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A wealthy socialite confesses a degrading experience.

" He'd crawl up on the bed with his belt unbuckled and blue jeans open at the waist. Sadie would roll from side to side as his weight rocked the bed.

He'd start unbuttoning her dress, slowly undoing each button. His big hands with their scarred knuckles would brush aside her sundress, exposing her breasts. "Sadie Mae, your boobs are as pretty as they were back in 1964 in the back seat of Hobie's Chrysler at the County Fair! Just as soft and smooth as when you were a girl and I ain't lying!" He'd lean over and take a nipple in his mouth. He'd swirl his tongue around as it became hard, "not gnawing on it like Old Ned used to do, the bastard."

He would open her dress right down the front, every button, exposing her front from top to bottom except for her crotch which would be hidden by her best panties, the ones with little flowers. "Why, Sadie Mae, you look good enough to eat!" he would declare, and he would lick on her belly, just below where her ribs poked out.

He would slide a hand down her belly, under the elastic of her best panties. His thick fingers would comb through her soft, curly bush, right down to her pussy. As his hot tongue slathered over her belly his fingers would burrow into her pussy, running up and down each side and the palm of his hand would be pressing down on her bush.

"I got to get a little closer to that pussy of yours, Sadie Mae!" he would say as he abruptly got up. He would tug her best panties down her legs and past her ankles, then toss them onto the pile of dirty laundry in the corner by the closet. She would rock back and forth again as he climbed between her legs. "My, but that is a pretty pussy, Sadie Mae. That is just as pretty a pussy as I have ever seen!" he would say as he pushed her legs apart and leaned down between her knees.

Then he would run that devil tongue right up between her legs! He'd be holding her down with his arms, of course. As soon as that tongue touched her pussy all kinds of tingles would rush through her, just like when Abe Martin used to do that to her back in her daddy's barn. Abe thought she had a pretty pussy, too. "I declare, Sadie Mae, that is the prettiest pussy I have ever seen!" he'd say as she leaned back against the hay bales. Of course, Abe wasn't any older than she was at the time, so who knows how many pussies he'd seen?

There she would be, powerless as this stranger licked at her pussy right in her own trailer, doomed to be ravished over and over by this man with a ponytail and a motorcycle!

A moving shadow caught her attention. Then she saw a shape move through a gap in the brush. Dark brown head and shoulders maybe? "It's a black man down there!" A black man had come along to ravish her! She almost swooned at the thought. A big, tall, broad black man, with arms like tree trunks and a shaved head like the man she seen pumping gas into his car outside the Stop N'Save just last week. "It could be the same man!" she thought. "He could have seen me, too! He could have been thinking about me this whole time! Thinking 'I just got to go back and get me some of that Sadie Mae! A fine looking woman like that needs some loving' he'd be thinking! He could of been thinking that all week!"

He would sweep her up in those big arms and carry her back to the bedroom. He'd throw her on her very own bed and rip the dress right off of her. There she would be, plumb naked in front of the big, black stud.

He'd laugh and say "Sadie Mae, you're one fine looking white girl. You may be skinny, but you have the sweetest little knockers I ever seen. And you shore do have long legs for such a short woman." He'd reach down and take one of her boobs and squeeze. Her nipples would pop up like strawberries in springtime. "Most times, I like my women with a bit more meat, but you do something to me, Sadie Mae. You just cast a devil over me!"

He would pull her panties down to her ankles with one swipe of his hand.

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