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If only they focused on what matters.

My face was level with her pussy. I could feel the heat and smell the results of her orgasm. I just stared at her little close trimmed patch of brown pubic hair. She had trimmed it so that it looked heart shaped.

"You like. That's just for you." She pulled my head into her sodden, nylon and lace covered pussy. Her legs parted as I sucked on her panty covered quim. Moving her panties to one side it, forced my tongue into her. She quivered and pushed me away.

"Fuck me Jon, fuck me, hard. I don't want to make love now. I want to fuck."

I got up and pushed her back onto the bed and climbed up after her. We worked our way toward the head of the bed. Her knees were up, legs spread wide, her eager, wet slit opening to accept my engorged cock.

Her soft, little hand reached under and steered me to the entrance of her most prized possession. As I passed through the labia, she gradually opened to let my cock slid in, inch by inch, until I was buried to the hilt and our pubes were messed as one. We lay there unmoving, our lips coming together in a wet, open mouth kiss and her legs wrapped around my waist. I raised up and slammed back into her. With every stroke she pushed up to meet me, this went on for some minutes, our bodies were beginning to perspire as I kept spearing her soaked womanhood.

"Suuuusan, I'm gonna cum, baby."

"Wait for me, wait for me, I am almost theeeeeeeeeeeere. "

A few more pile driving thrusts and I started to fill her hot, hungry pussy.

I felt her tense and then start to quiver as her orgasm exploded through her. Her mouth wide open and a sob came out, tears started running down her cheeks, as her climax intensified and our juices, intermingled in her. Her body was wracked in sobs as she slowly came down from her orgasm. My cock was withdrawing from he depths as I rolled us over onto our sides. We stayed locked together by her legs still wrapped around my waist.

"My god. I have waited all my life to feel like that." I admitted to her that I could never remember feeling like that before, either.

Slowly, untangling ourselves, we made our way to the shower, stopping a moment to start the Jacuzzi, so it would be ready when we were done.

We washed each other, all over. As I was washing her pussy, I let my hand slide through and into the crack of her ass and washed that, too.

"That's all yours, if you want it." Hearing that made my cock start to stir. Of course, I wanted it, just not right now.

We finished and got into the Jacuzzi and sat side by side, her head laying on my shoulder.

"Jon, I wish there was some way we could get back all those years we were apart."

"Well, baby, that can never happen but we take what we had back then and what we have learned since then and build our life and family on it."

We spent about a half hour letting the hot bubbling jets, massage our bodies.

Afterwards, we figured we might as well get dressed and we ordered a light meal from room service along with two bottles of Susan's favorite wine.

Night fall was coming on. We sat out on the little deck, ate, drank the wine and watched the lights of San Diego come to life and the sunset reflecting of the glass high rises, across the bay. As we talked about different things, we both mentioned how much we loved living here and that this is where we want to raise our family.

After dark we watched the fireworks from Sea World, then turned in for the night.

We spent the better part of the first hour in bed, hugging, kissing and making slow, passionate love.

"Jon, we didn't get a wake up call. It's almost 9. I'm late."

"Relax baby, I got it covered. I told your principle, yesterday, not to expect you till later in the morning. She is gonna have an aide cover for you until you get there. My supervisor gave me 4 hours of personal time."

"So now that is settled you want to mess around?" I was laying on my back, with a nice column of morning wood.

She smirked, straddled and lowered herself on my rigid cock.

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