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Part of a series of stories of my sexy adventures in France.

Little did I know that Ron was standing at the door just out of sight and could hear everything that was being said.

"My names James honey and if you take my advice you'd be better of telling that big black bastard to go fuck himself, he's a prick and so are his fucking friends, they just want to use you, the black bastards."

I stood opened mouthed as he ranted on about Ron then put both hands on my hips and said, "now listen here shit for brains Ron just happens to be the nicest man I ever met and I've already made a promise to myself that Ron can do whatever he wants to me and if that includes fucking my pussy and ass as hard as he wants then that's OK with me." I held my hands at my shoulders then ran them down my body as I said "see this you racist prick this is Ron's to use as he pleases, it's mine to give away and I'm giving it freely to Ron." I turned and ran out in floods of tears.

As I fled I could hardly see through my tears and ran straight into a black wall of solid muscle and would have fallen back if Ron hadn't caught me. I felt his strong arms around me and cried into his shoulder. My tears running down his broad chest. After a minute I looked up into his brown eyes and was barely coherent as I tried to tell him through sobs what had happened. He put his finger to his lips and I fell silent as he kissed me snaking his thick tongue into my mouth. I put my arms around his neck and held on tight as I kissed him back for what seemed like forever.
When he put me down he wiped my tears away with his fingers then whispered as quietly as he could into my ear. "Kim honey I heard everything that was said and I'm proud of you for standing up to that racist ass hole. The rest of the girls and the members will get to hear about this. After today that guy is finished in this town." I beamed back at him as he went on "If you're up for it I'd like to teach him a lesson, but you're gonna scream in pain before I'm through."

I swallowed hard then kissed him again and said "you heard me Ron I'll do anything you want no questions asked."

"Good girl Kim, now have you ever heard of a revenge fuck".

I shook my head.

"well we're going to go back in there and do exactly what he doesn't want and he's got no choice but to watch you being humiliated by a powerful black man as he films us, I'm going to be aggressive and forceful and you are going to be demure, pliant and submissive while I plough my way through you're sweet body."

I couldn't take my eyes of him as he spoke, then he stopped and I just stared at him. "Well Kim, what do you think?"

I said "Ron you're making my pussy wet" and rubbed my ring bound nipples against his chest.

"OK Kim lets go" and he put a big hand on my ass turned me around and pushed me back in. When we got into view James just stared at me as Ron started to talk in a booming voice.

"Where the fuck did you think you were going bitch, I haven't finished fucking you yet" and with a big shove of his powerful hand on my bare bum he lifted me of the ground pushing me forward so that I landed in the sand at James' feet. I got to my knees and turned just in time to see Ron step out of his shorts and stroke his long cock as he walked bollock naked over to James, stood next to him and said "Get the fucking cameras ready limp dick and be fast about it cos my balls are blue and I'm gonna break this white bitch like a Mustang mare at a rodeo." Then he turned to me as I stared in awe at the black god of sex standing in front of me. "Bitch why are you lying around in the sand instead of getting my cock ready to fuck you."

I heard the cameras turn on, a shutter lens click and James nervous voice as he said "Mr Brown everything is ready."

Ron replied "James did I tell you to fucking start talking." James shook his head in reply. "I didn't fucking think so, now get filming."

I couldn't take my eyes of his cock and balls as I got onto all fours and crawled over to him making sure I wiggled my ass and tits as I homed in on my target.

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