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Sometimes crime doesn't pay--it takes.

She haphazardly placed a feeding cloth over her shoulder and the baby's head, making sure it was open on the side-was that so the baby could better breathe or so we could better see her tits?

But wait...the baby had already eaten! What the hell was she doing? I sat down on the bench directly opposite hers to see.

Very coyly she looked up to see if she'd been noticed. Sure enough, Benny was looking right at her. She turned her attention back to her baby and Benny and his friends continued on.

But not before he saw me.

"Hey, Doctor Dougie," They finally let you out for a while? I know you didn't run out of patients to see!"

"Hello, Benny," I replied, and smiled. "Even I am allowed a little time for myself."

"No wonder you hang at the mall with all the money you guys make!" Benny teased. "Care to share with us common folks?"

"Sure, Benny," I called after him. "Whatever you say."

"See you at the hospital tomorrow, Doc?" Benny asked.

"Sure will, "I answered.

With that Benny and his buddies continued ambling through the mall.

I turned my attention to my coffee and out of the corner of my eye I noticed the young mom noticing me. She had obviously heard my conversation with Benny (as had everyone nearby! Benny was neither subtle now quiet!) Her big brown eyes were opened largely and she had a big smile on her face.

Still smiling at me, she turned her legs on the bench, letting them separate about a foot. Her thighs were smooth and firm under her short denim skirt. And I was looking right up her skirt. At the junction of her thighs it was milky white, hinting at the treasure that was there. She held that position for a long while, while she looked me right in the eye, smiling even more brightly.

Turning her attention back to the baby, she acted as if he was through eating. She took him away from her breast and laid him on his stomach on her lap. She pulled her cover cloth off her shoulder, but hadn't replaced her tit in her blouse. Her nipple was still very hard, pointing right at me. Her legs were still open just enough to tease me. My cock was as hard as stone.

She looked me right in the eye again and asked, "I couldn't help but overhear-are you really a doctor?"

"Yes, I am," I said.

"I guess I'm supposed to ask you if you're married," she said and giggled lightly, as if she'd made a joke.

"No, I guess there just wasn't enough time during med school," I said. "What about you?"

"Yes," she said, "but he works too much and never has time for me anymore."

Just when I was wondering why this little lady was endearing me with her sad story, her two friends arrived. They'd discovered a huge sale, too wonderful to pass up, at the department store at the other end of the mall. They asked her to join them.

"Oh, I really can't," she said. I really have to be thinking about getting the baby home."

"Well, we're going down the way. If you can't wait for us you'll have to call your hubby or get another way home, that's all!" And with that they swished off.

The young mom looked genuinely distraught. But then suddenly she grinned as if an idea had popped into her head, and she smilingly looked my way again.

I figured enough was enough and stood to leave. Just as I did she dropped her cover cloth and it landed in a pool at her feet.

Nothing if not a gentleman, I squatted at her feet to retrieve it for her. As I picked it up, she again spread her knees. I was looking right at her crotch!

As I squatted right in front of her she picked her baby up off her lap and attempted to stand. When she did the baby's little sneaker caught the hem of her skirt and it lifted above her waist.

Six inches from my face was the most diaphanous, nearly totally transparent, thong I had ever seen.

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