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Ron ravages Mexico City.

"You are doing very well my lady."

"When we are alone and I am not presently in the middle of something and you are not in trouble for anything I want you to speak freely. Tell me how your day went tell me what excites you and things that have not gone well. Lay your burdens on me as well as all the good things. You do not have to address me as Master every single time you speak to me. You also do not have to answer Sir on everything. Use wisdom and comfort for us both. I will guide you in this and let you know where it maybe needs to be added or taken out."

"When we are around the kids do not act as if you are so burdened down that you can not be their mother. They are to have their needs met in all areas. I know you have watched Kari and Gary for a long time and you know how that goes around company and the kids. When we are in a vanilla crowd we will strive not to offend."

"Do the kids know of your desires? How do they feel about this?"

"Well they see where I am coming from and know what I have wanted or needed all along. They also saw that side that abused. The bad choices I had before didn't give a very good example of how a real Dom treats his girl."

"Well with your permission I would like to talk to them soon maybe with Gary and Kari's help because they trust them and tell them my plans."

Chris began to think about something Gary said earlier. "Wait, Did Gary say that your kids go to the same school as his kids?"

"Yes Sir"

Chris smiled and said, "I volunteer in the computer labs and sometimes in the science labs over there I wonder if I have met them before. If so that would be a big help because then they would know me somewhat. Do you have a picture of them with you?"

"Yes Sir"

She starts digging in her wallet to hand them to him. He parks the truck in front of his personal hair dressers salon. He gets out, opens her door then leads her to the establishment.

As she gets out she hands him the pictures. He puts them in his wallet he is carrying without looking at them. He sees his preferred hair dresser Ann and motions her closer.

He gives her a hug and they exchange 'how you are doings' Chris told her that he wanted his lady given the full treatment. Wash, cut and a shower then manicure, pedicure, light make up and hair style.

Ann agrees and happily begins getting things ready as Chris has described to her. He selected a pretty shade of deep red for the manicure and pedicure. He wanted the back and sides of her hair layered but the most of the length left. He instructed that he did not want more then a little blush and mascara for the make up. Chris motions for Trish to come to him.

"I will be right here watching and very close by. When it is time for your shower I can stand by the door ok? I won't leave you alone here."

Trish smiles showing she is trying to have all the faith in the world in him. He hugs her and then directs her to Ann's chair. As promised when they were all finished with the wash and cut he walked her to the back of the building where the shower is for the tanning bed rooms and stayed right by her door until she came out.

They have some robes and short sets that can be bought in the salon in the back by the tanning section. He bought her a robe, towel and short set. She dressed and he led her back to Ann for the finishing touches.

He watched and smiled as he watched his precious lady being pampered. Just when they are about to finish he goes to get his credit card out of his wallet and remembers the pictures. He tried not to change expressions so as not to alarm her.

He pays the cashier and goes to his beautiful lady and kisses her then whispers in her ear "You please me very much my love" then he took he by the hand, helped her down and led her out to the truck after personally thanking Ann and giving her and her team a nice tip.

After they are both back in the truck he turns it and the a/c on then turns to her and says, "I have seen these kids at church and hav

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