going to come soon and I was waiting for it when Dianne pulled away from him as well. Mark stood and came back over to the couch beside me. He too started stoking his cock and watching the scene in front of him.

Dianne let go of Marsha's pussy and reached over for her case. She opened it and pulled out what looked like a double headed dildo. She inserted one end into Marsha' pussy and the other into hers. They then rocked back and forth fucking each other. I thought I was going to cum right there. I stopped stroking my cock to cool down a bit. The ladies then both rolled over and got up on their hands and knees. They were pushing against each other and forcing the whole dildo into their very wet pussies.

Mark stood and walked over to Dianne and pushed his cock into her mouth. The rocking motion forced her mouth down on his cock while the dildo was coming out of her pussy.

Marsha looked at me, and winked. I got up and dropped to my knees in front of her. Now we had the same action going on the other end. This was something that could only have been seen in a movie before tonight. As my cock moved in and out of Marsha's mouth I tried to get a better view of the dildo action going on between the women. I couldn't see much, and I really didn't care at the moment. I was starting to cum when Marsha popped my cock out of her mouth. It seemed at this point neither of the women wanted the guys to cum yet. About the same time Dianne let go of Mark's cock. Mark stood and moved around the couch and sat beside me. Both of us were stroking our cocks and watching the scene in front of us. Finally the ladies dropped to the floor and just lay there.

Mark and I were still sitting there stroking away waiting to see what they were going to do next.

Dianne sat up and reached out

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