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What would it do to us as friends? What would it do to our marriages? Could we handle it?

Always the serious one, Rod agreed. "Rena raises some issues that need to be thought out. We would have to think it through very carefully. If we did, there would have to be a commitment on everyone's part that there would be no blame, or guilty conscious. Most of all we would have to make sure that it would not adversely affect our marriage in any negative way. If there is the slightest doubt in anyone's mind, then that would be sufficient reason to forget it. On the other hand it is exciting to think about and I think it would put some excitement back into the sex.

"I must admit that it is exciting to think about," Sara replied. "I see it as something that would strengthen the friendship between the four of us. You two are very special to us and something like this would bond us even further. Maybe if we started off real slow with no sex at first?"

"What do you mean by that," Snake asked?

I mean why don't we think about it for a week and maybe opposite partners can go out for dinner next week and discuss it further. Then after dinner we'll come back here and discuss the possibility of hooking up the following weekend. Then, if we're 'good to go', waiting another week will make it all the more exciting.

"That's sounds like a good plan to me," said Rena laughing. "At least you guys won't be jumping into it without some serious thought; no pun intended."

"Damn," said Snake, "I was hoping I'd get some strange tonight."

Sara shot back, "if you're not careful, you might not get any familiar tonight. So be patient."

"So, why don't we go together and share the cost of a babysitter next Friday and then opposite partners go out for dinner at separate restaurants. We can separately talk about it there. We'll meet back here at nine o'clock and see where we go from there," Sara commented.

"If we all agree, why don't we just do it Friday night," Snake asked?

I agree with Sara," Rod said, "it will give us time to make sure that we want to do this. We can go back home and discuss it privately. We all have to agree to it without reservation."

"And if we do, just think how turned-on we'll be to wait another week," Rena interjected.

"Can't we, at least do a little making out, maybe a little foreplay," Snake asked.

"Maybe a little," Rena responded, "but we have got to absolutely promise that we're going to wait until the following Friday."

We can't do too much or it becomes hard to stop, Sara said. If we meet back here at the house at nine that ought to keep us from going too far. Surely, we won't get screwed between 7 and 9. We've got to make a promise. Knowing you guys, I know it's up to the girls to keep the brakes on.

"Just like always," Snake said. "Whoever's got the pussy controls the screwing."

"And don't you forget it. Just remember I've got you birthday present right here," Sara said pointing between her legs.

Rena and Rod laughed at the little display their friends were conducting.

{ Their First Date }

After getting the kids settled at Rod and Rena's home with one shared babysitter, they arrived promptly at 7 pm at Snake and Sara's.

As they entered everyone gave the other a welcoming hug.

"Is everyone as excited as I am," Sara asked.

"I am indeed," said Rena. "I'm really nervous. It's the first time since we've been married that I've even thought about something like this. If I thought Rod would not be comfortable with it, I wouldn't consider it. But he seems eager to proceed on." She turned and asked, "Snake, how about you?"

Somewhat amused and exasperated Snake replied. "Are you kidding me, come here." Snake pulled Rena into his arms and gave her a much more intimate embrace, making sure he felt her breasts press into his chest.

Not to be outdone, Sara pulled Rod into her arms and gave him a sweet tongue-filled kiss and as she backed away her hand clutched his rising erection. "Very nice start," she said. "Are we ready to go?"

Rod good-naturedly cautioned, "We'd better or we won't be able

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