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Middle-aged father lives out a fantasy.

My dick was full of excitement but even still she could easily fit her thumb between my penis and the top of the phone.

"Sorry," I apologized, not knowing what else to say.

"Don't be sorry," She consoled me, "it's a cute little four incher." And began stroking me.

"How many... guys have you seen?" I asked.

"I've seen..." she paused counting in her head, "12 guys, no 14 including you and Mark. Mark is by far the biggest I've seen."

By now I was on edge of cumming all over her hand, my chest was pounding and I was shuddering all over.

"Just a little more." I puffed.

"Little? I guess it is just a little one." She teased, and palmed my balls with her right hand while jerking me in her left.

"You know I didn't have sex with all those guys." She said, I guess making sure I didn't think less of her. "I've only had sex with 5 guys, the others were hand jobs or other things." She quickly cut herself off.

"What was the biggest you've been with?" I asked. She took her hand and placed it about 3 inches over my dick. And then with the other showed me the girth by opening up her grip.

"The other guys were about the same size, so pretty average."

"What about the smallest?" I asked fearing the answering.

She made an awkward face, sucking air between her teeth, and measured my dick between her thumb and forefinger, indicating I was the smallest.

"Shit!" I murmured, my body tensed as I erupted all over her hands. She slowly milked the remaining cum out of me with long and gentle tugs.

"Sorry..." She smiled and took a breath, "you're definitely the smallest I've seen." She giggled and shook my now flaccid penis.

"You know what I think would be sexy?" She mused as my breathing slowed and heart rate returned to normal, "If we trimmed up some of this hair." She finished, tugging on the tuft above my dick.

"Let's get dressed." She smiled, and crawled over me giving me a quick kiss, trying keep the cum from dripping off her hands. I heard her turn on the water in the sink, and looked over to see my clothes on Melissa's bed. I went over and sat on her bed untangling my underwear from my pants.

As I pulled on my boxers I looked over to see Angie, she obviously didn't realize I could see her, as she pulled her top off. Her back was to me so I didn't get to see her tits, but it didn't stop me from lingering and praying she would turn around. She pulled a bra out of the drawer in front of her, and slipped it on before turning around. It was nothing fancy just a plain white bra. And then it dawned on me, she had seen me completely naked, and I hadn't even seen her topless.

After getting dressed the day was pretty normal. We grabbed some lunch, and walked around Target, where she bought a hair trimmer.

"Maybe, we should buy some condoms, you know just to have on hand, in case I can't control myself any longer." Angie suggested. We found the condoms, locked in a case by the pharmacy. She walked right up to them without hesitation and asked the clerk for help.

"What can I get for you two?" The lady asked.

Angie looked over at me and threw a crooked smile. She pulled her phone out and tapped it to bring up SIRI.

"Siri, what condom is best for a small penis." I blushed, as she said those words out loud in front of this stranger, but at the same time became instantly hard.

"I didn't find anything for, 'What condom is best for a small penis.' Sorry about that." Was the very loud reply.

"Here" the clerk said, pulling a pack from the cabinet, "these are snug fit, I am sure they're what you're looking for." She finished and looked me up and down.

We took the condoms and checked out at the pharmacy. Once back in my car, Angie broke out laughing.

"What were you thinking?" I shot out.

"Oh, I am sorry, I kind of thought you might like it." She glanced down at my groin. "Was I wrong?" She smiled, knowing the answer already.

"No. You weren't wrong." I leaned back in my seat giving her a view of my erect dick in my pants.

By the time we got back to her dorm, Melissa was back. I had a hard time looking her in the eye.


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