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Mike and Luke both are tempted - Luke gains new friends.

he cutest little asshole ever!"

Ashley couldn't help but giggle. "Thanks, I guess. Nobody ever told me anything like thaah-aahh!"

The sudden feel of Nick's warm wet tongue licking her sphincter made Ashley choke on her words. Her eyes popped wide open and a sharp hiss of unexpected, naughty delight escaped her mouth as Nick treated her pouty butthole to a long slurping tongue swipe. "Ohhh my god, Nick! What are you doing to me?!"

"Should I stop?" Nick teased, still brushing his lips against the tender ring of Ashley's anus, kissing her crinkled hole and lightly flicking his tongue all around its rubbery edges.

"Fuck no!" she blurted out, already hooked on that new unusual pleasure. "Please, don't sto-oohh-oowwhhh god!"

Ashley's needy plea hadn't even been uttered in full when Nick started voraciously eating her asshole out. To the sound of her sexy yelps, he licked and slurped and lapped away at Ashley's irresistible little butt-ring, moistening her pink orifice and making her anal muscles relax enough for him to start poking the tip of his tongue into her virgin anus.

"Uhhh! Oowwwh Nick!" Ashley moaned, her mouth agape as she enjoyed the thrill of having her asshole rimmed for the very first time. "Your tongue is amazing... Aaahh I love your tongue in my ass! Uuhh yes lick me like that, it's soooo good!"

For a while Ashley writhed like a snake on the couch, maddened by Nick's skillful analingual ministrations. Her mind went blank and her pleasure just kept building up to unprecedented levels as Nick expertly tongue-fucked her tight sensitive butthole. Panting like a bitch in heat as Nick wiggled his talented tongue into her ass while his lips smooched her elastic sphincter, sucking and slobbering all over it in a lewd parody of a french kiss, all that Ashley could think of was how much more pleasurable it must be to have his big cock buried to the hilt inside her tingling, needy anus.

She was about to beg Nick to just ram his dick up her ass when his deft fingers reached her overcharged clit. Ashley mewled as Nick's rimjob got even more intense and he clamped his insatiable mouth even harder onto her spittle-slick orifice, sucking avidly on her overstimulated butt-ring. His tongue sank as deep as it would go inside her snug wet asshole and he slipped two fingers in her drenched slit while he unleashed a sequence of quick thumb rubs on her clit.

"Ooohh! Ooohh my fucking god..." Ashley gasped, thrilled by the realization of how hard she was about to cum while getting her butthole licked. "Uuuhh fuuuuck!"

All through her climax, Nick kept poking his tongue into Ashley's ass while slurping on the rubbery edges of her sphincter. He loved the feel of her anus tightening around his tongue, pinching him like a tiny nibbling mouth. As her gushing girl-cum bathed his pussy-diddling fingers though, Nick just couldn't help himself anymore. Unclasping his mouth from Ashley's winking little rosebud with a last sloppy kiss, he dipped his face lower and began lapping away at her juicy slit.

Ashley shuddered and came again while Nick tasted her smooth labia and drank up her scrumptious nectar, licking her pussy like a thirsty animal. She didn't even have time to feel any emptiness in her ass, since Nick had eased his long forefinger into her saliva-lubed anus as soon as he started munching on her snatch. His slow butt-fingering strokes coupled with the relentless assault on her drooling pussy made Ashley feel like she was experiencing a permanent state of climax, as wave after warm wave of bliss crashed over her in a continuous ebb and flow of pleasure.

Nick had gently worked a second finger into her asshole and was determined to drink down a lot more of her delicious nectar when he realized that Ashley's whimpering moans were coalescing into actual words.

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