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Once captured, Carl gets an explanation of benefits.

Not only was she tight, but she was pounding him like a big fist, attempting to bruise his pelvis with hers. This was the hardest Ben had ever been fucked, and the taste of Alicia in his mouth give him the illusion that he was having his way with the same woman's two cunts at once.

Suddenly, Alicia started to buck viciously against Ben's face. "AHHHHH! AHHHHH! AHHHHHH!" She screamed over and over, literally vibrating her body against Ben's poor swollen tongue and lips, dripping fluids over his entire face. She involuntarily grabbed hold of the sides of Ben's skull and rocked her pussy against his whole face for almost a minute. The inescapable wetness of Alicia's sex filled his senses, and he shot his semen deep inside Bethany.

For Bethany, the sight of Alicia cumming and the feeling of cum inside her cunt must have been too much because she had her orgasm soon after. "Oh FUCKING A! FUCK YEAH! OHHHH! AHHHHHH! FUUUUUUUUCK MEEEEEE! GO GO GO GO! AHHHHH!!!" Bethany grabbed Alicia by the hips to hold on through the orgasm, forcing Alicia's body harder onto Ben's face. Beth left red marks where she grabbed Alicia's sides, but Alicia seemed oblivious to the pressure, at least until her own orgasm began to subside and she grabbed the bed's headboard to keep from falling off of Ben. Then she slipped down and sat on Ben's chest, while Bethany leaned forward against Alicia's back, playing with Alicia's nipples, reluctant to take herself off of Ben's cock. Semen and pussy cream oozed from Bethany's twat, and Ben himself was covered in sweat; for all the dampness, he could have been in a swimming pool.

"Go now," Taggart was saying to Bernie. Karen looked like she was in pain, with her mouth stretched and her eyes squinting, but Ben suspected from her loud moans that she was probably in the middle of a rather intense orgasm. Then Bernie shouted, "Hell yeah!" as he thrust his prick hard into Karen's pussy, slowing his rhythm with each ejaculation, groaning to the thrusts. Suddenly, Karen's mouth exploded with semen as it went spurting out onto Taggart's body and the bed sheets. She couldn't have expected so large a load all at once. Still, Taggart would not let go of Karen's ears as he continued to fuck her face hard, not relenting until he was spent and satisfied. Karen admirably resisted her gag reflex, or at least recovered quickly from each apparent dry heave; she refused to stop taking Taggart's cock in her mouth. In the end, the two men sat back on each end of the bed, leaving Karen to collapse on her side, seemingly unconscious but breathing too heavily to be passed out.

Ben reached up and caressed the two female forms sitting above him. "How did you four come at the same time?" he asked Alicia as he rubbed her moist back.

"We're just that good," she answered.

"Get us all waters," Taggart said to Bernie, and the other fellow quickly stood and left the room. Taggart had displayed a touch of facilitation throughout the evening, directing the events and articulating answers, but Ben began to suspect that he was much more than just the master of ceremonies. He seemed to dominate the others in every way, both sexually and procedurally, and they all seemed to appreciate the steady control he brought. Karen in particular seemed satisfied to obey.

With Bernie gone from the room, Taggart got off the bed and hopped back on, this time at the business end of Karen. "Get with it," he ordered Karen, slapping her thigh lightly to yank her back from the brink of ecstatic unconsciousness. With her body on its side, Taggart lifted one of Karen's legs by the ankle. He straddled the other leg beneath him and rested the one he'd lifted against his chest, opening her pussy hole wide. Ben could see that her lips were swollen and dark red, shining like metal from the juices they were covered in. As quickly as Taggart could get into position, he plunged his eight-inch penis into the poor creature.

Karen's eyes went from sleepy to wide open in one heartbeat, and she

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