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Rose & Bob go boating and all hell breaks loose.

After his shower I could not shake my lustful thoughts. I did not want him to leave and my mind was firm on this.

He was dressed and ready to go. I stopped him at the door and gently held his back, "I want to talk to you when you come back." I kissed him on the cheek and he reluctantly let go of my hand. He then went out to see his flat.

I was sat on my own thinking about my options. He was not my type physically but in his own way he was not unattractive. I enjoyed his presence and I liked that he was there when I needed him. Did I want to go back to my old ways? But what about Jo? Was I going to seduce her nephew but then again her always wanted me to settle down. But how do I seduce him. He is interested from his time on my bed but how do I seduce him without scaring him away.

He came back a few hours later. I asked him, "How was the flat? Is it all back to normal?"

He seemed to be smiling as he said, "The flat seems back to normal. Just a few finishing touches. I am sorry about before. I didn't know you also needed the bathroom. At least you won't have to worry about me anymore. Is that what you wanted to talk about?"

The smile hurt me, "It was my fault, and I didn't know you were in there. I should have checked. Did you see anything?"

He looked at me, I was only wearing a skimpy bathrobe over my previous clothing, "I am sorry. I did see it all. I did not mean to."

I was looking at his cock throb in his jeans. I asked him to sit next to me on the sofa, as I did so my robe rode up and my thong was visible, "Tell me the truth. I will reward the truth. Did you want to see it? Did you mean to look?"

I held his hand and let it rest on my inner thigh of the stocking with my hand covering his. He would be able to feel the heat from my pussy. He physically gulped as he took in the situation. I could see him contemplating his answer. He was leaving tomorrow so he had nothing to lose, "I deliberately looked. I knew I shouldn't but my eyes were transfixed by your beauty. I am sorry."

I looked at him and I said, "I reward the truth."

I got up and walked away from him. I then turned to face him and dropped the robe behind me and said, "You can now look."

I then turned around with my back to him and bent over picking up the robe, deliberately presenting my ass to him.

I could hear him take a deep breath as I bent over and saw him rub his crotch.

I then explained, "This is what I normally wear around the flat. I hope you don't mind."

He spluttered, "Ermm. No I definitely don't mind. It is your home."

I sat down next to him and put my feet in his lap. He was still wearing his jeans. I asked, "My feet still hurt. Can you rub them again?"

I seductively ran my heels across his lap and added, "The jeans are uncomfortable. Wear what you normally wear."

He normally wore boxers and a nerdy shirt. He had a collection of star wars and other sci fi shirts.

He took of his jeans and under his jacket he was wearing another star wars shirt. Not a surprise. Why was this nerd turning me on so much?

He then sat back down and asked, "Is this better?"

I put my feet back in his lap and his boxers were wet with precum. I gently ran my feet back and forth as he quietly groaned. I loved teasing his cock. His hands went to my feet and he began his foot rub and it felt divine. I kept my heels gently rubbing against his cock and it always throbbed in response. I said, "Much better. Do you want to play the truth game? The truth gets a reward."

I had already introduced him to the type of rewards he could be looking forward to. He said, "Yes. I want to play. Can I ask questions?"

I thought about it for a second and then replied, "You may be allowed one question when I allow it to be asked. Which feet do you love rubbing the most?"

He didn't even think and responded, "Yours. I love them. They are so pretty and look sexy in stockings."

I reached down and gently squeezed his cock between my feet as a reward, "Good boy. What else did you do for your aunt Jo?"

He thought about this for a few seconds, "I

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