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He comes home to find a surprise.

Perhaps I would come back and join in to make a group fuck. The possibilities were endless.

But down the hall I went. Into the washroom for a quick piss. Under the walls of the stall could be seen a pair of legs with knees on the floor, and a pair of feet straddling those legs. A blowjob in progress was my guess. The action was everywhere.

Into the swirling mists of the steam room. I sat in the corner to observe rather than participate. I hiked my knees up to my chest and allowed my towel to fall free, exposing my bare crotch. My balls sagged in the heat, and my flacid dick lay comfortably along the seam of my sack, nestled between my balls. I was determined to be a passive observer here, and to save myself for a visit to one of the private rooms.

From my corner perch I observed the others in the wet heat. There were 4 or 5 other guys eyeing each other, and me watching. After a couple of minutes, 2 of the guys got together and started into it. They lay along the bench and set up in a classic '69'. Heads were jammed into opposing crotches and their hands were everywhere. Grunts and loud slurping noises went along with exploring hands and fingers. While one guy was sliding 2 fingers into the other's asshole, his partner was pulling balls into his mouth for a tongue bath. This went on for several minutes, with position changes and much face fucking until they both seemed to blow their loads at the same time. Not a drop was wasted, as each held the other's depleted prick in their mouths until each had had enough. And then, like other scenes I had witnessed, they both got up and left. Casual sex, or what!!

I was getting really horny, and felt the need for release. I re-wrapped my dripping body, covered my firm cock, and went back to the corridor.

Then I had a decision to make. Did I want a solo adventure with one other, or enjoy the company of 2 or 3, if the opportunity arose? I decided to play it by feel, and see what was available.

As I strolled down the hallway, the possibilities were endless. There were doors open, with guys lying solo on their beds, face up and face down, covered as well as blazingly jerking themselves while laying on their backs, allowing all to see. There was another room where one guy was ass fucking the daylights out of another. I stopped to watch this one for awhile. The top guy had the bottom bent over the chair back, and was burying his substantial dick into the up-facing asshole.

He thrust back and forth, in and out, while the bottom held on to the chair for support. The bottom reached around with one hand to grab the top's balls, and squeezed them together. This really got the fucker hot, and he suddenly pulled out and shot endless, arcing streams of cum all over the other's back. He then rubbed the jism trails around and together, covering his buddy's back. They then lay down on the bed, one on top of the other, and cooled down. They were deep kissing and still feeling each other all over. What a scene!

I moved on to another door, where one guy was laying face down, ass covered by his towel. "This is it," I thought.

I stepped inside, closed the door behind me, and slid my hand up under his towel. With my other hand, I released my towel and let it fall to the floor.

He turned to face me and reached for my stiffening tool.

"Nice cock," he said. "I think it would feel really nice up my ass."

With that, he got up and produced a tube of KY.

"Are you up to the task?" he asked.

Needing no further encouragement, I rolled him over on the bed and lifted him up by the hips. I bent down to slide my tongue up and down his ass-groove, and played with his balls. His cock was as hard as a rock, but I had other plans.

I squeezed a bead of KY on his asshole, and started working it in. Then I said to him: "This is it, buddy. Prepare to be violated."

With that I climbed between his outstretched legs and took aim.

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