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She meets with a man who's not her husband.

It felt great to be treated like such a bitch and a piece of meat. He was really working my ass good then he pulled out. He grabbed my hair and shoved his cock down my throat and started to pump his load right down my throat. I felt his cum run straight down my throat. After he quit cumming he quickly pulled out of my mouth and pull on his pants. Then he told me to wait there he would be right back and he left. I was nervous wondering why he told me to wait there. I pulled my yoga pants back up not sure what to expect.

After a minute or two the door opened and two guys came into the booth. There was another hispanic guy and a tall black guy, they told me their friend had sent them. All I said was ok and the hispanic guy pulled out his cock, it was pretty good size about 7" and above average thickness. I didn't waste any time getting his cock in my mouth. I was sucking his cock as deep as a I could, the black guy still had his shorts on and was rubbing his cock watching me suck the other guys dick. I reached over and started rubbing his cock through his shorts while sucking the other guys cock. I could feel how big the black guys cock was he was probably close to 9" and very thick. I haven't had many cocks this size so it turned me on quite a bit.

After rubbing his cock and sucking the other guy I kinds stood up and bent over so my ass as rubbing against his cock and I Was still sucking the other guys cock. The guy in front got a good position in front of me ans was fucking my face pretty hard causing my ass to push back against the black guy. The black guy started grabbing my ass with one hand and rubbing my cock against his ass with the other.

Then the black guy pulled down my pants and started grinding against my bare ass. I still had the guy in front of my shoving his cock deep into my throat. The cock behind me felt huge rubbing on my ass and he had teased me enough I pulled the cock out of my mouth and told him to please fuck me. I put some spit on my hand and rubbed it on my ass to lube it up for him to enter my asshole. Then I put the cock back in my mouth and resumed sucking the guy in front's cock. I felt the guy behind me put his cock up to my ass hole and slowly started to push in, my ass was stretching wide to take it in. The guy in front then slammed his whole cock down my throat pushing me back into the guy behind me and causing his huge cock to go all the way in my ass. It felt so good. The guy fucking me then shoved me forward causing me to choke on the cock in front of me. They got into a rhythm of pushing me back and forth abusing my throat and ass. Then they started pushing together at the same time make me beg for mercy. My ass was completely stretched out around this huge cock and the guy in front was relentless shoving his cock down my throat.

I gave up trying to fight and just let them have my body.

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