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They sense that trouble is coming again - and it arrives!

"Where's my Captain?" she cries, but her demands are met with silence as she is dumped to the floor in front of the pirate captain. To his side she can see David kneeling and bound, his face beaten and bloody.

"Oh, David..." Morgan covers her mouth in horror upon seeing the state of her friend. On her knees, she scrambles in his direction. Jacob brings his foot down between them, using the toe of his boot to force her chin upwards to face him.

"So, you've had some time to reflect, and I've had a conversation with your friend..." he motions to David, who looks defeated, "...And I think it would be for the best if you took me up on my offer." Morgan hesitates, responding with silence. She looks to David for advice, instinctively.

"...Captain?" she asks warily, eyeing her friend. He looks at her sorrowfully, almost out of pity, but says nothing.

"Stay on your knees." orders the pirate, before pacing towards David. "You see, I'm your only friend aboard this ship...and as such I recommend you try your very best to keep me happy." He stands over David, threateningly. "Now, remove that dress of yours." he smirks.

"W-what?" Morgan stutters, having never bared herself to a man before.

"As your 'captain' can attest, I am not in the habit of asking for things twice." Jacob glares at her, a knife appearing from his belt. "Now do as I say." He positions the knife at David's throat.

"Okay, okay stop!" Morgan protests. "Don't hurt him..." He holds the knife steady.

"Go on." He waits.

Morgan reaches for the lacing at the back of her dress, pulling the bow free.

"Ah, good girl..." The pirate observes her with a mix of interest and amusement.

Morgan bows her head, her gaze away from any watching eyes. As she slips the fine corseted dress down her shoulders, the pirate dismisses his first mate from the bridge with a wave of his hand. Under her gown is a white slip, thinly covering her breasts and falling to knee height. Stepping out of her dress, she stands in brown shoes, cotton white leggings and her pale underdress. Her nipples erect, reacting to the cold. She grips her discarded dress in front of her chest, shivering.

"Good girl." he praises, causing something in her stomach to turn. "Ah, well it doesn't seem gentlemanly for a noble trader to look upon you like this..." With a swift flick of his knife, he takes out both of David's eyes, blood flowing onto Jacobs hands. As David cries out and sobs, the pirate kicks him over and approaches Morgan, snatching her dress away from her.

Morgan screams at the ghastly sight, covering her eyes and hugging herself. She sobs in shock.

"You said you wouldn't hurt him!" she cries accusingly.

Jacob takes her by the shoulders, spins her around and pulls her hands from her eyes, showing her the crew working below. "I never said anything of the kind, now I offer you a choice: serve me, or serve them." She stares widely at the crew of men, there must have been at least forty... "Once you make your choice, there's no going back." He presses his weight against her slightly, causing something to stir within her core. "Make your decision." he urges.

"I choose... you..." she whispers, knowing that either option is far from ideal, but that one man must be better than a ship full.

"Smart girl." He pushes her forward over the railing; she can feel the warm sticky bloody from his hands on her neck. As Morgan whimpers, hugging her chest, he pulls the shift up over her hips, then uses his still bloody knife to slice off her underclothes. With one rough calloused hand, he rubs her virginal cunt, finding it wetter than expected. Morgan gasps, trying to wriggle away.

"Don't..." she mews. He ignores her, holding her hard against the railing by the back of her neck. He brings his fingers to his lips, tasting her before resuming rubbing her cunt, periodically probing just inside.

"But you're so ready for me..." he whispers roughly in her ear.


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