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Online teasing leads to a night of unseen hotel fun.

I reach forward with the three fingers that started this all. Sliding them in easily with your wetness and the stretching my cock has already provided. I thrust my fingers into you a few times. You grunt in pleasure and frustration. I pull out and motion for you to replace my fingers with your own. I lean down in order to give you a good lick with my tongue.

You remove your hand and begin to throttle your clit with abandon as I attack your open gash with my tongue, thrusting it in like a dick, rolling it around and slurping your delicious juices. I can feel your pace and breathing quicken.

I run my tongue down your clean shaven taint to the tight little rosebud of your anus. I thrust my tongue and feel you jump and sigh. You're getting close. Your tight ring begins to open for me and I lean back watching a line of spit and juices from your gash trail to your ass. I pull your hand away and dive onto your clit sucking it and immediately thrusting two thick fingers into your tight little ass.

Your hand flies to your face as you make an attempt to hide you squeal of passion. You cum again and I can feel your cunt clamp down on my tongue lashing you as my mouth continues to devour you.

I pull back before you can recover. "Open yourself for me," I order harshly. My voice nearly fails me in my lust. You reach down and slide three fingers into your pussy. You pull them out and replace them with the other hand and stretch yourself open from both sides.

I smile down at you, fist my cock one good pump, and slam it home in your gaping pussy. An audible squish as I thrust it home. You grunt as I bottom out. I pull all the way out with an audible slurp and before you can recover I slam it home all the way to the bottom. Deeper this time. You can't hold the scream this time as you cum again and pass out.

I pull out, not wanting you to miss anything. I can't help myself, however, and rub the glans of my cock around the tight little rosebud of your ass--slightly gaped from my fingers.

You moan as you begin to come to. I take the opportunity thrust the head into your tight ring. Your eyes fly open as I stretch you wide. "Mmmmm..." you moan. I pull the head out fisting my cock and thrust the head back into your pussy. "Oh, sir."

I pull out and thrust my cock back in your ass. Your eyes widen and you bite your lip so hard I think you might break skin as I bury myself halfway in your asshole. "" I pull out and thrust back in deeper with each word. "" With my name I bottom out in your bowels.


"Mmmmmm...god that feels good." I pronounce. I pull all the way out with an audible pop and grin down as your ass winks at me. Both holes open before me. "What to do. What to do...choices"

With this I slam my cock home in your pussy. And pull it out and slam it back home in your ass. I repeat this reveling in the different feeling of each hole as I slide in and out feeling you hug my full length.


What a fucking! Just as I get used to having my ass fucked you switch back to my pussy; filling one hole and then the other, over and over again. I am almost completely limp with exhaustion; every so often lifting my head from the desk to see you looking down on me, with lust in your eyes. I can't help myself; one hand reaches for my clit and rubs it as you fuck me, the other grabs my own breast, nails digging into the soft flesh, as if trying to wake myself from a reverie.

With one thrust into my pussy I suddenly feel fully awake. I draw back my feet and push you back, pushing your massive cock out of my ravaged ass. You look bewildered. "What's up?" you ask.

I just smile and slip off my shoes; my stocking clad feet then reach out towards your crotch.

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