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Secrets are revealed.

I was about to start licking her l, but I stopped myself. Emma sighed. I got up and grabbed a butt plug and a some lubrication. Emma looked happier again.

"What are you going to do now?" She asked. I poured some lubrication on my fingers and started fingering Emma's asshole. Emma pulled away a little, but wanted more. I soaked the butt plug in lubrication and pushed it inside her ass. Emma screamed in pain and pleasure. I looked at her. How can you be so beautiful with a butt plug in your ass? I started licking Emma's wet pussy. She would soon cum. I pushed one finger into Emma's pussy and she came.

I continued the treatment. Emma was moaning and screaming. Then she came again. Her juices filled my mouth. I didn't have to do anything but stay still to give Emma a third orgasm. She breathed heavily now and was sweaty on her chest. I got on my knees next to Emma's face. My cock pointed to her mouth and Emma knew what to do. She licked my cockhead and then took my whole cock in her mouth. She blew me. I began fucking her mouth while I fingered her pussy. Emma came again with my dick in her mouth. I pulled out of her mouth and started untying her.

"What are you doing? Are we done already?" said Emma surprised.

"I want to fuck you from behind," I replied.

"So, you want to fuck my ass?" Emma asked. I couldn't lie so I nodded.

Emma was now free from the ropes. She rolled around to her stomach. I took hold of her and pulled her up on all fours. My cock was pushed against her ass. Emma chuckled. I bent over her and kissed her. I wanted to continue kissing her, but I let her lips part away from my own, because I was also going to fuck her. Emma looked back at me and massaged her clitoris. I started pushing my cock against her asshole. Emma breathed heavier, almost panting. The tip of my dick was now inside her. I pushed farther and farther, until I bottomed out.

"God, Emma!" I almost screamed. It was so nice. Emma seemed to like it too. She was moaning in pleasure. I began fucking her slowly, then harder. I stretched my arms around Emma's hips and started playing with her clitoris. Emma was very wet. I thrusted inside her ass and she came. I felt her pussy tighten, even though I was fucking her in another hole. Emma looked back at me. Her hair was a mess. She was slightly sweaty, but she never smelled better. I kissed her passionately.

"Cum inside me!" whispered Emma.

"Then you must cum too," I whispered teasingly. I knew I was cumming soon, but I wanted to last longer.

"I don't think I can," laughed Emma.

I pulled out of her and got up. I went for a dildo. I pushed it into Emma's dripping wet pussy. Then I again placed myself behind her and continued fucking her in the ass. Emma screamed and came. I continued fucking her and she came again. Her right leg was shaking. I thrusted inside her with all my strength and came. I filled her with my load. Emma fell on her stomach with me on top. Emma was breathless. I got up and watched Emma.

"Oh my God!" she panted. "That was amazing!"

"It really was!" I said smiling. I was happy.

"Too bad you just got one orgasm," Emma said.

Emma laughed and got up, walked up to me and kissed me. She had her hands behind her butt, not to drip my sperm on the floor. She went to sit on the toilet. It was a sight to see Emma try to squeeze out my sperm. I looked at her and laughed. Emma thought it was less funny.


In the evening, Emma and I sat in the sofa in the hotel room and held each other. We liked being close to each other. I kissed Emma's forehead. Life was perfect.

"When should I start working?" I asked Emma staring amazed at me. "I'm going to take the job."

"Seriously?" She responded smoothly. "You start as soon as you can. You have to resign from your old job and you have to move to LA."

I hadn't thought that far.

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