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He and his sister-in-law have a sexual encounter.

A feather stroked along my thighs, my calves and then back to my feet. I was laughing now, my body writhing in reaction to the feather. Both Lucy and I were giggling like school girls. A sting of pain, a burning on my arse as the crop was brought down across my buttocks. The tickling stopped. And again my body tensed, now in anticipation of the next stroke. Hard on my soft pink flesh it came. One more and I cried out.

"The gag Lucy!"Simon ordered. As she sat astride me to fix the ball gag I could feel her wetness. This was exciting her, seeing me cuffed and whipped, her pussy was already dripping. Again and again the crop was brought across my cheeks. My pussy was so turned on and it seemed the fire in my arse went straight through to my clit; I started to drift, to that wonderful place only He had taken me to, and it stopped.

Lucy untied me and passed me a glass of water.

"It's almost time for dinner," she said.


We ate outside, Lucy and Simon dressed quite normally, Lucy's polo neck hiding her collar. I was glad the garden was secluded as I was still dressed in the outfit they'd chosen for me. We just talked,but during the meal Simon's hand explored the tops of my thighs and my pussy lips. He opened my legs further until he found my clit. I was unsure whether I ought to react or not. Lucy cleared the table and left. Simon reached over and lifted my breasts from the corset, rubbing each nipple with his thumb as he did so. I glanced towards the French windows but he just laughed.

"Lucy knows what I want from you slut."

He rose, and without looking at me said, "This way slut!" I followed him.

He led me to a different part of the house, along a short hallway that obviously led to an extension.

"This room is sound proofed," he commented.

I merely nodded, unsure what to reply.

He opened the door to what at first glance appeared to be a private gym. Two walls were covered with floor to ceiling mirrors; there were padded benches located at various heights that reminded me of weight lifting equipment. Although there were no windows the down lighters were positioned to minimise glare. In the center of the room was a white sheepskin rug, and directly above it hung a gleaming silver hook.

Lucy stepped forward, naked except for her collar. He reached out his hand and gently brushed a stray hair from her cheek.

"Lie on the rug slave," he commanded.

She obeyed.

"Open your legs!"

Again she obeyed and I could see her glistening pink pussy. He spoke to me, while he gazed at Lucy.

"Lick my slave, slut, bring her to orgasm!"

I buried my head between her legs, breathing in the scent of her pussy, I reached with my tongue to tease and taste her clit. As I rubbed it, it popped out of its hood. Lucy started to pant. I moved my tongue into her cunt, burying myself deep. With one finger I began to tease her clit and she moaned.

Simon moved close, staring down, watching her face.

"What is more beautiful than watching a woman pleasuring another? Come for me Lucy, come my slave."

I increased the speed and pressure of my tongue and fingers. Slipping two fingers into her pussy I started to pleasure her whilst I teased her clit with my mouth. I found her g spot and moved faster as she arched her back and came with a cry.

Simon smiled at her, and then turned to me, his face stern.

"I told you to lick her to orgasm, slut! Lie down!" He pointed to one of the benches I had noticed earlier. This one was around a meter long; it had racks at either side, which once may have contained bar bells. I lay along it, my legs dangling over the end.

"Put your legs here!" he said, pointing to a pole either side of the bench.

Lucy had joined us and passed him a pair of cuffs, heavy thick leather, which he tightened around my ankles. Pulling my legs straight and apart he attached the cuff to a hook I had not noticed. Now my arse and pussy were exposed, I could not move my legs. He took my arms and cuffed them outstretched so I was immobilised.

"This is a training whip," he said, "because you need to be trained in obedie

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