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Sizzling sex at the apartment.

Do I take charge or do I let Tony take charge? I quickly decide to take control of the situation, the need to enjoy this opportunity strong and pulsing within my pussy.

I motion to Tony to go and sit on the bed. He lays back against the headboard, his stiff cock erect in his lap. Tammy is still kneeling, eyes downcast in front of me.

"Are you truly willing to be our slave for the evening Tammy?" I ask

"Yes mistress" she softly replies.

"What is your code word then Tammy?"

"Rainbows mistress" her mouth pouts the word softly

I grab the back of Tammy's hair and pull upwards to signal my wish for her to stand. She does so awkwardly, taken aback by the swiftness of the movement. I circle her, touching her body, the full breasts respond to my on pulling her nipples. I push my foot in between her legs and tap against her ankles to signal that she should open her legs to me. I deftly slide 2 fingers up into her cunt, she's wet, not too wet, but wet enough for me to suck my fingers and taste her sweetness. I walk across to Tony and let him taste too.

"Is she sweet enough for us darling?" sliding my fingers in between his open lips

"Hmmm not bad, not the best we've ever had but she'll do" He shrugs noncommittally.

I sit on the edge of the bed beside Tony, his golden brown skin shining in the light from the lamp. "Come here girl" I call and Tammy hesitantly advances towards us.

"Worship Tony's cock, I want him to be happy with your services girl or you'll regret it." My voice sounds stern in its quietness.

Tammy kneels at the side of the bed and bends over to take Tony's dick in her mouth. I settle myself beside Tony to watch, my hand playing with my mound. I can see Tony's member stiffen as his eyes dart between Tammy sucking his cock and me playing with myself. I open my pussy lips so that he can see how wet I am, Tony loves to see and feel a wet cunt. He reaches over to the bedside table and tips some lube onto his fingers. I move so that he can reach my pussy and he massages it into my already soaking snatch. I groan as I feel the sting of the heat, he's used the lube with pepper in it, wow! I squirm under his touch, thinking how hot my pussy is going to feel for him when he fucks me.

Tony's groan pulls me out of my reverie, I can see he's close to cumming, so I grab Tammy's hair and pull her away from Tony's cock. I want him to enjoy this as long as possible. Tammy scrabbles to try and get Tony's cock back into her mouth.

"Hey bitch, I thought you were our slave." I bark as I pull sharply on her hair.

"Yes mistress, sorry mistress." Her downcast eyes showing her wariness as she shuffles backwards on the bed.

"Tony is this the kind of behaviour you expect from a slave? I ask

"No honey, we expect immediate obedience don't we"

"Tony, be a sweetie and get her ready for punishment whilst I find the paddles."

"Oh master, mistress, I'm truly sorry..." Tammy stutters, silenced by my sharp look in her direction.

"Gag her too please Tony" I say in my severest voice.

I walk to the wardrobe and pick up two leather paddles as Tony gags Tammy with a scarf and ties both her hands to the handles on either side of the middle drawer of the pine chest in the corner. She stands with her back towards me, slightly bent over, her bottom ripely naked in front of us, her full breasts hanging from her body, her nipples erect and ready for pain. I observe her trying to see over her shoulder what is coming. She can't see and I can tell how scared she is by the droop of her shoulders. I hand her a small ball.

"Drop this only if you cannot take any more and really want us to stop." I pinch her chin and turn her head towards me. "Do you understand, if we stop, you go, we're finished with you?" She nods gratefully.

I walk around and pull on her nipple, motioning Tony to do the same the other side. Simultaneously we pull sharply down on her teats, her eyes snapping open in surprise.

"Hmm our little slave seems to like that, look how wet she is" I motion to Tony with my eyes.


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