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A brother loses his job and strikes gold being an escort.

I was fast but so was he. He was 3 steps behind me, I prayed that was enough. He swiped at my ponytail but didn't get a good grip. He grabbed just a few of my locs and yanked hard. He didn't have enough of my hair to pull my body back, but I felt fire in my head as he pulled a few free of my scalp.

I got to and through the door, reaching back to try to slam it. I almost made it, closing the door on his leg. He was wiggling forward. This time I had a clear shot. I stomped with all my might on his foot with the heel of my shoe, at the upper part, past the toes, just in case his shoes were steel-reinforced. He grunted but didn't move his foot. I continued to push against the door, he was trying to get his arm inside. I stomped on his foot again. He grunted and removed it from the door. I leaned against it, turning the flimsy doorknob lock. I knew it wouldn't hold, I just wanted to get to the phone. He was laughing outside the door. "Oh yesssss, now we're getting somewhere."

I got to the bedside and pulled the nightstand drawer open. I didn't bother trying to use the landline, I assumed he'd disabled it. My hands were calm as I grabbed the cell phone and turned it on. I heard a bang from outside. I wasn't sure it he was using his shoulder or foot, I was sure that the door wouldn't hold. The phone was on. I had no signal, "Searching for Network" appeared on the screen. Please, please, please. I knew he would get me before help arrived but hopefully someone would get there before he did too much damage.

Shit, I still had no service. He rammed into the door again. "Hello-o, I'm coming to get you!" he sang. I think he'd done something to scramble the service, I'd never had trouble before. I looked at the window, there was a fire escape. There was also a locked gate over the window. I couldn't remember where the key was. I was trapped.

The door and jamb began to splinter. I got desperate, looking around the room for an equalizer. I knew he would eventually get into the room and I liked my tongue where it was so I would not scream.

The door rattled on the hinges. There was nothing hard or solid that I could lift to throw or hit him with. He kicked the door once more and all of a sudden there he was. He completely filled the doorway. He had that smile, those eyes, a bright red suit on, and that greasy green hair. It was so perverse. He looked like a cross between Pennywise and Baby Jane. For a minute I remembered my drunk..."I've wri-ten a le-tter to Da-ddy" ran through my mind. I almost giggled. God please let me wake up. Please.

He stood there, not even winded. He had a short, wicked looking blade in his hand. "Hiyee....," he sang. His smile disappeared, kinda "Get your shoes off, now." I did. "Get on the bed, in the middle. I moved up to the middle of my California King.

He took a flying leap. If not for the blade still in his hand I would have put up my knee. He landed on me, his head at my chest, giggling his crazy little giggle. He placed his empty hand on my throat, squeezing just enough to let me feel his strength. He had that knife right under my eye. It wasn't touching me but I could feel it's cold. "Remember what I said, no screaming, don't make me cut you."

He leaned up a bit and cut the straps of my dress, peeling down the straps, exposing my bra. He was up on his elbows, the knife now nowhere in sight. I didn't scream but I could not be still. I squirmed despite myself. He sat up and pulled my dress off with a flourish which pulled my panties askew. I hurriedly straightened them. He backed away and stood up, never taking his eyes off me. He slowly undressed, folding each piece of clothing as he removed it, placing everything in a neat little pile. "I'm going to be here awhile...I have a voracious appetite." He walked back over to the bed, naked, naked, a naked clown. He was completely hairless, nothing on his well-muscled chest, no patch on his stomach, nothing even on his arms.

He had the largest cock I'd ever seen.

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