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She gives a few SEALs a graduation reward.

"It's okay," said Alice. "I also find you attractive and would very much like to see more of your body as well. Will you come a little closer, dear?"

Alice smile at her husband as the younger girl slowly approached the bed. Paul, like most men, had always been fascinated with his wife's breasts. They were perfect. Nicely tanned from private sunbathing in their own garden, a full 36c tipped with beautiful pink nipples that seemed to harden at the slightest touch. Paul suddenly became aware of their situation.

"Wow honey!" he breathed. "If you want this to go further, maybe I should lock the door?"

"Damn right, I want it to go further! Just lock it quickly!"

As Paul strode the few short paces and turned the key securing their privacy, he had to make a little adjustment in his jeans. Both Sonia and Alice saw him and giggled. The door locked, Paul quickly returned to his wife's bedside. He gently and slowly moved his hand down towards Alice's covered breast, pulling the blanket further away as he did. He cupped the swelling mound lovingly and let his thumb flick lightly over the hard, sensitive nipple pulling the material back to fully expose the stiffening bud. Alice visibly tensed as she felt the familiar feel of her husbands touch and moaned deeply.

"Mmmmmmm ooooo honey....that feels so good. Do you like my breasts, Sonia?"

Sonia couldn't take her eyes off the semi naked woman in front of her. The swell of her breasts was almost intoxicating and she could feel her own nipples begin to harden under the starched white uniform and her pussy moisten uncontrollably. She nodded in answer to Alice's question and slowly reached out her hand.

"Ohhh yes...go ahead Sonia," moaned Alice. "Touch me, don't be scared, I really need to feel your touch on my breasts."

Sonia placed her hands next to Paul's on Alice's tits and began to slowly squeeze and pinch the hard nipples. Alice was now becoming much more vocal; moaning in breathless gasps.

Becoming bolder in her advances, Sonia lowered her head down to Alice's exposed breasts. She could hardly believe how hot her skin felt as she took a nipple directly into his mouth. Her tongue swirled over the sensitive bud and she could feel it harden even further. Alice was now moaning constantly. Her back arched, pushing her breasts upwards towards her mouth and she could feel her pussy getting wetter by the moment.

"Oh god...yes...suck my nipples...mmmmm...ooohhhhh yesss.....more feels so good"

Inspired by his wife's encouragement of Sonia, Paul replaced his hands on Alice's body and let them wander over her tight stomach and abdomen pulling the blanket lower and lower down her beautiful body. Sonia gasped as she saw how the hospital gown had now ridden up around Alice's waist exposing her pretty yellow panties.

Paul's hands wandered lovingly over the front of the panties, stroking gently with a feather touch. As Alice's legs fell open he and Sonia could both clearly see the damp result of her excitement staining the front of the brief garment.

"Oh yes..please ...touch me ....suck my tits .... mmmmmm .....I need to cum...please..."

Paul's hand found the elastic waistband of her panties and slowly slid inside them. As his fingers eagerly parted her wet lips and touched her distended clitoris he felt her whole body tense and stiffen.

"Oooooohhhhhhhh godddddddddd .....yesssssssssssssssssss.........aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh..... that's it...........I'm cummmiiiinnnggggggggggggggggg"

In the past, Alice had usually needed some quiet time after an orgasm. But not this time. Her cries of encouragement were enough to keep both Paul and Sonia going. Moving reluctantly away from his wife's near naked body, Paul motioned to Sonia to take advantage of Alice's position.

Without letting her subside from the intense orgasm that was still coursing through her, Sonia bent over Alice and used both hands to roll her damp panties down her long slender legs.

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