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Gary's first time.

She sat down on his chest and smiled at him. "The paste I put on your lips a few nights ago really worked. Now your lips are soft. Good for sucking on my nuts and it'll be good for sucking cock, too." Simon didn't have long to think over her statement before having her balls hefted onto his face.

Isabel let out a giggle at the sudden tickle she felt from covering his face with her scrotum. After that it was all moans as Simon kissed and rubbed his lips around her big balls. He was in another world; one where hairless balls the size of ostrich eggs rolled around his face in a massive sack. Simon lifted his head for air, panting and red-faced.

Her womanhood obstructed most of the view when he tried to look up at Isabel. His eyes started to focus on the object he had been trying to look past, in more ways than one. Thick and throbbing, he'd been afraid of it when they first met. But now with his mind caught up and his hard-on taking control, he could see its size and its power as merits. Her cock wasn't the blemish on a beautiful woman, but one of the things which made her beautiful.

Simon reached out. He took her shaft in his hand and felt the warmth emanating from it. He wanted to see Isabel's reaction, but he couldn't tear his eyes from her cock. Simon's lips brushed along her long length until reaching the tip. He touched the head to his lips and it left him a gift in the form of a dollop of pre-cum. Simon pulled the small glob into his mouth and swallowed.

"Suck it." Isabel grabbed her thick tube and pressed it to his lips. "Make me feel good." Simon needed no further encouragement as his mouth opened wide to accept her girth. She thrust her hips forward and sent her womanhood into the soft warmth of his mouth. The intense pleasure of entering his mouth hit her all at once. "Ummmm oooooh," she moaned.

Simon found himself caught off-guard at first by what the sheer size of her cock would feel like. His lips stretched wide around her pulsing shaft. His tongue flattened hard against the floor of his mouth like a carpet for her cock to slide deeper on. Simon's throat made noises muffled by her penis as it threatened his gag reflex. He felt a tear running down his cheek. His eyes opened up to Isabel's looking down at him. Her dick stopped moving in his mouth and she said told, "You're doing good. Your mouth is fucking great. Move your tongue around my cock for me."

The tip of her dick bumped the opening of his throat. Simon kept a gag in check while she sawed her womanhood in and out of his mouth, ending up pressed to his throat harder each time. Her mushroom pushed into his throat slowly. "Don't choke," she told him. "Relax for me. You don't know how good this feels..." her voice trailed off. Isabel looked down at him with support in her eyes, and then her eyes closed in reaction to the new bliss of his throat. "So tight," she said. "Swallow my cock."

More of her cock slipped between his lips. Centimeter by centimeter, it advanced down his throat. Isabel's strong hands wrapped around the sides of his head as only the last few inches of her big prick weren't buried in his mouth. She started to grind her cock in his throat, moaning as she did. Simon blinked away a few more tears. A new comfort set in, he concentrated himself on bringing her the pleasure she deserved. His tongue lapped at the underside of her cock.

Isabel humped his face for some time, bringing her close to orgasm. The sensitive nerves tracing her shaft and large mushroom head were inundated with the pleasure of his mouth and throat. Simon looked up and saw her head rolled back. With one final thrust, deeper down his throat than ever before, she gave in to the need.

Simon could feel her legs shake around him.

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