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Turmoil Resolved - Laura comes home, rocky road to normalcy.

Do you want to talk to him? OK I will send him your way. Don't forget to drain the rowboat!" He was laughing as he hung up.

As I was looking at him he lowered the partition glass in the limo and gave the driver an address to take me to. He said "Be honest with Jake and he will treat you right. Oh, don't use the term rowboat in connection with his boat." As we stopped they said farewell and were gone into what I thought was a museum.

The driver said, "Now that's a house." Boy you could have fooled me. It looked more like a palace to me.

The driver said "It will be about 20 minutes until we get there, open the wet bar and help yourself. There are some snacks in the cabinet to your left. I opened a soft drink and a bag of peanuts. As I watched the houses go by there seemed to be a lot of gated communities the further we went. We pulled up to a guard gate and the driver gave the guard the address and a quick phone call confirmed we were OK to continue. We went about a half mile more and turned in. There was a second guard gate onto the property. Yup, I was impressed alright.

The man who met us was in board shorts, wife beater and sandals. He smiled and said, "Hi my name is Jake La Morte, what's yours?"

"Hi, my name is Rob." As I stood there with my backpack leaning against my leg I felt way out of place. I wondered what I was doing here.

"Well, come on in and meet the family and then we will retire to the office and get to know each other a little bit." Off we went to meet his wife and daughter. The wife was a cool sophisticated woman, well preserved. And the girl was a younger version.

He offered me a drink and then he said, "OK I am dying to know how a man such as yourself goes on a job interview in a limo?" he was smiling and said "This ought to be good."

I recalled the guy that did not tell me his name, (and that was perplexing to me). He said to "Tell Jake the truth." So I started out with an abbreviated version starting with some marital problems gone astray and then splitting the charter with his friend and here I was.

He said "That will do for now but there is surely much more to that story." Now tell me about your qualifications and please be more detailed then you were about your personal life."

I started with my service life, going back to college, and then working as an engineer in a tech company. I finished with admitting that I had no experience in the boat field but I was willing to learn as long as I could travel.

Jake replied, "It looks like Carl did me a favor this time. However, let's get something straight right now. That son-of-a-bitch Carl calls my yacht a rowboat just to get my goat. Does a 164 foot yacht seem like a rowboat to you?" and then he laughs again. He wasn't expecting a answer.

He picked up the phone and said "Call captain Rogers and have him phone me. We are having a guest tonight. Make up one of the guest quarters for him. In addition we will need some dinner. Call the pilot and let him know that he is taking a guest to California tomorrow morning to see Captain Rogers. Thanks Mary, take the rest of the night off and go see your grandchildren. I am sure they miss you as much as you miss them."

The house was humongous. It assaulted your senses. I thought I needed a GPS and a map and a week's worth of water just to look around. We went to the family kitchen as opposed to the party kitchen. The family kitchen was a moderately sized kitchen which was very homey in an elegant sort of way. The other kitchen was like the rest of the house, out of control and huge. Also it was spotless.

The cook served the three of us a delicious meal. The daughter had left for the evening, out with her friends the mother informed us. As we ate dinner Jake stated to me that Captain Rogers would have the final say on hiring me. Also I would be required to take a drug test, have a background check, and have a physical. He wondered if I would be OK with that.

I assured him that everything would be fine with the exception of the current marital problems and legal issues sur

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