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My lust for my friend's mother.

Jimmy," she asked?

I just sat there dumbfounded. I didn't know what way to turn. "Yes, I guess so. She just got me to lick and suck her pussy. I didn't get to cum myself."

This seemed to calm Mercy down quite a bit. "Well I guess that is alright, as long as you didn't use him up."

"I was just about to give Jimmy his bath, that is, before we were distracted," Carol said. "Why don't you finish bathing him, Mercy, and I'll finish getting dinner ready? How do you like your steak, Jimmy, well, medium, or rare?"

"I guess medium will be fine."

With that Carol picked up her clothes and tossed them into the laundry hamper and left Mercy and I alone.

"I'm sorry I lost my temper a while ago, I really did think that Carol had double crossed me." She sat on a stool beside the bath and reached for a soft bathing sponge. "Lean forward," she told me and started to wash my back, making sure that she pushed her big breasts into my face. She took more time than was needed washing me right down to the crack of my ass. All the time moving her breasts back and forth on my face. Now she started on my shoulders and arms. "Ooh, you are so strong," she said, admiring the muscles in my arms and shoulders. "I bet you could crush poor little me without even feeling the slightest bit of strain. I love the feel of a strong man, especially if he is as handsome as you. Tell me, is it true that you were a virgin up until you fucked me yesterday in your hospital room?"

"Yes, you were the first woman I ever had sex with."

"Oh Jimmy, you don't know how that turns me on. A beautiful boy like you, and I was your very first. Ooh, the thought of it makes my pussy wet. And you are just such a naturally fantastic lover."

Hmm, these two were really great for my ego.

Now Mercy was starting to wash my chest. This time she left the sponge to float in the bath water, and used her bare hands to wash my body. A soft moan escaped her mouth as her fingers felt and explored my chest. Her fingers were exploring, touching here and there as she went about the farce of washing my body for hygienic reasons. The only reason here was to satisfy her own sexual need to explore my body with her teasing fingertips. Her fingers moved lower across my flat tummy, and at last found my hard penis. This time a moan escaped her mouth as she gripped my hard cock.

I jumped in the bath water, when she found her toy, and started to play with it.

Mercy giggled and pushed her tits into my face as she started to stroke me. Her fingers moved slowly up and down my shaft at first, but then started to move faster, but still not enough to get me off. This time it was her pleasure just to tease and torture me with the exquisite pleasure she lavished on my hard cock and not allow me to reach a climax. That would come later.

"Every thing will be ready for us to have dinner, in about ten minutes," I heard Carol call from the kitchen. "You two better hurry or the steaks will be cold."

Mercy hissed her disapproval, but she stopped playing her little seductive game. Then turned off the tub's jets, and pulled the water plug to drain the tub.

She helped me out of the tub and wrapped me in a fresh beach towel. Mercy started to dry me off, paying special attention to my private parts and my butt. When I was completely dry, I wrapped the towel around my waist again and we went into the kitchen together.

We sat at the kitchen table where Carol indicated. She served up some steak fries with peas and a thick ribeye steak for each of us. My steak looked just the way I like it. Not raw, but not ruined by over cooking, either.

Both Carol and Mercy told me to eat hearty. They claimed that steak was good for a man's stamina and that I would be needing all my strength later that night. They both giggled at that statement. I had to laugh, too, but not quite as heartily as they did.

Then Carol turned to Mercy and said, "You know, Mercy, since I hit Jimmy with my car and broke both his legs, he will not be able to earn the money to pay his keep and therefore won't be able to use the scholarsh

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