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Home from work.

'Well?' He smirked.

She leant back slightly and slowly pulled up her skirt. Andrew watched her run both hands up her leg to the lace stocking top that was exposed and peel it off, seeing every inch of smooth tanned leg that was revealed, all the way down to her scarlet toe nails. Kathryn deposited the silky thing in the middle of the board.

He scooped up his winnings and added it to the shoes on the floor beside him.

Andrew wondered how he'd fallen into this situation. Here he was in a gorgeous old library, in front of a roaring fire, with an obviously antique chess set that was probably worth a fortune, sitting opposite a beautiful woman in a low cut gown who was up for strip chess!! That she played chess at all! He'd never played with a woman before, (not chess, anyway!) let alone one who was so.... alluring.

When Kathryn had put her tongue in his mouth, his cock had given a delighted kick even before his brain had time to be surprised.

Now he had that delicious tingly, semi aroused feeling that was made even better by not having to hide it - he sensed arousal in her too.

And even though he knew he was the better player, he also knew he now had a natural handicap - not all his blood was serving his brain, some of it was maintaining a pre erection, too.

'Are you here alone? He said, by way of a distraction.

Kathryn smiled at the predictable question.

'I am, actually. Sophie and I have been friends since school. Jake, her fianc__ hosts this ball every year. She invited me to meet him. They're getting married in June'

'Yeah, I know. Jake was my best man. I'm to be his, too.'

'So are you here with your wife?

'She's around somewhere.' He said, dismissively. 'She and I don't have much in common anymore. I fulfilled my usefulness to her when our second son was born. She believes her sexual obligation to me is over.'


Andrew was the better player but as they continued the game, he found that Kathryn was a quirky and unpredictable opponent. She made moves he didn't expect, and boldly moved her pieces up the board, not scared of exchanging. She knew that however good her opponent, the fewer pieces he had the more difficult it would be for him to beat her, and that she may be able to force a stalemate or a draw.

Kathryn moved her remaining knight to threaten his. Hers was protected by a pawn so it would be an exchange, if he chose to.

He did.

Removing her knight, he held it in his palm and silently waited to see what she would do. More clothing? Or would she kiss him. She hadn't taken up the kissing option yet.

Still, he enjoyed watching her undress for him, but she didn't have much left to remove. By his reckoning, she had a dress, one stocking, her coronet and (he supposed), bra and knickers. Although given how she'd responded when he'd kissed her, he wasn't prepared to bet on the bra and knickers!

Andrew watched as she lifted her gown again and peeled the other stocking down the other equally brown leg. He couldn't be entirely sure, but he thought he caught a glimpse of black lace in the process.

'So she's wearing knickers, then' he thought.

Kathryn took Andrew's knight with the pawn.

'Why don't you get rid of some of those clothes' she teased.

'As my lady wishes' he said and with a flourish, unclipped his sword and handed it to her ceremoniously.

The big grandfather clock in the corner recorded the passing hour and Andrew was still fully clothed, but several moves ago, Kathryn had lost her queen.

Andrew had secretly hoped that she'd opt for the kiss this time, given that she'd nothing left to take off but her dress and he wasn't sure she'd remove such a significant item and leave herself practically naked, and it was a major piece to loose.

But again she'd surprised him.

She'd stood up and turned her back to him, inviting him to unzip her.

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