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This Oedipus opus is dedicated to my mother, Dell.

We sat around the open-hearth gas fireplace that was burning and I opened the first bottle of wine and filled three flutes. "To new friends" I toasted and we clinked glasses. After we had almost finished the first n\bottle - you had more than your share, baby; I saw to that - I left on the pretence of going to the bathroom. I took my time returning to the sitting room in perhaps 15 minutes. Not really surprising, I saw Jonathan leaning over to you kissing your neck and running his hand inside the plunging neckline of your dress to cup your full breast. You were breathing quite heavily but seemed to be enjoying the attention. Your eyes were a little glazed over but were able to focus long enough to see me leaning in the doorway smiling at you. You looked momentarily worried until you saw me nod my head in acquiescence giving my permission to enjoy your self.

Jonathan reached behind your neck and released the tie that held up your dress top and pulled it down revealing your full swinging tits. "My God!" he exclaimed. "You are so beautiful!"

With that your back arched and your breast proudly stood out. Jonathan lowered his lips to your nipple and received his second surprise (the first being our willingness to invite him to play) as a spray of your mother's milk filled his mouth. He eagerly took it all in and then, raising himself from your side, took your hand and stood you in front of him so he could slide your dress over your hips to the ground. There you were - wearing your hold-ups and spike heels and nothing else! As he licked his lips in appreciation of your beauty, you reached over and started to undress him. As you did, he felt another pair of hands - larger and stronger - assist you from behind him. He turned around to see me - naked and erect - standing behind him. Before he could say a word, I reached out and pulled his face to mine and kissed him deeply. I held that kiss until I felt him start to melt into it and I knew that we had him!

It only took us a few moments to divest him of all his clothes and we retired to the bedroom where I had dimmed the lights and placed the second bottle of wine (along with a few necessary supplies), next to the bed. The three of us lay on the bed - you and I flanking Jonathan as he lay on his back. We started together at his mouth, exchanging kisses with him and each other. We then ran our lips down his well-toned hard body - so slowly that the anticipation was exquisite. As we watched out of the corner of our eyes, we could see his cock rising to full hardness; it was somewhat thicker than mine and appeared to be almost 8" in length. I could see you smiling at the thought of that strange cock inside you (or me)!

By now we had moved to his cock that was covered with his flavourful precum. Between us, we licked it up as fast as he produced it. I then took his member into my mouth while you attacked his balls. Between us, we incited a fair amount of noise of pleasure from our guest. I figured that it was time to give both you and he some pleasure so I grabbed a condom off the night table and slowly rolled it onto his cock. Since we didn't know Jonathan's history, we weren't about to take any chances.

I then picked you up from behind with your knees tucked under and lowered your spread wet pussy onto the tip of his cock. I held you there for a few seconds to tease him and to ensure that you were ready to take his thicker cock inside you without pain. Slowly; very slowly; I lowered you until you were fully impaled on his cock with your knees on either side of his hips.

"Oh, Daddy! I feel so FULL! His cock feels so good in my cunt! Can I fuck him now, Daddy??"

"Yes, my baby! You can ride him as hard as you like! Daddy would love to watch you do that!"

You started to raise your body off his cock and then slowly bottomed out.

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