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A disturbing, but arousing, experience with an ex-GF.

She felt soft carpeting beneath her feet and she stood silently, chin lifted slightly.

"Ladies and gentlemen, You were all promised a treat tonight and here she is." She was tugged forward a little. "Allow me to present catie. She is not without her pride, as you can see by the raised chin. She does somehow manage to look defiant, even bound as she is doesn't she?"

catie heard murmurs of ascent before the voice she knew well spoke again. "She has reason, she is, when she wants to be, a slave of the highest caliber. She is very orally talented and has a gift for pleasing. Also she takes pain well and is willing to please her Dominant. The only sticky point is her pride. Do any of you have suggestions as to how we can eliminate that?" She shivered in fear as voices spoke up eagerly.

The most common answer was for her to receive a beating. She thought that enduring the enema would have been enough but no, there was more to come. After all, she supposed, only a couple of people had witnessed that. She hesitated to guess how many people were her but she guess at least 6 Dominants and probably one sub per Dom/me. Finally, someone offered the use of his sub for her punishment.

"donna is adept at the use of spanking instruments. What should we use?" catie gasped in dismay. Bad enough she was to be punished in front of all these people but to have a woman do it! The Dom who spoke smiled, "Look at her, she doesn't like the idea of a woman punishing her!" catie tried to shrink into herself. "I wonder how she would feel if she knew that donna is barely 5 feet and slim as a reed?" catie shuddered as she pictured this slight woman. She was not used to submitting to one who was smaller than herself.

"Can we remove her gag?" Some one else asked. The gag was whipped away from her face and she licked her lips. "mmm nice mouth. You say she is orally talented?"

Her captor said she was, then offered her services, later. "Right now, let's see how she takes a beating shall we?" There was a general agreement and donna was told to do it. The chain attached to catie was grasped firmly and yanked. She winced and stumbled forward a step before gaining her feet. She smelled jasmine and knew that it was someone else who had her now, probably donna. She bit her bottom lip, worrying it for the few steps she was made to take. A hand on her shoulder gave steady pressure, telling her to kneel. catie bent her knees and found that they met a padded bench. She knew where this was going, she was no stranger to a spanking bench. She leaned forward in response to a slight push and met the 'seat' of the bench with her torso. Slim fingers pulled the chain attached to her nipple rings and arranged her body so her breasts were hanging over the side, her arms were outstretched and attached to another piece of furniture and her ass was in the air.

A short pause, a whispered discussion and footsteps made catie wonder what was going on. She felt warm slim fingers play with her hair, trail down her back and over her backside. She tried not to move in response to the gentle stimulation. A chuckle told her she hadn't succeeded in restraining a reaction. Soon footsteps were heard again and a murmured "this one thanks you Sir," made catie tense. She felt soft skin against hers and breath in her ear, "Are you ready, little slut? We're going to start now."

Before catie could answer she felt the air move and a leather paddle crashed into her ass. It was a long one, it stretched across both cheeks and donna wielded it hard. There was no mercy in that first whack. Catie gasped, her skin jumping. Two more like that followed and she didn't know whether to moan or cry. She bit her lip through 5 more before she tasted blood. She wriggled through 2 more.

Then she sighed as a hand swept over her burning skin, taking some of the heat with it.

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