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Stranger has an unusual cure for the Earl's daughter.

"Don't be alarmed. It's very large, but many women like that. You see, Snowy, I got started in the movie business because of my size. You know how people like to see something unusual."

"Oh, I guess they do." She didn't know quite what to say.

"You bet. That why I'm still able to produce special material for connoisseur collectors."

"Is that what we're doing now?"

"Yes. We're just about finished. If you want to continue for double the pay, there is something more you could do."


He smiled indulgently. "Only if you want to, Snowy."

"I guess so," she said hesitantly, not wanting to offend him or lose the chance to model again.

"Remember, it's just a professional thing. Completely private, because my clients pay a lot to keep their collections private. If they became public, they wouldn't have any value to them."

"I see," she said doubtfully. She looked at Danielle, who smiled encouragingly.

"OK. What I'd like to do is to put this," he said, holding his still erect penis, "into you for the camera. Don't worry; I'll be very careful not to hurt you. I know it's big, but it will fit. Remember, I've been in films and done this many times."

Snowy squirmed, not knowing what to say. She felt confused. She hadn't anticipated anything like this. She couldn't imagine it was possible to take such a huge thing into her. At the same time, she had long been curious about sex and at 18 was ready for some experience. She liked modeling and working with Jerome. As he said, it would be professional, not personal, and he must know what he was doing. She had confidence in him and would be paid a lot of money. Didn't that mean she had a talent? Ing__nue though she was, Snowy was ambitious. Anyway, no one would have to know about it.

"What do I have to do?"

"Two things. First take off your panties. Second, massage me until some clear liquid comes out which will lubricate it. Leave the rest to me."

"OK." She slipped off the thong, exposing a wispy covering of white-blonde hair on a small mound. Jerome gazed at it hungrily while Danielle silently noted the true natural blonde. Snowy grasped him around the shaft with both hands and massaged it as directed. It stiffened into a full erection and released a big drop of clear liquid from the tip.

"Don't stop, honey."

She continued to massage him until several more dewy drops emerged from the opening in the bulbous ebony head.

"Good. Smear it over the tip and then lie back on the couch and open your legs."

With some apprehension, she did as he asked. Only her confidence that Jerome would not harm her allowed her to continue. He knelt before her and pulled the thick swollen black bulb up to the little pink entrance.

"Keep your eyes open and look into the camera, whatever happens."


Gently, he rubbed the head around the opening until it was well lubricated. Keeping to an angle that allowed the camera full view, he saw that his huge mushroom was as wide as her entire genital opening. Slowly he pushed it to her dainty little labia, trying to penetrate the small opening.

It wouldn't go in. She was too tight.

"Is this your first time?"


"Relax honey. Tell me if it hurts. I'll stop if it does."

"OK. It doesn't hurt."

He tried again, pushing harder. Well lubricated with his pre-cum, the pink lips stretched open as he pressed into her and somehow enclosed the bulbous head. He was in, about an inch.

Snowy let out a grunt, taking in the new feeling. She felt gorged and stretched.

"Does it hurt?"

"No. It feels kind of funny, but it doesn't really hurt." She gripped him tightly.

"Good. Now I'm going to put it in a little more. Keep looking at the camera.

Danielle had ensured that the cameras were recording every move, every expression, and every word. A total of five videos cameras were positioned to cover different angles, and she held another in her hand. She kept it rolling as Jerome slowly and gently pushed into the virgin girl.

He was now in two inches, enough to stretch her wide ope

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