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An explosive orgasm.

"Yes," he moaned, no need to hide it anymore and in fact relishing her up-front candor in discussing it.

She smiled. She turned more, lifting her right leg up, opening both. Her thong flashed into view, and springing out on the sides her thick profusion of sweaty pussy hair. His eyes bulged, staring, confused by but reveling in what appeared to be her permission to look.

"Do it," she said.


"Do it," she continued. "Jerk off. This is what you like, isn't it, looking up the skirts, at the legs and crotches of women? And is it just older women? Answer me boy, is it?"

"YES!" he cried out.

"That's somewhat flattering, I guess," she laughed. "Oh, give me your sandal. Now."

He nervously slipped it off, handing it to her. She looked at it, smiling.

"Turn it on," she said. "Go on, I know what's in your pocket, now turn it on."

He gulped and obeyed. She put the sandal on the dash, angling the camera toward him.

"Jerk off, boy," she said, spreading her legs wider, pulling aside her thong, exposing her soggy bush to him, a beautiful, dewy bouquet of silvery hair, dark lips moistening behind it. "Take your cock out. Now."

He looked at her, transfixed, then her big, wet pussy and obeyed. He unsnapped his dorky shorts, sliding them down his pale, skinny thighs, with his underwear and out sprang a smallish cock, about five inches long, on the thin side. She laughed.

"No wonder you live by upskirt video!" she roared. "That's pathetic. Now pull it. Do it, Matty. Jerk. That. Cock."

He blinked in disbelief as she fingered her pussy, watching him stroke his prick.

"Have you ever seen such a hairy pussy, Matty, hmm, have you?" she smiled, eyes heavy lidded as her fingers flew in her gash, squishing sounds filling the air, along with the musky ripeness of her scent.

"No," he groaned with a throaty growl, feeling himself get closer and wondering where he'd shoot his load.

"Have you ever...even seen ANY pussy, Matty?" she snarled, fingers flying harder and deeper, three gouging her wet cunt, glistening and thick with her fluids.

"No...God, no..." he moaned, feeling his balls throb.

Suddenly, his world erupted in a blistering sensation of smell, sight and taste. She'd torn her soaking fingers from her cunt and rammed them into his face, holding his hair with her other hand as she wiped her gel on his mouth, up his nose, and then in his lips.

"Taste me, bitch," she barked, licking his cheeks clean of her fluid. "Smell me..."

He groaned, jerking harder, inhaling her scent, a ripe, sweaty aroma, tasting her juices, sucking her fingers madly as she fucked his mouth with them.

"Oh...GOD!!" he yelled around her plunging fingers.

She yanked them out and now strapped them around the base of his tiny cock, squeezing brutally hard. He looked down at the tanned, freckled hand, the strong fingers crushing his orgasm to nothing. A tiny white blob of cum welled in his desperate dick head as he thrust off the seat, anxious for release. She would give him none.

"I didn't tell you to cum, did I?" she growled, kissing him deeply and wetly, savoring her own scent and flavor, her clenched thighs quivering against her clit. "You don't cum until I do, and even then, maybe I won't let you..."

She looked down at his cock going purple in her strangle hold, the veins in her neck bulging from the effort of squeezing it, the tanned, sinewy forearm flexing. He let out a low growl, fearful and longing. She finally let go, dipping her head to his cock and slowly, very slowly, lapping the single gob of cum from it. She lifted up, extending her tongue where the gob lay in a pearly round.

He didn't resist, couldn't resist as she thrust it into his mouth to be sucked clean. He blanched but swallowed. She sat back, laughing, spreading her meaty thighs wide, putting the right foot up on his seat and then at the back of his head, pulling him over the console awkwardly until his face was inches from that very hairy, very sweaty, and wonderfully smelly cunt.

"Eat me," she said simply.

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