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"Ahhh, that is so sweet, Jason." She leaned in close to his ear and, pushing down on his back, whispered very steadily, "Now bend right down over that rail, Jasey, and grab your ankles. We've just begun."

She lightly rubbed the backs of his thighs, "Good legs, Jase, and what a sweet ass." Tommi cupped each of his tight cheeks and then began to spank him lightly. Jason jolted at the first few spanks then began to squirm. When she knew the pleasure was just beginning to turn to a sting Tommi began to increase her strength and regulate the blows. Jason began to writhe and the top of his stiffened cock rubbed and bumped against the underside of the steel railing.

"That's a good boy, Jason. You seem to know how to take a good spanking. Done this before? Hmmm..." Three hard slaps brought him back.

"Yessss, Ma Mamm..." Two more stinging blows.

"Mistress Tommi."--Two more-harder now.

"Yes what, Jase..." Tommi now cooing to him and trailing her dark nails over the reddened surfaces she had been attending. "You have been spanked before?

"Relaxing a bit now, he answered her, " someone else."

Tommi smiled at the thought of him spanking his own tight little bottom. She continued to offer him some relief while she spoke softly in his ear.

"Then this must be a real turn on for you--to have your Mistress spank you."

She slid her left hand around the front of his thigh and felt his cock. It was pulsing.

"You're nice and hard, Jason-maybe you're even ready to cum again. Do you want to cum for me again?"

"Yes, Mistress Tommi...thank you for this"

She enveloped his hardness in her left hand and knifed her right between his cheeks. This brought a groan from Jason.

"Ever been probed here, Jase," her middle finger poking into him sharply.

"Noooo, ...never there." Tommi held his cock against the cold steel pipe while she probed him deeply.

"I want you right on the edge, lover boy. But don't you dare cum until I give you my permission. Understand!" and she twisted her finger in a reaming motion."

Valerie was glued to her spot at the window above. Her hand was down the front of her skirt and inside her leggings cupping her crotch while she watched her mentor below. She inserted her middle finger into her wet pussy and began to squirm. She knew about Tommi's predilection for domination. She knew all about these kinky things people did from the Internet but had never seen anything like this in "the flesh". Close to reaching her own orgasm, she heard her name being called.

"Val, stop playing with yourself up there and come down here. It's time you learned something really useful in the movie business."

Valerie almost toppled over backwards when she realized Tommi knew she was watching. She straightened her clothes and ran down the stairs to the theater. On her way through the lobby she turned down the lights so no one would notice they were still in the Cruise Ship after the last shows had ended.

"Come over here, Val," Tommi said, as Val entered the isle from the other end. I want to teach you a little something."

Valerie couldn't even protest. She was so mesmerized by the sight of Tommi perched on the seat beside this naked man. Jason's shirt was bunched around his neck and partially covering his head, his pants were now down around his sneakers and Tommi had his cock in her left hand and her middle and index fingers deep inside his rectum.

"Val, this is Jason. Jason say hello to Valerie."

Jason didn't acknowledge Valerie so Tommi probed his ass deeper and twisted her hand.

"Jason, you aren't being polite to my assistant."

Writhing on Tommi's hand, Jason groaned and hello to Valerie. He was mortified, on the edge of coming again and so turned on by his predicament. Tommi removed her fingers from his ass and let go of his cock. Telling Jason to remain as he was, Tommi turned her attention to Valerie.

"Val, Jason has been helping me clean up the sticky mess he made of the theater."

"I can see that, Tommi.

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