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Matt and Mary discover something new.

I felt her weight moving on the bed and then I felt her hot breath on my pussy. Shivers went up my spine like an electric jolt. Her hands softly rubbed my thighs and she slowly moved her fingers to my wet pussy. She rubbed my pussy juice all over my thighs. I shook as she touched me. She gently ran her fingers through my pubic hair spreading the outer folds and then stretched them open. It was wild imagining what was going on. I heard her mumble, "Hmmmm, this needs cleaning up."

She left without saying anything and when she came back she lifted my ass and put a towel under me. Then she climbed back on the bed and I heard a low hum. I thought it was a vibrator, but I was wrong. It was a hair trimmer and she was shaving me. Jesus H. Christ, what the fuck was wrong with this girl? The thought of her shaving my pussy made me crazy. I'd never even thought about doing it to myself and here she was just doing it. For some reason I suddenly had feelings of overwhelming guilt. Who the hell knows why, but I felt guilty, "Emma, please stop. I don't think you should do that. I've never even done it too myself. Please stop, please." I started to whimper, "Why are you doing this?"

Her response was immediate, "First Amy dearie, that's the old you talking. Not who you're going to be. Second, I don't allow any of my sluts to have hair on their pussies. I love smooth bare pussies and your pussy is to be kept smooth and bare at all times. That's the way all good sluts keep their pussies, and I know you soooo want to be my good little slut, so smooth and bare it's going to be."

Did she just refer to me as her slut? Did she just say 'who you're going to be'? I couldn't make sense of it, but the trimmer vibrated against my skin so nicely and her fingers were everywhere. The sensations overloaded my body and I couldn't think straight. She was so gentle and delicate as she worked around my pussy lips and back in my ass crack. Her fingers danced all over my sex and she was driving me crazy. Once she was satisfied with her work the buzzing stopped. My mind could barely take in what was going on, but the tingle in my body won out again. I was going to enjoy whatever happened next.

I laid there waiting and something warm was placed over my pussy and after a minute or two removed. I heard a squishing noise and she spread shaving cream where my pubes used to be. She finished the job slowly and delicately. She stretched and pulled my lips as she worked around them as she removed the stubble. The shaving cream made my skin slick and she rubbed and pinched my clit from time to time. Her finger rubbed my asshole quite a few times and the sensation was wonderful. Then she used another wet towel to clean me up, "Now you look like a perfect little slut Amy dearie. Your pussy is as bare as a baby's ass and you look so much, much sexier without all that hair. Now, we just need a little sprinkle of baby powder to keep any nasty old bumps away."

I could smell the baby powder as I felt it land softly all over my pussy. This blindfold was magic. It made all my other senses become crazy fuckin good. The powder felt cool on my skin. Damn, this was amazing. She softly rubbed the powder around. The combination of the smell and her fingernails lightly brushing against my freshly shaved pussy lips was excruciating, but ooh so fucking good. Shit, my brain was frazzled. This should have been so wrong, but I loved it. I loved being at her mercy.

I'd gotten lost in the wonderful feelings of her fingers all over me. I wanted to reciprocate, but that wasn't gonna happen in my current predicament. She wiped me off with fluffy towel. I couldn't figure out why until Emma started blowing on my clit again. The warmth of her breath spread throughout my entire body and made me tingle. The feeling was so fucking good. Then her warm wet tongue hit my clit. I jerked and shrieked! I'm usually not very vocal during sex, but the feeling was beyond anything I'd ever experienced and I just reacted.

She spread my freshly shaved fat pussy lips and softly sucked my cli

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