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Tami and Jonathan take the next step.

It just wasn't something I ever did again. No harm, no foul."

"On the other hand" he said. "My roommate had a hell of a mouth and I let him work his magic on me whenever he got in the mood... hey, a blowjob is a blowjob and when you're not dating a girl at the moment, it was very welcome. Nobody would have guessed that our team back-up point guard had such a smooth throat... He's married with 3 kids now, we still keep in touch."

I was trying to absorb all of this, while at the same time realizing I was getting a bit hard...

I glance over at Terry and my eyes move down and I think I see a bit of pressure against the front of his jeans. He looks down, smiles and says "Some fond memories I haven't thought about in a while I guess..."

Right then, Sharon comes out the back door and tells us "I'm headed out to get my haircut and then coffee with Crystal. Spur of the moment thing, I'm going stir crazy in the house."

Terry kisses her goodbye and Sharon is out the driveway and headed up the street.

An awkward few seconds and then Terry says "Are you serious about wanting to try something new?"

I look him in the eye and in a defiant voice, probably more to sound confident to myself than anything, I say "Yes... I've been thinking about it for a year and I won't get a better opportunity than this."

Terry turns and heads towards the back door into his house and I follow.

Once inside the den he stops turns and says "So, how do you want to do this? Want me standing, sitting, laying down, what?"

I had never really given it any thought before... I just imagined sucking a cock, not the actual logistics of the event... "Ummm, standing I guess." I guess I had pictured myself kneeling in front of a man...

Terry says "Well I should go shower first, we've been working up quite a sweat working outside today."

A little too quickly I say "No, don't... I actually kind of like the idea of you being... well... a little dirty..."

"Oh, so you're a dirty little cocksucker, huh?" He says with a laugh and a wink... and I nervously laugh a little with him. "I was just kidding, trying to lighten the mood a little."

I should note that in the past year or so I've really gotten into enjoying the aroma of certain things... in particular my balls first thing in the morning... you know how they're a bit sweaty after being trapped under the covers all night... I haven't been able to get enough of running my hand all under and around my balls and then breathing in deeply the scent... almost intoxicating. But this may be completely different. I know what my balls smell like but I have no idea what another set of balls will smell like... I hope I didn't just make a decision that ruins my fantasy and first experience. In which case this may be my last experience as well.

Terry walks over to the couch and grabs a throw pillow and comes back to me and drops it in front of him. He starts to reach for his belt buckle but I stop him and tell him I want to do it. I can't look him in the eye any longer and I just look down at his crotch which isn't too far below my eye level as I'm only 5'9" tall to his 6'3".

I tentatively place my right hand on his thigh and start to slowly move it upwards until I feel a ridge and my body shivers a little... wow, I'm actually doing this... I just touched another cock... granted it's through a pair of jeans, but still...

Terry just stands there, knowing I'm going down a path I've never gone down before. I reach for his belt with both hands and pull the strap out and undo it. I then reach and unbutton his jeans. Thank goodness he has a zipper and not 40 buttons to undo, I don't think I could manage that at this moment.

The sound of his belt buckle rattling and the unzipping of his fly sounds like a jet engine right now as my senses are ultra heightened.

I now have his pants open and unzipped.

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