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Tired & lonely, she finds much-needed break.

"Hi gorgeous," I said as I sat down at the table across beside her. She had on a flattering one-piece bathing suit in an exquisite emerald green color; the rich tone of the suit setting off her deep reddish hair spectacularly. The deep neckline left little to the imagination as that ample tit-flesh of hers created a deep valley of cleavage that drew my eyes like a magnet.

"I love this time of year," she said as she looked towards the pool. The only other people there were a mother and two young kids down by the opposite end. "I like it when it's nice and hot but you can stay out her without feeling like a chicken on a spit."

"Yeah, this is just about perfect," I said as I stood for a second and peeled off my t-shirt. Even with those sunglasses on, I could feel her eyes riveted on my sculpted chest as I raised my arms over my head and stretched to get the kinks out.

"Yeah, perfect," she said softly, the corners of her mouth turning up in a wicked little smile. I decided to tease her a bit so I twisted at the waist from one side to the other, my curved backside now in profile towards her.

"I think I must have slept funny," I said as I drew both my arms back at the same time, emphasizing my muscular chest, "I'm feeling pretty stiff."

"Sometimes stiff is good," she replied coquettishly, now blatantly smiling at me, that wide welcoming mouth and brilliant white teeth making her look even more beautiful.

"Ha ha, yeah, I get it," I said as we shared a laugh as I kind of shook out the rest of my body and sat down. I popped open my laptop and fired it up.

"You got work to do?" she asked.

"Yeah, I'm finishing up an article that's getting close to overdue. I've gotta get something in soon before the boss kicks my ass. Then I'm supposed to be going over to my mom's in a while for a barbeque with her and my sisters."

"How's that baby sister of yours, still causing your mother no end of grief?" Margaret had met both my mother and sisters a number of times since I'd moved in; and she had seen Zoey show the spoiled brat side of her occasionally when she was younger.

"She's not as much a pain in the ass as she used to be. Just growing up I guess," I said as I thought about the way Zoey's impressive chest had grown up with her.

"Well, that one looks like a pistol alright. And I'm sure your mother has to deal with the boys chasing after her."

"Maybe, but I haven't heard anything about that. I think she just hangs out with her girlfriends all the time. I haven't heard my mother mention boys coming around."

"Believe me, the way your sister looks, there's boys sniffing around somewhere." We both chuckled at that. "Okay, I'll be quiet and good so you can get some work done," she said as she gave me a cute little pout and stuck her tongue out at me; as if it was putting her out to keep quiet.

For the next hour or so she remained engrossed in her book while I typed, read and re-read and made changes to my article. A few times she would just put her book down by her side for a few minutes and lay her head back. From behind my sunglasses, I was able to freely ogle that gorgeous mature body of hers. God, she looked good. Those long legs of hers were nicely tanned by the desert sun and her suit was cut incredibly high on her hips, accentuating that exquisite hourglass figure of hers. And those tits, man, did they ever look great. They looked so nice and full and heavy as they swelled over the top of the structured bra cups of her suit. Lying there like that, she looked so fucking desirable; I decided to give something a shot to see how she'd respond.

"So Margaret, how about if you and I go out together sometime?" I tossed out there like a grenade.

She slowly lowered her book and looked at me intently over the top of her sunglasses. "You mean like, on a date?"

"Call it whatever you like," I said as I made an open-armed gesture as if to say, "I'm all yours."

She took off her sunglasses and looked at me intently, and then her lips tur

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