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Just wanted to surprise him at work.

I feel the cold night air on my smooth pussy and moan again into my gag. I feel a gentle touch on my bare pussy lips as they are caressed and massaged along with my breasts and nipples. My nipples have become hard against my will and I am moaning with pleasure and fear at what awaits me.

I feel my pussy lips spread apart with fingers and as my clit is massaged, my cunt hole begins to get wet and slippery against my will.

"Nice pet" I am told as I lay there, tied against my will, beginning to moan constantly now in pleasure and fear.

"You just lay there and get your cunt and tits pleasured" they tell me. My jeans are slowly being removed and my panties are slowly slid down my legs and fully removed My legs are spread far apart and bent at an angle as they are tied to something in the van that I cannot see.

I am now fully spread with my legs bent and my cunt and ass showing. I can hear Jim and Sue and moaning softly as they play with my cunt lips and clit.

I feel a finger, then two, inserted into my cunt and Sue moans loudly and says "I want to suck her wet slit, please let me Jim" she says.

Jim tells her she is allowed to suck my clit but only for one minute while he watches her. She puts her lips to my clit, and while fingering my cunthole she begins to lick and suck my clit gently. I am wet beyond imagining at this forcible pleasuring of my cunt and tits.

I am almost coming in her mouth when Jim says "Times up Sue, I need some sucking too". I hear a zipper being undone and then I hear Sue moaning while she begins to suck his cock. He has inserted 3 fingers into my cunt and is finger fucking me faster and harder as she sucks his cock. His thumb rubs my clit at the same time and I moan into my gag with pleasure.

Jean has been sucking my nipples and massaging my tits and at this time I feel a hard nipple inserted into my mouth as my gag is removed.

"Suck tit, sex bitch" she says to me, and I obey. First one then the other of her large tits is stuffed into my mouth for sucking.

"Now, suck clit, sex bitch" she says to me and I feel her cunt resting on my open mouth as she kneels on my face and I begin to lick her clit.

She moans and rubs her cunt on my face and mouth as I suck her wet cunt. "Suck faster, sex bitch" she says as she humps my face with her cunt. She humps harder and I suck in time to the fingerfucking I am receiving in my cunt.

"Ah, YESSSSSSSSS, I am coming on your mouth my little sex bitch, keep sucking!!" And I obey.

I can hear Sue sucking Jim's cock and I hear him moan as he is about to come in her mouth but he tells her "Stop, my lovely whore, I want to save some for the other two, you don't get it all bitch. In fact, I want to insert this hard cock into the wet cunt we have prepared for sex".

He inserts his huge hard penis into my wet waiting cunt and begins to hump my hole, driving me hard with his cock.

Sue has begun to massage my clit and anus while he is fucking my cunt and I am moaning in pleasure against the cunt sitting on my face.

Jean climbs off my face and gets out of the van.

Jim is fucking me hard and both Sue and Jean cheer him on "Fuck the sex bitch for us, let us watch her cunt get screwed" they say.

I am coming over and over again in my cunt from the hard fucking and am thrashing my head back and forth with my blindfold still on.

"Let's take off her blindfold, I want her to see me fucking her and Sue getting her cunt sucked on by Jean" says Jim.

They remove my blindfold and order me to watch the pussy licking happening behind Jim. The light from the van illuminates Sue standing over Jean while Jean grips her ass and presses her face to Sue's cunt and begins licking and sucking and fingering her at the same time.

Sue is rubbing her nipples and I am spreadeagled being fucked hard.

Finally, Jim moans loudly and pulls out of my cunt. 'I don't want to come yet' he says.

He turns around and watches as Sue moans and comes quickly against Jean's mouth and tongue.

She sighs as Jean stands and Sue pulls up her pant

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