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Taylor and Joe conclude their business.

I was moping about the chick that got away. I had feelings for Nelly and I made no bones about it. Unfortunately for me, Nelly had feelings for my cousin Henry. I think that's the main reason she got close to me. Well, my cousin Henry hooked up with her then dumped her for this skinny White chick named Mariel. My cousin Henry is really into White girls and he doesn't hide it, but like most Black men, he's not about to turn down a fine piece of Black ass like Nelly if it's offered to him. Hey, sex is just sex to most guys. Doesn't matter the color of the booty. They won't marry it but they'll definitely hit it if they get the chance. And that's exactly what my dearest cousin Henry did with Nelly, the gal I had a mad crush on.

I cared about Nelly and she broke my heart, and my cousin Henry broke her heart by using her and ditching her for Mariel. Well, Mariel soon ditched my cousin Henry for this smooth-talking Italian guy named Gino or something. I guess in some way you could say that we all got what we deserved. Anyhow, I opted to learn from this experience. Before my misadventure with Nelly, I'd only been with Black girls. My mother Beatrice Joseph Heureux is one of those Black ladies who can't stand the sight of Black men with White women. And she instilled in me the belief that Black men with White girlfriends were sellouts. Well, I got over it. Especially since my mother often praises Black women in relationships with White men. Nice dichotomy, eh? I don't buy that bullshit anymore. I'll date whoever I please. It's my life, you know?

You see, a lot of Black girls these days don't appreciate good Black men. They go for roughneck Black guys like my cousin Henry, a twenty-something 'player' who lives in his mother's basement and has no steady job. Yeah, a lot of otherwise intelligent young Black women go for Black guys like my cousin Henry. He's a smooth operator when in a bar or club, and he can drop rap lyrics like Jay-Z. He just doesn't have a J.O.B. When the young Black women finally get tired of fake thugs/rappers like henry, they decide that all Black men are scum and they go for White guys. Which is exactly what Nelly did after Henry dumped her. She's walking around with this chubby Irish guy named O'Neill. Nice, huh?

I decided to focus on school and work instead of dredging through matters of the heart. Still, at times I felt more than a little bit. Everybody involved in this love quadrangle has moved on. Nelly is with O'Neill. Mariel is with Gino. Henry is now dating Isabel, this hot-looking and big-bottomed Latin diva from Mexico or Spain or some other place. Who am I with? I'm all by my lonesome. Isn't that wonderful? What's a brother to do under the circumstances? I'm a six-foot-two, lean and athletic Black guy. Yeah, I do get looks from the ladies from time to time. However, I'm not the most forward person on the planet. Sometimes, I can be painfully shy with women. Still, I didn't want to rush into anything. Rushing into things got me into the Nelly/Henry/Mariel debacle. And I think I'm the only one who got hurt at all because everybody else bounced back so fast. Sometimes, it really doesn't pay to be a decent guy with a good heart. Women don't want a guy like that, no matter what they say.

One afternoon, I sat inside the Carleton University Library, typing away on my laptop.

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