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Nick's cousin doesn't want to be a virgin anymore.

" He leaned over her and placed a long, wet kiss on her lips. He stole one last look in her green eyes and smiled. "Love you." he proclaimed and she smiled.

Cort got out of his king sized bed and walked into his closet. He pulled a pair of jeans and a button up shirt from their hangers and pulled them on. After placing on his shoes he walked out to see Susie sitting up in bed sliding a bra over her perfect D cup breasts. Too bad they weren't real, Cort thought as he left his bedroom and grabbed his car keys which were lying on the coffee table and headed outside. He waved to his elderly neighbor who always walked her dog this time of morning and got into his Ford Mustang.

The drive to Colson University took 15 minutes and Cort enjoyed the cool air the wind provided in the hot August weather. The parking lot in front of the registration office was beginning to fill up as Cort found a parking spot and got out of his car.

Walking into the office Cort looked for an empty computer to register for classes for his senior year. He spotted one and took a seat in front of it. He was pleased that every class he needed to meet graduation requirements had a spot available. He printed out the confirmation of his classes and took it to the line that formed behind the registration clerk. There were about six people in front of him but from his past three years experience he knew he would be in that line for a while.

After the first two people had been serviced Cort felt someone walk up behind him. An inviting scent entered his nose and reminded him of fresh strawberries. He smiled thinking of a new perfume that Susie had purchased with a similar scent. He smiled thinking she was behind him causing him to turn around. "Hey sexy." The smiled he adorned quickly faded when he saw that the girl standing behind him wasn't Susie but a very pretty black girl.

"Sexy huh? And here I thought I was just a babe." she smiled and nodded her head to the line in front of Cort. Two more students had left the line and there was a gap. "You gonna move up?" she said noticing he was staring.

Cort shook his head and turned back to the line and walked up. Turning back to the girl he smiled. "I'm really sorry about that whole "sexy" comment."

"Oh, so you don't think I'm sexy?" There was a slightly mischevious grin on her beautiful face. There was an ackward silence as Cort took her in, admiring her features. From her coppery bronzed skin to her light brown silky hair that rested lightly on her shoulders. She was about 5'7 and had a voluptous frame. She stared at him with with such intensity matched with those hazel eyes it nearly caused him to cum.

"Next!" the woman behind the registration desk called which snapped Cort back to reality. He walked up to the desk and handed the woman the paper he was holding. She began typing away and Cort tried, unsuccessfully, to stare at the mystery girl behind him. "Take this to the bookstore at least two weeks before classes start to receive 15% of your textbook." Cort heard the woman say and spun to her. He thanked her and took the paper she handed him. He stole one last glance at this mysterious girl and walked outside. An instinct told him to wait where he was. Moments later she walked out and smiled as she passed him.

He watched her walk away and the jiggle of her ass underneath the tight sundress she wore caused a massive stirring in his pants. "Hey where you headed?" he found himself saying when he decided to catch up to her. She stopped walking and turned to Cort.

"So, do you wanna come back to my place? You can fuck me and get it out of your system." she said boldly and Cort was shocked. Before he could respond she spoke again. "I know your type. You find me attractive but you don't have the guts to admit it to yourself or anyone else so let's just skip all the bullshit in-betweens and get it over with. Your place or mine's?" she says. Cort swallows hard and runs his large hand over his face.

"Look if I gave you the wrong impression I'm sorry. I was just---"

"You w

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