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He takes advantage after hurricane.

One from the front up there on that light pole, and one from the back in the loft. The other three cameras in the loft point the other way, so they don't show you right now, but there are some interesting images from last night."

The pile of hay bales beneath me was getting smaller as uncle Jack re-stacked the jumbled bales back along side the barn. I was staring out across the ranch thinking about what he has just told me when I felt a tugging on my wrists. Uncle Jack was moving some of the bales which held the ropes from which my wrists hung.

I was hoping that meant I would soon be free, but then he said, "Can't have you falling from up there, can we? I will just re-secure this here on the barn." He then tied the rope to something on the side of the barn and continued stacking hay bales.

It took him another hour or so to finish and then he again came up to the loft. He walked over to the wall of the room in the loft and inserted something between two of the boards. A door I hadn't seen opened in the wall and he entered what looked like a large closet. When he came back out, he was carrying several items I didn't recognize and a couple that I did. I wasn't sure what all the leather straps were, but he was definitely holding a large, jet black dildo and a smaller, but just as black, butt plug.

"Well, Kelly. I'm not sure whether this is punishing you for what you have done or testing you to see if you are truly the pain slut your mother thinks you are."

"Please uncle Jack, just release me and we can go up to the house to talk."

"No need for talking right now, Kelly. We will talk in the morning when your mother and sister get here." With that, he reached out and wrapped something around my face.

"Open wide," he said as he slid what was evidently a ball gag in my mouth. It looked a lot like a horse's bridle except rather than a metal bit, it had a large red ball supported on a plastic rod of some sort.

"I don't know if 'open wide,' is the right thing as I insert this," he said with a laugh, "but don't fight this or it will hurt." With that, he slowly pushed the lubricated butt plug into my ass, twisting it back and forth slightly as it entered. I didn't fight him. I don't know why I didn't, but I did nothing. Maybe I realized that I wanted it in me. It hurt a lot going in, and it hurt a little just being in there, but I wanted it in me.

"I guess I don't need to lubricate this one. You are already more than lubricated." He said as he slid the dildo into my cunt. "We're going to need this or that will slide right back out of there." He added as he held some very thin leather straps up in front of me. They looked a little like a garter belt, but were different somehow. He attached the belt portion above my hips and closed it with some type of velcro overlap. He then reached between my legs to pull the other strap through. It was about a 1/4 inch wide and pulled tightly into my cracks - both front and back. "This will hold things in place. Can't have things slipping out, can we?"

He then did something with the dildo and butt plug. Evidently they attached somehow to the strap. I didn't hear the click of a snap, so maybe they also had some sort of velcro attachment on them. He then opened a small case and took out three small, black clamps. I thought I knew where two of those were going, and my suspicions were confirmed when he began to roll one of my nipples in his fingers. My nipples were already sticking straight out, but got even harder under his touch. I cried out as the clamp closed on first one nipple, then the other. I then cried out in surprise and pain as the third clamp closed on my clit. "That one often falls off," he said. "But this strap helps keep it in place." He then evidently attached it to the strap between my legs.

Uncle Jack went back into the closet and returned with a small box with a bunch of wires hanging from it.

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