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Parker makes a friend.

f club is this? And what about the SCA rules?

"Welcome to The Pillory Stockade," the lady behind the desk reported. "My name is Trustee Pussy Slut Amy, at your service. It appears that you have two more criminals to be prosecuted and punished tonight. What are their charges?" Criminals? Charges? What was she talking about?

"This one has refused to drink my piss," Mistress Michelle said as she pulled Slut Sam forward by her leash. "And, this is the third time that she has been brought here for that offense."

"This male pig has refused to tongue fuck my ass," Mistress Monica added as she pulled me forward.

"Well, we can take care of these criminals for you. But, first we need to take care of some recent legal paperwork. This is a private club, and therefore is exempt from the SCA rules and regulations. Do you all voluntarily agree to waive your rights and responsibilities under the SCA while in the club?" Amy asked all four of us. She waited until all four of us verbally agreed. She then made all four of us sign a written statement to that effect. Only after we had given the signed statements back did Amy proceed with our registration and entry into the club.

"Trustee Pussy Slut Beth, black collar and cuffs for the male pig. Trustee Pussy Slut Marjorie, yellow collar and cuffs for the piss cunt," Amy told the two trustee sluts standing behind her. Quickly our wrists were pulled behind our backs again and were bound together by handcuffs supplied by the club. Black on me, yellow on Slut Sam. Ditto for our collars. We also were fitted with new black and yellow ring gags. Only these ring gags held our mouths open further than those supplied by Mistresses Monica and Michelle. Next a leash was attached to our collars and suddenly we were being lead towards a heavy steel door behind the registration desk. Amy had to unlock it with a big steel key. And, the real scary thing was the door was labeled "Dungeon." 'What am I going to experience tonight?' was my only thought.

As we entered the main room, I was amazed when I saw the various features of the room. In the middle of the room were many dining tables, each with multiple masters or mistresses enjoying drinks and dinner. The servers waiting on each table were naked. Some of the servers were standing while taking or delivering food and drink orders. But, several others were on their hands and knees, with their heads under the table. Later I learned that each of these table servers were trustees, and to become a trustee you had to have endured a minimum of three pillory punishments.

What I found to be the most surprising was the areas surrounding the dining and drinking section. On the far wall, opposite the "dungeon" entry door, was a two level stage. On the lower level of the stage were four pillories. Each held a naked person bent at the waist with their heads and hands imprisoned in the pillory facing the rear of the stage, and their ass facing the center of the room. Each person locked in the pillory was busy servicing the sexual needs of masters or mistresses. Most of the pilloried prisoners were getting orally and anally raped at the same time. There also was a waiting line along the both sides of the stage -- probably others waiting to get serviced by whomever was in the next available pillory. Behind the four pillories on the upper level of the stage was an area that looked like a small courtroom, complete with a judge's bench.

Located to the right of the main stage were two smaller areas, each complete with more prisoners enduring additional humiliations.

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