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Faith discovers a new side of herself.

I could feel her knuckles moving in my pubic hair. The occasional fingernail would nick the top of my shaft as she rubbed her clit furiously.

My tongue was pressed into her mouth, only to be replaced with hers in mine. The hard pressed kiss would only be broken when the need to gasp for air was overwhelming.

I was pounding into her with all my strength. I wasn't going to last long. My only solace keeping me from cumming was the occasion sharp pain from the fingernail nicks. But that wasn't going to be enough.

Suddenly she scrunched forward, her cheek next to mine, face sweaty and red, mascara streaked. The contractions started, I could feel it around my cock. I could feel it against my belly. I could hear it in her gasping breath. Her elbow was tight around the back of my neck.

I lasted three more hard thrusts forward, the fourth pressed deep into her as I came explosively. Her contractions were matched with mine as our spines twisted together and our hips shuddered against each other. Only our combined guttural sounds tempered our gasping for air.

When our orgasms subsided and I lay on top of her I suddenly became aware of our hearts beating against each other, or beating together. It was suddenly very warm in the room. We still needed air.

I lifted myself up on my elbows again and looked down at Julie. Her nose was running, tears had run down through the crows feet on either side of her eyes. Mascara smeared. Her bleach blonde hair was matted to her forehead and face.

She was beautiful.

I kissed her softly. She kissed back.

"Thank you," I whispered.

Tears rolled down her cheeks again as the firelight sparkled in her wet eyes. She smiled up to me and squeezed me tight. I kissed her again.

I could feel my cock rapidly softening inside her. Our breathing started to slow down. She had a look of bliss on her face. I felt so proud of myself for being able to make Julie happy. I kissed her again.

Gently rolling myself off of her I turned my face to the left.

Gomez and Lulu were both sitting next to our heads, only a couple of feet away. Simultaneously both their tails were swishing the floor, like windshield wipers.

"I think they approve," said Julie with a grin.

"Hmmm...I think they need to pee," I answered.

Naked, I got up off the couch leaving Julie on her back. I pulled a Kleenex out from a tissue box and placed the box on the coffee table next to Julie. I cleaned my glistening cock off and tossed the spent tissue into the fire. Still naked I let the dogs out through the kitchen door. It was raining outside. After three or four minutes, both dogs simultaneous appeared at the back door. Before I could catch them with a doggy towel they both shook the rain from their coats soaking me and the kitchen entrance with furry rainwater. A trail of muddy paw prints decorated the floor. I cleaned up the dogs and the floor before I headed back into the living room.

I don't think Julie saw me enter the room. She was still lying on the couch, her left hand was on her pussy, her right index finger in her mouth. Our eyes met as she pulled the finger from her lips. She definitely had a startled look in her eyes. I bet that I did too.

"It feels so good to have cum inside me," she said breaking into a grin. There were no spent tissues around. Both her hands were on her crotch.

"Do you want a tissue? I asked.

"No," she answered, slipping another finger into her mouth. After removing her finger, clearly enjoying the taste she asked, "I'm sorry did I gross you out?"

I'm sure my eyes were bulging out, "No...I...find"

Still licking her fingers, she whispered as looked intently into my eyes, "I love the taste of cum. I love the taste of your cum Jim."

I was speechless. This was a whole new Julie again. I loved this one. I continued watching her in fascination as she cleaned herself up with obvious gusto. Cora sure as hell never did anything like that. She wouldn't even swallow. She detested my cum.

I passed Julie her wine and we sat up on the brown couch watching the fire and sipp

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