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The Rangers relax together after a battle.

Doc is scrubbing the bathroom. Happy and Grumpy are in the basement laundry room, washing, drying, ironing, and folding. Bashful makes my bed and is tidying up the bedroom. Dopey and Sleepy are doing the breakfast and lunch dishes in the kitchen. On the house sound system, piped into each room, I play "Whistle while you work" and "Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho..." as motivational accompaniment.

1:44 PM: My iPhone rings and I instinctively answer...

"This is the can I hurt you?"
"Uh, uh...I am calling about your ad on Eros."
"I am a professional therapist ...offering pain management, physical restraint, prostate massage, watersports, but I don't do scat...and I don't mean sing like Ella Fitzgerald. "
"What about sex?"
"Pause....there is no sex, not even Bill Clinton-Monica Lewinsky sex."

Click...dial tone.

I should not have answered. I thought I recognized the area code
phone number. Just another phone wanker...part of the business. What's a Mistress to do?

2:02PM: How did I become a professional dominatrix you might ask? I have been officially "in the life" for ten years now. Even as a young girl I had a need to dominate my siblings and childhood friends. Once I became interested in sex, I always assumed the more dominant role. Sleepy has been my experimental lesbian lover since high school and has always been submissive. I have always let her share my bed. Doc was one of my college professors. We started out having an affair, but gradually I began to teach him more than he could teach me. He left his wife and quit teaching and moved in with us. When I lived in Hawaii, I started going to fetish play parties. Once I started working as a dominatrix, I began seeing regular clients. Sleezy was one of my clients with a cross dressing fetish who loved to cook. Since I needed a cook, he joined the family.

Dopey and Grumpy I acquired at a slave auction. They have been with me two years now. I met Happy at an aerobic class. I am attracted to her firm body and wild and effervescent personality. I seduced Bashful at a restaurant. He was shy and a challenge, so I flirted with him and took him back to my place and fucked his brains out with my strap on and he has been with me ever since. Once I had accumulated seven live in submissives, I named them after the seven dwarves, giving each one the appropriate name to fit their personality.

2:55 PM: My 3 pm session is with a literature professor who is obsessed with Franz Kafka. During the session, he pretends to be a cockroach crawling around the floor as I smack him with a rolled up newspaper.

3:20 PM: After my session, I am back on my iPhone, checking my messages and playing a game of "Angry Dommes" -- a new app in which the player snaps a singletail whip at a swinging masochist to see how many bruises, marks, and screams can be scored.

4:00 PM: A dominatrix is a role-play actress, a psychoanalyst, a physical therapist, a fetish model, a corrections officer, a spoiled princess, a workout trainer, a fantasy guide, an etiquette teacher, a punishment provider, a cathartic caregiver, a motivational muse, and much, much more.

5:00 PM: Promptly at 5 o'clock, my first time appointment calls back and Sleepy gives him final directions. Happy meets him at the reception room, takes his tribute and gives him the questionnaire to fill out. I get a look at him from the two way mirror. He takes several minutes to fill out the form, but when he appears to be finished I direct Happy to go back in the reception room and retrieve it. She brings it to me, and I quickly peruse it. Looks like it will be a classic B & D scenario.

Sleepy leads him into the dungeon, tells him to get completely undressed, and wait for me. Once I see that he is completely naked, looking embarrassed and uncomfortable, I speak into the intercom:

"Get on your knees, slave", I watch as he looks around and then follows my command.

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