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Isonei and Draeseth get to enjoy each other's company.

It excited her.

He was there, now, standing a few feet behind her in her open doorway. He spoke her secret name, Rachel, and she knew it was HE. She kept her back to him as he slowly made his approach. She could hear his shoes swish on the new carpeting and then stop immediately behind her chair. Carefully, he reached forward to clutch her shoulders, to ease them into knowing that things were OK. Gently, his right hand made its way down her upper arm, and then forward to her bosom. Cupping her large breast was more than one hand could do, but he attempted to gather it all in single-handedly at first.

He, still without speaking, continued to stroke her chest, feeling her body sense the building urgency within her. He also felt an intensely cool sensation at the front of his trousers as his engorging member reached the metal back to her office chair. The coolness sent an odd, yet pleasing, sensation. As he swayed slightly side to side, he caressed his member on the back of her chair. Seeing his shadow swaying on her desktop, she smiled knowing he was soon to be ready for her.

Both hands now working their expertise on her chest, still from behind her, the fingers reach to the middle of her blouse, and free her bosom from its captivity. Leaning forward and looking over her head, he can now just barely get a glimpse of the type of outfit she has worn tonight. Long ago, her mind had since lost the thought of a urine collection. Decidedly, she swivels around in her chair, and grins at the protrusion that is now in her face. She reaches up to release the zipper, his hands rest gently atop hers, as a guide. Pulling out the engorging penis, she licks the top, the sides, and then the bottom, where she lingers a bit, flicking this sensitive area with her strong tongue. He reaches to the back of her head, supporting her and adding more pressure to her activities. Now well lubricated with her sweet oral juices, she inserts him more deeply, grabbing his hanging jewels with her hands and together pulls in and out in sync. Humming on his large shaft only worsens his impending pre-ejaculation. Licking off the pre-cum juice, she smiles as a drop has escaped her and lands on her chin.

Looking up at him now, she stands up, meeting his open mouth with her own, standing in a long embrace. After taking a few steps, he understands her lead, and follows her to the lounge. His eyes dance as he sees the appropriate preparations in the room and how flexible yet adequate his surroundings were now. The wideness of the sofa is perfect for playing before getting seriously intense. Lying back, she pulls up the fabric of her jean skirt, revealing the garter and stockings and the important crotch-less panties. Smiling, his tongue already protruding its lair, begins on his prey. Reaching up to support her knees with each hand, she is ready for her oral pelvic exam. Being careful to no penetrate her vault immediately, his tongue caresses her clit and labia. While his tongue is flicking the tissue side to side and his hands are adding pressure to the clit and massaging it.

Her hands being free, support his head, and pull him closer for a deeper penetration.

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