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They soon left the enchanted forest, passing through hills and grasslands and alongside rivers, before they reached Jolene's home. Three trees arched over her home, forming a canopy, their trunks carved and fluted so that the whistling winds made music through them. The ground beneath her pavilion was carpeted with eternally soft leaves. Small hedges between the trees were sculpted into the forms of dancing nymphs.

"Do you like it?" Jolene asked him, almost shyly. Alexander licked her lips approvingly and lowered them to the floor to fuck again. As his tool pistoned her soaking wet pussy, his lips fastened about a hard pink nipple and sucked as she shivered and moaned. As his dick hammered and pulsed within her twat, she wrapped her arms tightly around his neck, pulling his face further into her boobs, and buried her own face into his musky blue curls.

She exploded three times before he at last cummed inside her yet again, their screams announcing to the world the taming of the unicorn.

So it was that Alexander dwelt with Jolene in her pavilion. Though she did not need them any longer, she still wore her anklets, for hearing the melody of the bells aroused Alexander. With child from the first night, Jolene's tummy soon began to swell, yet she only got hornier, her pussy constantly soaked, her nipples ever hard and lactating.

So Alexander fucked her, pressing his abs against her cute tummy and sliming his muscular chest with her milky nipples as they kissed and bucked and thrust.

Gradually Alexander's fey nature faded away. His eyes returned to cocoa pools, his deep blue pelts to darkest chocolate curls, his wild mind to clarity.

Yet his passion, as it always had been, remained untamed.

On the seventh day of the seventh month Alexander had been with her, Jolene sighed as they held each other after making love. "What is it, Jolene?" he asked astutely, fondling a lactating nipple.

"Every enchantress has a price," she said.

"Enchantress?" he murmured as he kissed her neck.

"Mmm," she said. "The one who gifted me with my magicked anklets. I thought she would ask me to part with you after a set time, but she did not." She sighed again. "She did not have to. She knew that I would know your passion. And know that I cannot claim it alone."

She searched his eyes. "I release you, Alexander. But please, if it is your will, kiss me one more time."

He smiled fondly down at her. "It has always been my will." His lips met hers, and she replied hungrily, desperately, their tongues entwining. He thrust his cock back into her dripping cunt, and she rolled him over so that she was on top, bucking atop his dick as her enlargened boobs and tummy bounced.

He groaned as her slick tight pussy milked him, enveloping his dick in tight wet silk. His hands traveled all over her body - her still-small ass, waist, swollen tummy, dripping breasts. She shivered delightedly at his sensual touch.

Their excitement rose, hovering on the cusp as he thrust and she rode and they fondled each other. When they could hold back no longer, she began bouncing even more frantically and his cum shot out of his cock into her pussy as she creamed, writhing wildly atop his convulsing body.

At last they calmed, and she lay atop him, feeling him breathe as he held her. "What was the enchantress' price?" he asked.

She chuckled ruefully. "Instead of telling me to release you, she bade me direct you to the oceanside cliff at what time I should choose to release you."

"The oceanside cliff?" he wondered.

"She waits there for you," Jolene answered.

So it was that Alexander kissed her and his unborn babe goodbye, and journeyed through more wild lands, fucking and being fucked, popping cherries and fathering daughters, until he came to the cliff overlooking the ocean and the white sand beach that straddled it. Brine and woman-scent perfumed the air.

A fluffy cloud hid the moon at the witching hour, when he arrived.

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