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Man is mired in mediocrity until...

His face fell. I wrapped my arms around him and kissed his lips. Against them, I said, "I choose you. Always. No more second thoughts. I don't care about anyone else. Or I'll-at least I'll try not to care."

His hand traced my face. He took a heavy breath.

"Let's ditch lunch," he said.

I laughed, letting him pull me along.

Later that night, Patrick was watching something on my TV. My cat was on his lap and the both of them looked so content-so at home-that I nearly cried over it.

But then I decided I'd done enough of crying, of second-guessing, of holding Patrick back with an unsure hand. He was right earlier in the day; I had to grow up. Patrick wasn't some guy I was just "seeing". He was my boyfriend. I felt things for him I'd never, ever felt for anyone else.

I walked over and picked Rufus up, putting him on the floor. He meowed with displeasure and then scurried off.

Patrick looked up at me with amused confusion. "What'd you do that for? We were getting in some bro time."

"Ew, never say that again."

I sat on his lap and kissed his neck.

"Ah, now I see where this is going. You were overwhelmed by my beauty as I watched television and selfishly decided to have your way with me."

I laughed into his neck. "Patrick, stop talking." He opened his mouth to say something else but he quickly shut up when I ran my tongue up his throat. When I reached his lips, I pressed my own against them and shoved my tongue into his mouth. He moaned and finally moved, threading his fingers into my hair.

I pulled away and smiled.

Patrick panted, watching me. "What the hell was that for?"

I straddled him, loving the predatory look in his eyes as I lifted my skirt and slipped my panties down as far as I could. "Just because."

His hands ran up my thighs and reached around to clutch my bare ass. "Just because?"

"I love you." I leaned over to kiss him again. I could feel his cock pushing insistently against my hip.

I readjusted and took him in my hand, sliding him through my wetness for a moment before sinking down onto him. He groaned and rested his head back. He watched me move with hooded eyes.

"You were right," I whispered. "I need to be mature about this. Grown up. No more indecision." I thumped down against him heavily, letting him push deeper inside of me. "I wasn't expecting this. You. I was totally blind-sided. And my sister... It got all fucked up. But I know I love you, and I don't want to be away from you. I want to be good for you." My breath sped up and I was having a hard time speaking, but I felt it needed to be said. "I want to be the strong woman by your side. And you make me strong. I don't care what people will say. Even my family. This is my life and I love you."

Patrick lifted his hips to thrust into me. "Only you," he grunted, "would have a serious conversation during sex."

I grinned. "Love me or leave me, Patrick."

"Shut up and fuck me," he said with a big smile.

And I did. When we came, it was together-with our eyes locked and our arms around each other.

Chapter 7: An Ending, A Beginning

I dragged Patrick through the snow, clutching his gloved hand with my own. We were going to be late.

"Are you sure we really have to be there?" he called from behind me.

"Patrick!" A snowflake caught on my eyelash and I rubbed it away, likely smearing my mascara and eyeliner everywhere. "You are such a fucking devil."
"I'll probably erupt into flames when we walk through the door."

"Probably," I agreed. My boot stuck in a crack on the sidewalk and I nearly fell, but Patrick caught me just in time. "Thanks. Now maybe God will give you a minute before setting you on fire."

Patrick grinned and kissed me. I had to pull away after a minute.

"Stop trying to distract me! We have to go."

We couldn't be late for the wedding. Number one, I didn't want to be late, and number two, I didn't want to be a spectacle. People were already going to be watching for us. It had been a year, but we were still interesting specimens.

It appeared Chloe

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