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Ella decides to let go of the guilt of controlling Jim.

Another wad shoots over her head and lands just short of the wall. The next three cover Carla's hair and face before she takes my dick head into her mouth and suckles the rest from my spasming cock.

She makes a production of sucking up every drop of cum that she can get. She misses nothing and then she goes back to lightly sucking on my cock head. Her tongue is flickering along the underside of my cock head, her pursed lips are drawing in all the fluid that is oozing from my cock.

"Keep it hard, Dirk, keep it hard. I want to feel this amazing cock in my poor lonely pussy!"

"Here ya go, you big breasted slut!" I growled as I pulled her to her feet and bent her over the washing machine. I pull up her skirt to find that she's naked underneath. No underwear! Big old sweatshirt, loose skirt and nothing else! And what an ass!

I slip the head of my dick between her soaking wet pussy lips and start to plow deeper and deeper. Carla is groaning and sobbing with excitement.

"Faster, honey, deeper! Make me feel it! I love to feel you fucking me with your big dick! More, more, more!" she cries as I pound away. Neither of us are worrying about being heard. Allison always wears headsets when studying. We could be fucking right outside her door and she would have no idea!

Ten minutes later I dump a huge load into Carla's hot cunt. Holding her in place I make sure that all of my load is left deep in her. When I let go she just sags against the washing machine.

"Oh, honey, that was the best! You just keep getting better and better! Now, come here." She grabs my half wilted cock and pulls me into the kitchen. "Sit down." she directs me while putting the left over brownies on the peninsula dividing the kitchen from the dining room.

As I sit down she slides between my knees under the table and starts sucking on my dick with gusto!

I'm just getting into it when I hear a door open upstairs. Seconds later I hear Allison coming down the stairs! I start to panic. My pants are in the laundry room. My girlfriends Mother is under the kitchen table sucking on my now fully erect, foot long dick. And she's not being particularly quiet about it!

I frantically try to get Carla to stop but she just pushed my hands out of the way. Her head is bobbing up and down on my shaft.

'Oh, hey, you're still here," says Allison as she enters the dining room. "I need another brownie. Mom knows just how I like 'em, you know?"

"Yeah," I gasp as her Mom tries to deep throat me under the table.

Allison grabs a brownie and leans against the other side of the peninsula. She bites into it with a smile.

"I love these brownies. So tasty. So, where's Mom?"

"I'm not really sure," I reply hesitantly . I realize that from where she is Allison can't see what's going on under the table. Under the table Mom has switched from cock sucking to giving me an energetic double hand job. It feels good and the sneakiness of it is kind of a turn on.

Carla sure feels that way. She grafts her lips onto my dickhead and using a flickering tongue to encourage me more. She wants me to fill her mouth with my cum while her daughter is standing just feet away!

And it seems that Allison isn't going anywhere. At least not right away. She leans against the countertop and grabs the last brownie on the plate.

While her Mom does her best to empty my balls for the third time, Allison is chatting about things at school. All I can do is grunt a response from time to time while trying not to let her know I'm about to cum buckets down her Mother's throat.

Which I finally start to do! I can't help letting out a grunt of excitement as I start to fill Carla's mouth with my sperm. Luckily, Allison really isn't paying any attention, she's chattering on about something that happened at cheerleader practice.

"Well, don't take this the wrong way," she says as she turn so to leave.

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