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Widower finds fun on a motorcycle with happy ending.

" He began to pace up and down the room anxiously, his eyes on the carpet.

"I mean it had just been such a perfect day, hadn't it? We'd had such fun! Like being kids again. It wasn't planned, I promise. We'd just done such lovely things and got so close and you looked so beautiful and it was sunset and I suppose we were both a bit drunk and I realised how much..."

He paused as if unable to continue then raised his head to look at me. I couldn't bring myself to look him in the eye.

"I realised how much I loved you. And that I probably always had. Once I realised that, there was only one thing I could do... so I did it."

He paused "I'm really, really sorry Amy. I've ruined everything now, haven't I?"

The silence that followed seemed to last half my life.

"You... you love me?" I asked, trying hard to understand.

"I've been lying there thinking about it ever since."

"But I'm your sister..."I said, finally forcing myself to look into Jack's eyes.

"And the most beautiful girl I've ever known."

A look of pain, emotion and, yes, perhaps even real love passed over his face. My mind was in utter turmoil. Every sane thought told me that what Jake had done was outrageous, terrible, illegal and yet...

"Would you... Would you like to... to kiss me... again?"

There! I'd said it. A look of stunned surprise passed over his handsome face and if I'm honest, mine too. Where had the words come from?

"Amy!" he exclaimed as if unable to believe his ears, "Kiss you again? You really mean it?"

"Y... Yes...." I nodded.


I nodded again. "If... only if you want to..."

"If I want to," he sighed, crossing the room and putting his strong hands on my upper arms. I raised my tear-stained face to his.

"I'm sorry Amy," He said, lowering his face to mine. "I would never, ever hurt you... You have to believe that."

And then our lips touched for the second time that evening. I tensed as his hot flesh touched mine and he kissed me softly on my closed mouth. Once, twice, three times. My body tensed automatically each time.

"You're not sure, are you?" He whispered. "If you've changed your mind..."

But I cut him short as this time I raised my mouth to his, returning his kiss but with more passion.

This WAS right! This WAS what I wanted.

I pressed my lips firmly against his and after a moment's shock at my own behaviour, parted them and felt his tongue tentatively enter my mouth.

And then my resistance simply melted as my brother took me in his strong arms and we kissed passionately, mouths open, tongues entwined, eyes firmly closed as if nothing else in the world mattered to either of us or ever would.

My arms rose around his neck as our bodies moulded to each other, swaying gently as we merged in our embrace. His tongue probed deep into my mouth and I sucked on it, then thrust mine into his in return as his fingers explored my body from my long hair to my bony bottom. His hands rose to my boobs and he kneaded them through my night dress, toying with their hard, pointed nipples, nipping and twisting them in his fingertips. The mixture of pleasure and pain was exquisite and I found myself moaning into his mouth and instinctively rubbing my crotch against his thigh as his exploring hand slipped under my night dress, raising it high and cupping my bare breasts which almost hurt they were so hard.

My own hands fell to his waist and for the first time in my life I began to rub a boy's cock through his shorts. It felt huge beneath the thin cotton shorts, hot and hard and as I rubbed, its smooth end began to protrude ludicrously from the elastic band around his waist.

"Amyyyy," he moaned, "that's so good!"

Emboldened, I slipped my hand into the top of his shorts and my fingers closed around an enormous pole of muscle. Long, hard and thick with a surprisingly smooth shaft and rounded end from which something slippery was already beginning to leak. I ran my fingers up and down it as he massaged my bare breasts.

"Not so quick," he hissed eventually, "I don't want to

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