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Mason Page's first adventure.

Overall her appearance was rather bottom-heavy, and Jack felt his arousal jump at the thought of the (no doubt) plump behind he couldn't yet see. The hip-tastic goddess before him wore a strange, emotionless face as her eyes regarded him in the same manner as he her. A short-cropped pixie cut tinged a particularly light shade of blonde framed her youthful face. Jack was surprised to notice that although her face did have more of the strange markings found elsewhere on her body, the ones of her face did not seem to move.

"You are..." Jack's voice suddenly broke the silence between the pair.

"Dahlia, sir, ready to serve." Her face did not change from its emotion-less state as she spoke, but somehow Jack could sense an odd amount of emotion from behind her piercing gaze.

"You mean to say, you' Grimoire...?"

At this, the girl turned her head suddenly down, and mumbled something under her breath, "he said my..."


"Nothing." Jack could have sworn he saw her blank face blush.

"Well," Jack said, suddenly clearing his throat, "Let's get on with the incubation then...I guess..."

Dahlia suddenly straightened up in her spot and her eyes widened "R-right away, sir!"

This was the only warning Jack received before she pounced on him, literally, while he was still seated in her chair. Jack made to utter his disbelief and concern, but his efforts were crushed against the Grimoire's resolve to replace his mouth with hers. She feverishly parted his lips with hers and assaulted his mouth with her tongue. Jack closed his eyes and relented to the onslaught as she arched her back and tried to place her body even closer to his.

Jack found his hands being placed on her firm yet bountiful buttocks. Feeling a little adventurous, he decided to smack her ass with his wounded palm, leaving a bloody handprint on her cheek. As soon as he spanked her, he saw the markings on her body all suddenly jump into violent sine waves. Dahlia moaned into his mouth.

He spanked her a few more times, now using his good hand, and delighted his eyes in the way the revolving markings would react each time. The markings began to shift and change and crawl through her skin at an increased pace now. Dahlia broke their kiss and both fumbled to remove Jack's pants and free his straining erection.

Clothing discarded, Dahlia and Jack shared a glance. He was taken aback by the expression on his little book-worm's face. Gone was the blank matter-of-fact expression she had previously worn. Her face was now a mask of over-indulgent pleasure and adrenaline. Her cheeks were flushed and her eyes were wide. Jack was a bit startled by this sudden contrast of emotion.

Jack watched in awe as Dahlia sat up with her shapely legs and began hastily positioning Jack's member to ensure it would be "on target" with her heated core. He took another glance at her crazed eyes and began to utter some words of retreat or pause before being cut off by her sharp and sudden descent down his entire length. Her ass and thighs wobbled enticingly as she slammed Jack's whole cock into her in one smooth motion.

Jack groaned.

The symbols moving across Dahlia's skin were going crazy now, the very lines that composed each diagram becoming nothing more than hasty scribbles. They zoomed across her flesh at a dizzying rate, seeming to gravitate towards her nether regions, and an upper portion of her chest. Her expression was now a completely gone "fucked silly" expression. Her tongue hung from her agape mouth and Jack could feel the heat from her gasping breaths hitting his face and neck. Groaning softly he gently sucked her tongue into her mouth and pulled her face closer to his. Dahlia started moving. And so Jack began to lose his virginity to a book he'd purchased from a thrift-store.

Jack wrapped his arms around Dahlia and forced their bodies to meet at deeper points.

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