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A grunt escapes your throat and you move your hands to the sides of her head, pinning her in place for what is to come. She tenses up a little in expectation, but try as she might she can't stifle the sound of her arousal and moans just loud enough for you to hear. You smile to yourself as you flex your abdomen and plunge your shaft past her sucking mouth to force it into her throat. She squeaks in excitement and her nails clench into your flexing buttocks as they start to swing back and forth. You can feel the tight walls of her throat clenching around your member and the sounds of her gagging only egg you on, pushing you to thrust harder and faster. You let her breathe every so often, using the tension in her hands to tell when she needs to catch her breath.

As you both get used to the rhythm you start to relax, your mind going on autopilot as you fuck her face relentlessly. She's moaning and mewling every few minutes, obviously enjoying this to some extent, and you can feel her tongue slide out to lap at your balls at the end of every instroke. You tighten your grip on her hair and grunt in pleasure before pulling your cock out of her mouth with an audible *pop* when it moves past her lips. She's confused, having expected a nice bellyful of your cum. You move your hips backwards and straddle her abdomen, and her eyes sparkle with understanding; she presses her breasts together and you immediately thrust your cock between them, enjoying the feel of her soft skin on your crown. You slide in and out of that lovely valley of flesh and your balls are pressed up against her abs. You can feel your climax coming closer, bubbling up and building in pressure with each stroke.

As you let her give you a titfuck, Sarah catches her breath and licks at the tip of your cock every time it comes close enough to her mouth. Eventually you feel your seed begin to boil and you move your hips above her face once more. Her eyes go wide as you force your shaft balls deep into her gullet and just let go. Your body flexes all over, your legs and arms shaking slightly as you shoot stream after stream of your cum into her before your eyes roll back into your skull. Your vision goes dark, and the last thought you have is about what you'll do to her once you wake up again.
The End.


You keep grinding your crotch against her ass and use your hands to keep her in place as you move your cock closer and closer to her tight opening.

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