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Christina, that was it. A buxom blonde in her mid twenties. Curvaceous; luscious, natural breasts; pale skin glistening with sweat. Emmanuelle tried to imagine how she'd look in 'normal' life, but the only image she had was of her on her knees, straddling some large, humming device, quivering as she fought to stay as still as possible, while a series of powerful orgasms churned inside her. A ball-gag filled her mouth, holding in place a chain, linking the clamps that pulled cruelly on her nipples. Her mistress explained that the rope wrapped around her neck held her wrists high up her back, and her hair was tied to a metal hook, wired to shock her arse if she leaned forward to relieve to pressure on her nipples.

And so she fought to stay still; the slightest movement forwards or back increasing her torture.

Sadistically, Emmanuelle found herself longing to see the woman cum; to see how she would cope with her body's involuntary quivering. The very thought almost sent Emmanuelle over the edge.

Then it happened. Christina's breathing came short and sharp; the rapid rise and fall of her chest undoubtedly causing agony to her nipples. The muscles in her lean legs and stomach tightened and a strong shudder ran up through her entire body. She automatically bent forward before she could stop herself, and she immediately threw her head back with a muffled scream as the anal-hook did its job. Pulling hard on her nipples, the scream was cut short with a gasp of pain and she bent forward again, and again her arse paid the price.

Had Emmanuelle's wrists not been bound to the posts at the foot of the bed, she might've reached out to help steady her companion, barely six-inches away. Had her mouth not been stuffed with Christina's sopping panties, she might've soothed her with her calming voice. Had her mistress not warned her against cumming without permission - as she drove the large, vibrating dildo into Emmanuelle's cunt - she'd have allowed herself to be taken by an incredible orgasm. She almost envied Christina, who'd had no such warning.

Almost, but not quite, as the heavy mix of pleasure and pain held Christina at her orgasmic high, not allowing her to come down, however hard she tried to control herself. Her body writhed in her bonds, quivering with pleasure and twitching with pain. Tears streamed down her face and mixed with the sweat pouring from her skin.

Emmanuelle felt her mistress lean down over her as her thrusting slowed to a languid pace. She felt those large, firm breast squash against her back; rock-hard nipples digging into her flesh. The gentle rhythm and strong vibration made her lose all focus just for a moment and only her mistress's malevolent purring stopped her letting go completely.

"Doesn't she look beautiful," said her mistress, reaching over to loosen Christina's gag.

Christina was still shivering; moaning; cumming; but managed a relieved sigh as the gag was allowed to hang loose around her neck, lessening - if not removing - the pressure on her nipples. She stretched back and let out a long, deep groan as her orgasm was finally allowed to dissipate. Then she knelt, breathing hard and shaking in the aftermath. Occasionally she'd twitch and shudder as the vibration persisted between her thighs, but she was smiling now.

"You belong to me now," Emmanuelle's mistress whispered in her ear as she slowly took Christina's panties out of her mouth. "You are a thing; a toy, whose sole purpose is to bring me pleasure. Say it; you are my toy."

Emmanuelle gasped and sucked in the room's musky air. "I...I am...y-your...toy," she stammered.

"You would like to cum now?"

" mistress!"

She couldn't see her mistress's face, but she knew she was smiling. "Then cum for me."

Her mistress pushed herself upright and took hold of Emmanuelle's hips. She drew the dildo back all the way to the head, then buried to the hilt. Emmanuelle's vision blurred, her ears rang and all the air was forced out of her with that single thrust.

Then came another

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