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Some thoughts and an intro to Arial.

That previous summer passed with only my fantasies to play out alone, but then all was to change.

On the weekend the pool opened I went down around noon, took the standard towel, lotion and also a cooler with some drinks in it. I tried to act like I was there for the sun and cool water and talk to some of the other neighbors but more than once I found myself lost staring at Beth as she worked and not hearing what the person next to me was saying. That day passed and I made up my mind I was going to get to know Beth better. Where it would lead I would just let fate take us.

On Monday I returned to the pool in the early morning, bringing with me a book to pass the time as nonchalantly as I could. There were a few mothers there with their kids and I said my hellos then I found a chair to lay out on where I could watch Beth.

I lotioned up as best I could then I made what was to be the best decision all summer. I couldn't reach some parts on my back so I got up and went over... "Beth" I asked... almost startled that I knew her name she looked up at me. "Yes, Mr. Jackson?" she responded... now it was my turn to be surprised for I did not think she knew me. Recognized me of course, but knew me... my mind was racing as I stared down at her pretty face, eyes falling towards her heaving breasts, thinking of one day soon freeing them from that suit as I was going down on her.

Beth, I was wondering if you would mind putting some lotion on my back for me. Sure Mr. Jackson she responded... "Eric, please call me Eric darlin" I said, Mr. Jackson is my father. With a little bounce she came down from her chair and took the lotion from my hand then and began to apply it to my back. I made some small talk with her and then we she finished I returned to my chair.

The rest of the morning passed uneventfully until around noon when commotion started up with the hungry kids whining for food. I took special note of how kind Beth was in helping some of the mother's get their kids food out but more than that I was thinking of having her for lunch. I watched closely as she bent over a few times, looking straight at her pussy and wanting so badly to be able to move her bottoms aside and slide my tongue deep into her. It was a good thing I was laying down when I thought such things for my cock would harden immediately.

I was just about to doze off as the kids quieted down finally with their mouths full of food when I felt a shadow come over me. "Mr. Jacks... umm Eric?" I looked up and saw Beth standing over me, the slight mound of her pussy just barely definable with her so close to my face. "Would you mind lotioning me up again?" she asked. Sure Beth I said. Great, the lotion is in the office, do you mind coming in there to do it? I stood up and followed her in, trying not to think too much sexually but I couldn't resist.

The door naturally closed behind us as we walked in and once Beth handed me the lotion I began to apply it to her body. First to her shoulders and neck, then on down her back. When I got to her legs I took my time, firmly rubbing the lotion in and getting as close to her pussy as I could. As she turned around to face me for me to keep lotioning I moved my hands up her legs and acting naturally my fingers slid very closely to her pussy. Beth let out a soft moan and that is when I looked up to see her eyes were closed and her lips pursed.

I kept rubbing right next to her pussy then and being on my knees I moved in closer. My lips began to kiss on her thighs and she responded by spreading her legs just a bit wider. I reached up to her hips and wrapped her bottoms around my thumbs and pulled them down to her ankles, and as she stepped out of them I lifted one thigh up onto my shoulder and then my tongue went to her pussy.

She was smoothly shaven and her scent was driving me crazy.

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