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An international affair with a stranger.

As time passed, they grew to know each other much better. She started to know his fantasies. She knew all of them but the forbidden fantasy.

After an unusually trying day for both of them at work, they had a few beers together to unwind. As the night progressed and the beer flowed, they started to talk. It wasn't long before they both began revealing things they shouldn't have. They both felt the arousal growing. At one point, someone made the comment about heading to a bar to look for some action and then it was quickly dismissed. Why go to a bar? We have the beer and the action all right here.

Lilly looked through some video tapes her father had in the television stand. One in particular caught her eye. It was an adult video, "Susie sucks daddy". She quickly popped it in the vcr. Her father said he didn't think it was a good idea to watch that movie. Lilly smirked and said she thought it was a great idea. Why shouldn't we watch it dad? We're both over twenty-one. He tried to tell her that porno movies made him horny. She just smiled all the more. Well daddy, they make me all wet and horny too she said.

The opening scene was a daughter going down deep on her daddy while he played with her pussy. Almost instantly, they shot looks at each other. As the movie played on you could see the passion and arousal grow in their eyes and their loins. Lilly excused herself for a moment. When she returned, He was stripped down to his boxers. She was wearing only a short nightie and was carrying a small plastic bag. She casually sat the bag down beside her. After a few more minutes of the movie, she reached down and pulled something from the bag. She produced a small dildo.

As she played with the dildo on her wet pussy, her father became so very horny. Seeing his daughter playing with herself right in front of him was too much. He pulled his erect shaft from his boxers and began to stroke it in front of her. God she was getting hot watching this. She suddenly said, "Daddy let me help you with that". Lilly quickly repositioned herself lying down on the couch so her mouth was right next to his now engorged cock. She reached down and grabbed the flavored lotion she had a squirted a drop on his dick. He was not ready for what was coming.

Very, very slowly, she flicked her tongue on the outside of his shaft. She eased her way to the tip of it, flicking it over the tip and down his hole. This was driving him crazy. He wanted her to swallow it all just like the girl in the movie. He tried to push her down on it father but she pushed him away. She found that little spot, you know the one, that spot just under the head on the backside of the shaft, the one that drives men wild. He was squirming so hard now. He told Lilly to turn around. He wanted to taste her pussy juices.

Lilly turned so that they were in the sixty-nine position. He wanted to drive her crazy too. At first, he just slowly probed her genitals like a doctor would. Then, slowly he stuck one finger in. She recognized this feeling. It hadn't been a dream. He had played with her pussy before tonight. She said, "Oh Daddy, I thought it was a dream all this time". His fingers were unusually large as were his hands. Now, as she suckled at his balls, he was on fire. He slipped in another finger. He told her he was going to teach his little girl a thing or two about men and desire and what daddy's do to their bad little girls.

Now Lilly had two of his big fingers in her pussy.

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