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Wednesday has a whole new meaning for these sorority girls.

The gods had arrived, created the first Goddess, sanctified the first Temple. They had brought peace to the people of the world. What had come before? A time of without peace, she supposed.

"I, uh -- I don't know."

"That's because no one told you," Shanata confirmed

This stunned her. There was a whole history hiding in the place before the history she had been taught? Why hadn't she ever thought about it before?

"It is important, as a servant of this Temple, that you understand the importance of your Service," Shanata said. "As such, you must understand what it would be like without your Service."

Talla nodded.

"We can not pretend that our pre-Temple records are perfect," Shanata said. "It was a hard time, protecting that first Temple. The women of nine centuries ago were rarely literate and the peace the gods brought through the Goddess was only so powerful. There was fighting. A lot of it. And that made record keeping difficult."

"We do know that the violence and cruelty that plagued mankind nearly destroyed us. At one time, we had such a penchant for killing each other that we were barely surviving. Those who wanted peace were killed. No one was safe."

It was hard to imagine such a time. The solid walls of Endowment Hall were around her. Beyond those, the thicker outer walls of the Temple were better protection. When had anyone ever attacked a Temple? When had anyone ever attacked anyone at all? She knew the word "fighting" but it was something children did with each other and were subsequently punished.

"Your thoughts?"

Talla stammered a moment.

"Why was this allowed?" she demanded in horror. "Why would women do that to each other? Why wouldn't they stick together?"

"Women weren't in charge, Talla," Shanata said, her eyes cold and dark. "Men were."

That sent a shock through her that left her eyes wide and her mouth open.


"Men ruled over women once," Shanata explained. "They called their women 'wives' and treated them like property. They forced child after child from them. Then they went off to fight and left their illiterate women behind to fend for themselves."

Their picture of history wasn't perfect. Shanata acknowledged that. But what was unfolded to Talla was stark and frightening. A woman of those times had no one upon which she could rely. She was barely regarded as a person. It was no wonder that the world was in a shambles, if that was the case. What would men do, without women to guide them, to keep peace and to organize what needed doing?


Zhair'lo watched as a tall, slim woman stepped in to the room while unseen others continued to push the door open. That first woman wore a skimpy orange outfit embroidered with gold flower patterns. More women came in, filling the foyer, wearing various unusual yellow costumes. Some were showing a lot of hip. Others displayed cleavage. All had soft, eager looks on their faces.

Could any of these be for him? There were all older. Not by much, but still older. It felt a bit intimidating. There were at least a dozen of them now, gathered at the entrance, posing provocatively. Provocatively? Well, really, they were just standing there. It was more what they meant that was provocative. Zhair'lo saw a sea of yellow clothing, with just two women now in orange. The predominant colour, regardless, was that of flesh in all its pinks, browns and tanned bronzes.

Zhair'lo simply stared, stupefied. Here was so much possibility in front of him -- of a kind he hadn't known existed a day ago. The thought of rotating through hundreds of such women -- not these ones, of course, but others his age -- set his mind spinning.

It also made him nervous.

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