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Amy starts university.

Edward rolls over so he's lying on his back while I'm sitting astride him. Edward reaches his hand down between us and positions his cock at my opening and I slide down onto him.

We gasp in time with each other as Edward pulls me down on his cock, fast and hard, slamming against my cervix.

My head lolls back, as I try not to shriek in joy at the pleasure my brother is giving me.

As I start to ride Edward hard and fast, we hear a knock at the door.

"Sarah, may I come in my love?" calls Jordan.

I look at Edward, and leap up off him while straightening my clothes and urging him towards my ensuite.

I make sure the door is shut before unlocking my front door and talking to Jordan.

"What's up baby? I was just about to have my something wrong?" I ask Jordan.

"Can I join you for your shower Sarah? I want to watch you and wash you myself." Jordan replies, looking me square in the eyes.

I study Jordan for a moment or two before sighing and meeting Jordan's eyes.

"Not tonight my love, I just want to have a fast shower and go to bed. I'm really tired. Plus Father and Simon said we should make Port just after midnight tonight so I want to have slept enough that I'll be able to help them. We're about five or six hours away from Port so I need sleep, and so do you. You know you always sleep for almost a day after travelling."

Jordan looks me over taking in the tiredness in my eyes and nods his head once before retreating from my room to talk with his brother.

I lock my door once again and go straight to my ensuite to have a shower and find Edward fully naked getting into the shower.

"Eddy, what are you doing?"

Edward looks over his shoulder at me and smiles before replying "I have Jordan to thank for the idea. When he asked you if he could shower with you I decided that I wanted to do that so I will be showering with my baby sister and washing her body, making her nice and clean."

"Such as what brother dearest?" I ask quietly while sliding my clothes off my body and joining him in the shower.

Edward reaches around me to shut the door before reaching behind himself to turn the water on, saturating both of us.

Edward reached up above himself to grab the liquid soap and pours some into his hands. He then starts to run his hands over my shoulders and hips, gently massaging my body.

I lean back into his body, enjoying the feeling of having someone with me that I love and trust. Edwards hands start to become more adventurous as he's washing my body. They move to the front and cup my breasts, lightly massaging my nipples. I lean back harder into his body and one hand starts to slide down my stomach.

Edward stops there before asking me "Is this ok Sare? Or would you prefer me to stop?"

I lean further back into my brother, curling one of my hands up around his neck before pulling his lips down to mine and kissing him gently.

"It's fine my love, please keep going." I whisper.

Edwards hand slides lower across my stomach until his hand starts to bend under me, at the same time I turn in his embrace so I am able to face him, allowing him ease of access to my body. His fingers gliding against my skin, parting me and sliding into my centre.

His fingers start to fill me, probing lightly. Teasing me, drawing me ever closer, sending me towards the brink. Then his fingers pull away, as he starts to slide lower down my body.

My breath catches in my chest as his tongue starts to explore my centre. His tongue slides in and out gently, before sucking my clit between his lips and nibbling it softly, pulling lightly, until my back starts to arch in pleasure, my hands holding him against my cunny.

"Edward, please? MORE!!!!!!" I beg breathlessly as he explores my body with his tongue, his hands tracing lightly over my thighs.

Edward pulls back abruptly, meeting my eyes, a smile sneaking across his face.

"Why should I continue Sarah? You're engaged to Jordan and you're also my sister. Give me one good reason why I should continue what I started."

I groan with longing before trying to pull his fa

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