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He needs sex, she needs money & tells all.

Nobody paid them any attention. Obviously public sex acts were commonplace.

Everyone greeted Skeeter. He introduced me as "Cherry." I waved and tried to be friendly to everyone. I was tired though and I knew Skeeter wanted to get his cock into me as soon as possible, so we didn't spend time trying to make friends. We went upstairs to a free room and went inside. I quickly peeled off my clothes and got into bed. He was right behind me. As I rolled to my back he pushed my legs apart with his knees and slid into me missionary style. There was no need for foreplay.

I could hear muffled voices in the adjoining room but I didn't care. As Skeeter began to thrust into me I dug my heels into the mattress and pushed back. I let out a sharp cry with each thrust; partially in passion and partially just because I knew people could hear us. It made me feel wild and wicked. Skeeter then lifted my legs and pushed them back on either side of my chest. I think he was surprised at just how far he could push them. He folded me nearly double so I put my feet under the headboard and rocked up into him. This made him wilder and soon I was crying out in earnest as he slammed into me like a wild man. The headboard banged the wall. I thought I heard a woman's voice saying "Cherry's getting the hell fucked out of her." Damn right I was.

When Skeeter finally came in me it was as if he's been storing it for weeks, even though it had only been a couple of hours. He pushed as deeply into me as he could and erupted no less than eight times. My pussy was sore and flooded. I really needed a towel to clan up but I wasn't going to get one. Instead I just lay there on my back with my feet under the headboard. Skeeter scooped his cum up with his fingers as it seeped out and fed it to me. I actually liked Skeeter. As we spooned together that night I had fantasies of what it would be like to be with him full time. Some time a couple of hours later he woke up and fucked me again. I slept through most of it.

The next morning Skeeter gave me one of his T shirts to wear and we staggered bleary eyed down the stairs. My hair was ruffled and I smelled like sex, but breakfast was on the table and we were told to get our asses down there. I wanted to at least grab a clean pair of panties but my suitcase was back at the hotel so I just had to make sure that I didn't do anything to reveal myself. Nobody would have cared if I did except me.

There was a long table loaded with traditional breakfast food. It was all served by the girls. With the exception of the grill which was off limits to women, they guys didn't cook. I was introduced as a Skeeter's guest, Cherry. It didn't matter what my name was before. To this group my name was Cherry. I thought it was just as well that they didn't know who I was because once I got out of there I didn't want them looking me up. They still scared me. One by one I was introduced to the members of the club.
"Spider" was the club president. It was an elected position but once elected he was the absolute authority. He looked like a Rambo with a bad attitude, but he was cordial enough to me. "Rocket Man" was the vice president. He looked a bit like a younger Robert Redford but with Charles Manson eyes. "Doogy" was the treasurer. He looked kind of like Don Knots but had a baritone voice and thick glasses. He also wore a Special Forces tattoo so I know he was no Barney Fife "Luke" was the secretary. He looked to be in his early fifties with a pot belly and more tattoos than anyone I'd ever seen. "Hammer" was the road captain, and was responsible for safety when the club rode together. "Ax" was the sergeant-at-arms; responsible for discipline and the enforcement of club rules. He was completely bald and looked like all the bikers you ever saw; real or fictitious; rolled up into one 250 pound package. Ax was probably the toughest guy in the club.

The amazing thing to me was that all these rough looking, hard core guys seemed as friendly as could be; at least with each other.

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