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A naked delivery girl tells her story.

Naked... open... she had let two women bring her to orgasm. Partly shocked with herself and partly elated she calmed herself. The women had known when to stop and now towelled her down, saying nothing. Their enigmatic smiles as they dried her seemed to tell Anita that this was a normal reaction to their skills and when one told her that she was very beautiful, she blushed with pleasure.

They put her robe on and led her to a room where she could lie down and relax. Soft music and scents filled the room and Anita lay there alone with her thoughts. Her skin felt so soft after the mud treatment and the hosing down and the strong orgasm had left her in a state of calm such as she had never known. She started to let her mind wander again and thought how open she had been. It was easier somehow to let ones desires show in this country. She had been naked in front of women, of course, but had never let her sexual desire be seen in such a way. The fact that she had succumbed to an orgasm, that surely they had engineered, in front of them seemed impossible in the past but here... she felt ready for anything. Feeling liberated.. a libertine... she drifted off to sleep.

She was awoken by a gentle touch on her shoulder. The first thing that Anita noticed were beautiful piercing green eyes smiling at her. "My name is Sabine" she purred in her lovely soft accent. Anita blinked and stretched, sitting up on the bed warm in her robe and at ease with the world. "Mmmm... I feel so good" she murmured.

"I think that Madame enjoyed the mud treatment, isn't it?"

Anita smiled at the accent and blushing slightly replied that it was very satisfying.

Sabine told her that she would be giving her the next treatment which would be a massage. Realising that this would be quite a long session. Anita studied Sabine more closely, noting that she was about 30, looked very fit as far as she could see and had golden skin with a stunning face. She wore her hair very short and the blonde crop gave her an almost tomboy look apart from the full lips that seemed so very French. What am I thinking about, she thought, daydreaming over a woman's lips. Whatever next.. she smiled to herself... she felt safe here and welcome... they seemed to like having an Indian lady here... in any case, she felt proud to be different from the blondes that seemed to inhabit the place.

Sabine led her into the massage area and Anita noticed that she had beautifully shaped legs and ankles with good muscle development. Shame about the doctors coat that she wore, I could design something much more attractive, she thought. Mmmm... her mind seemed to be all over the place at the moment... just relax and go with the treatments, she told herself with a smile.

The room was warm, almost too warm and Sabine apologised as she tried to get the air conditioning to work. She apologised profusely and asked if Anita wanted to have the massage another day if she was too hot. Anita replied that she was used to the heat but that a fan would be nice. Sabine found one and turned it to blow gently over the table. The problems with the a/c and finding the right position with the fan made for a certain complicity that they both appreciated. Sabine slid the robe off Anita's shoulders and helped her onto the massage table instructing her to lie face down. Naked again, thought Anita... well its what you enjoy she thought with a giggle. She rather enjoyed her exhibitionist tendencies but surprised herself by saying :

"Sabine, if its too hot for you I don't mind if you take your coat off"

"Oh Madame, thank you. It would be easier for me if you don't mind. In any case, its better to massage in the nude, I can feel more at one with the customers needs. "

With that she unbuttoned her coat and Anita couldn't help but look.

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