Riding High Quality XXX

Woman discovers a new passion with another girl.

Rosie jumped on the end of the bed, catapulting me into mid air. She then caught me before I hit the mattress. Wrapping me in her cushioned arms, she began crushing me like a repossessed cart.

My face was firmly planted within Rosie's tit valley. I sunk right down there like a butt plug in a greased up homo. Her tits had me in a head lock and weren't letting me go.

I panicked and began to flap like a fish. But Rosie wasn't bothered and threw me over her knee. She then began slapping my bear arse. Every slap shunted my organs and rattled my spine. "Steady on, Rosie, I want to survive to tell the tale."

"Shut up, Berty, you take what I give you." Rosie was belting me with hatred in its purest form. Her hands slapped against my reddened skin, thundering like hoofs on cobbles. I kicked my legs in an attempted to wiggle my way free. The pain became unbearable and my eyes leaked tears. "Please... No more."

"You crying?"

"Sorry...but being slapped like that gave me visions of my abusive father." I was lying of course. I'm just a wimp.

Rosie picked me up like a rag doll then enveloped me in her huge arms. She hugged me like a bear wrapping his arms around his tree before a climb. My face was lost amongst the masses of chocolate fat. I wasn't sure if it was the lack of oxygen, or the softness of Rosie's skin, but I began to feel comfortable. In complete darkness, I could have been a foetus.

Rosie fell back onto the bed, so I was on top. She kept me in her grip. Her large chubby hands began to rub up and down my back. I purred like a loving kitten and burrowed my face even further into her sweet smelling folds. Her hands cured aches that I never knew I had.

I had no fucking clue what was going on.

My erection lay squashed between us. As my body shifted under the weight of Rosie's rubbing hands, it gave me a sense of copulating. I shuffled down then felt a stroke of luck when my cock found her pussy. Rosie was sopping and my dick slid right in. "I'm plugged in and turned on."

"Go on, Berty, ride me into the ground."

Riding a woman of greater dimensions is quite an experience. It really is like riding a horse. You have to balance your weight so you don't fall off. I grabbed onto her love handles and rode her into battle.

I had reached a gallop when Rosie grabbed my face. "I'm going as quick as I can, Rose."

"Do me doggy."

"Give us a minute."

"I said get off." The earth trembled under Rosie's bass filled threat. "Now." I didn't have time to have one last stroke before she pushed me with her two hands, sending me flying into the air.

Rosie rolled over on the bed. She then rose up on all fours, creating a wall of brown flesh. I was suddenly reminded of my joke evolving Arthur and his horse.

I'm the first to admit that I'm not the tallest of men. But I'm far from small. So I thought it was taking the piss when I found myself a foot too small to poke my dick into her hole. "Are they all this big in Africa?"

"Think I'm big? Should see the men."

I sprung up and grabbed onto Rosie's shoulders, pulling myself up. Hanging on by one hand I guided my cock into her pussy.

Far from fit I began to pant like a dog in the summer. Pushing in and out was exhausting and I couldn't keep up with her demands. "You're going to have to lay down, you're just too big."

"You cheeky bastard."

Rosie rolled over and crushed me underneath. Her arse sucked me like a sink plunger. She then began jumping up and down on my cock. Under her weight I felt my bones crumbling to dust. No matter how much I cried out she continued to smash me into mattress. "Rosie... Please."

"Shut up Berty, I know you like it."

She had a point... but it fucking hurt.

While she pounded me like turf under carthorse hooves, I watched Rosie's wings of fat slap up and down like a chicken trying to fly.

I felt relieved when I burst my damn and poured my toxic cum inside.

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