Riding High Quality XXX

A short BDSM dream.

"Yes," she responded, "Gag me -- I want to feel your cock in my arse again. Use one of my scarves," she suggested.

I went to her drawers and took out one of her Summer scarves and proceeded to tie it around her mouth. When finished, I told her to try to scream; only a muted sound came out. Satisfied, I returned to my position on the bed. I needed to prepare her so I started to tongue her anus before working one, then two and finally three fingers into her arse. When I was happy that she was ready, I replaced my tongue and fingers with my knob head and pressed it into her; her body stiffened at first and then she relaxed and I managed to push a couple of inches into her, I could just about make out that she was moaning -- the gag was doing its job! I continued to work my cock into her expanding hole, enjoying the tightness of her backside. She started to push her arse back, encouraging my cock further into her welcoming opening and I was keen to give her my full length. As soon as I was fully in her, I began to thrust in and out. I was sure she was screaming at the top of her voice but the gag was muffling her sound and I could enjoy her arse undisturbed. I pulled her torso up so that I could grab her breasts and tweaked her nipples; I felt her arse contract on my cock as I did that and repeated the treatment getting the same response from her arse. It was almost like I could get her to milk my cock by tweaking her nipples! I had an idea and pinched her nipples as I extended them from her breasts; sure enough her arse clamped hard on my cock and my cum was sucked out of me -- I swear -- by my lovers beautiful arse. When I had finished coming, I fell forward onto her, my cock still buried in her lovely arsehole.

We just lay there recovering for several minutes before I undid the gag from Dawn's mouth.

"Fuck me," she said, "that was so hot -- it was like I was your prisoner and you were taking advantage of me!"

"So, my Dawny likes a little bit of bondage," I thought, "a trip to a porn store might be needed."

"You liked that eh honey," I asked, "I'm game to do that again -- maybe ramp it up a bit."

Dawn looked at me and smiled as we both headed for the shower.

Once downstairs, we prepared breakfast for the five of us before calling the others to the table.

"Had a nice lazy start to the day?" enquired Amanda with a smirk on her face.

Both Shannon and Madison giggled at Amanda's question and it dawned on me that they were probably of an age where they knew what Dawn and I had been up to -- well, not exactly, but they were probably aware that we had been playing mummy and daddy games in the bedroom.

"So," I said, eager to change the subject, "another pool day today?"

"Yes," shouted the girls in unison.

Dawn said, "Amanda and I are going to nip to the supermarket to get some fresh veg -- can you watch over the girls?"

"Course I can," I said, thinking it was the perfect opportunity to drink a couple of beers and catch some rays.

After breakfast was over, the women disappeared with the car and the girls and I went out to the pool. They jumped straight in while I carried two bottles to a sunbed and lay down to relax, removing my shirt in the process. The girls were busy splashing each other and playing and I was happy sipping my beer and relaxing, while keeping a watchful eye on them.

The peace was broken when a young lad wandered to the side of the pool.

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