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A man meets a woman in a bookshop and things develop

He bit his lower lip, aiding her efforts of confinement with his own self-restraint. She studied the desires passing through his widened eyes if she were reading a news feed at the bottom of a television. But rather than a bored, disinterest in the monotonous drone of negativity that spewed from the news, she was transfixed by his reactions, relishing his surrender.

Robe discarded, she slid off the desk and then sank to her knees in front of the chair. Rafa's mind conjured images of her thin, pink lips parting to take his cock into her mouth in her position of servitude. He could feel his loaded penis entering her mouth and sliding into her throat, her warm saliva trickling down his throbbing shaft. When he imagined unleashing the massive load of cum that was building inside of him all over her foxish face, a surge of blood engorged his sex. Instead of fulfilling his fantasy, she brought the rim of her bra towards his hands. He lunged eagerly, then gritted his teeth as the knots tightened their grasp on his wrists and his fingers failed to find her skin, landing instead on the bra's lace cup.

"You have no choices," she said, rising to her feet, retracting the beautiful bosom away from his itching hands. "Your monkey mind will swing from one vine of desire to the next in an endless journey of wanting to touch, kiss, bite, squeeze and fuck me," the woman listed as she placed her hands on the arm rests, hovering above him. "But you will listen, obey, service, and pleasure me." She paused momentarily, letting Rafa's sex-mad mind comprehend the new terms. Then, she draped each of her thick thighs on either side of his waist and settled her finely toned, thonged ass over his bulging groin. When she rocked her hips slowly over his mound, he pulsed back thirstily, meeting her carnal gaze through his thick, dark eyebrows.

She brought her mouth towards his and he opened his mouth in anticipation. Instead of a kiss however, she took his lower lip into her wet mouth and sucked hard. She rolled it between her teeth and Rafa let out a soft groan of hurtful delight. Slowly, like honey dripping off a spoon, she released it from her esurient teeth. "Even this," she began, brushing his reddened lip with her pinky tip, "is mine. If I want it sucked, kissed or bitten, I will do it or give you permission to."

Rafa rubbed his lips together and was surprised to feel them bathed in a soothing balm. "Yes," he agreed automatically as he pondered as to how she produced the ointment. He understood a moment later as her hands disappeared behind her back to a belt fastened around her slim waist that attached to her thong in several complex straps.

"Good. Now then, a reward," she said as she rummaged through the belt. Her hands reemerged with a pair of scissors that Rafa initially believed were the keys his freedom. Upon seeing her eyes shine wickedly however, Rafa realized that they were not for rope cutting. He nearly bit his lip in trepidation but, restraining himself, swallowed instead, unsure of the 'reward' in store for him. She lowered the shining instrument to his abdomen, eliciting a sudden, sharp inhale as he instinctively withdrew his belly. Rafa released his breath when she snipped his t-shirt twice. Setting the scissors aside, she gripped the fabric in fists and tore his shirt open with a satisfying rip. Her long fingers traced the grooves of his golden abdomen and she began to rock her hips once more over his cock. As her fingers inched towards his waistband she ground harder into him. Rafa matched her hardness with his own, using what little movement the bondage allowed him to thrust into her. She tossed her head backwards, allowing a soft moan to escape. If he'd had the permission and mobility, he would've sucked her pulsing neck and trailed his tongue to her ears to softly bite. Instead, he ran his tongue over his teeth sharply.

Without warning, the woman rose from her throne and resumed a kneeling position at Rafa's feet.

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