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The next chapter for a submissive hotel clerk girl.

"All right, go ahead and lie on your back."

I laid down and could feel her pull out the leg/foot rest. I was now lying down flat and I could feel her hands rest on my belly to untie the strings that held my gown closed. A flush of heat rose in my face. The strings came undone and she parted the gown until my chest and pelvic area were completely revealed. I tried as best as I could to stay calm and relaxed.

She pressed down on my belly in a few different spots and then said she was going to do my testicular exam. I swallowed hard. My penis is long when it is soft. She gently picked it up between her fingers and moved it to the side. Just relax, I thought. Next I could feel her cup my balls and gently squeeze and tug at them. This was too much. My penis started to grow, just a bit. I prayed this would end and that she would not notice my semi-erection. The heat in my face was intense.

"Everything looks good there." she said.

Thank God it was over.

"Have you ever had your prostrate checked? I think we should go ahead and take care of that today."

"OK." I said obediently back to her. After all she was the doctor.

When she said this, I was so nervous about my erection that I did not even consider what the implications were. I am not even sure at that time that I knew what a prostate was. She told me to bring my feet up on the table and put them together side by side. I did what she asked. She then grabbed both of my knees and moved them apart a bit.

"This helps me get access." she said.

I didn't understand what she was talking about. She turned and grabbed something from her desk. My head rested back and I stared at the ceiling. I was concentrating so hard so I would not get a full erection that I thought I might have a stroke. I heard a clicking sound and then I felt her fingers brush something cold right on my ass. A deep breath rushed into and out of me.

"Just relax." she said, hearing my labored breathing.

Next, I felt the tip of one of her fingers begin to slowly press into my opening. I was clenched so tight it did not budge. She told me to bear down, like I was having a bowel movement. When I did her finger slid gently into me. I have never had this experience before. I felt full and my arousal shot through the roof when she reached my prostate. My penis instantly stood straight up and was rock hard.

"Don't be embarrassed." she said "It happens sometimes. Nothing to worry about."

I looked up. Between my legs, I could see her staring at my huge erection her finger still deeply planted in my ass. Soon I could feel it moving around, probing my prostate. I involuntarily moaned and laid my head back down.

"I think I will need a better angle." she said "This just isn't doing it. Why don't you hop off the table?"

I quickly hopped off feeling some relief as I closed the gown over my penis the best I could. She instructed me to come around to the side of the examination table. She grabbed my shoulders and spun me around then put her hands on my back and pushed me over. I was now bent over the table my head sticking over the other end and staring down at the floor. Next, I could feel her grab the bottom of my gown and lift it over my bottom and rest it on my back. My penis was still rock hard.

"I think this will work a lot better." she said.

I heard another click and then her finger began pressing into me again. It slipped in with another groan from me. It probed around for a bit then began to slide out. Thank God I thought. This was coming to an end. Just when it reached the opening though, it plunged back in and pulled out again. Rhythmically , her finger began fucking my ass. I could feel the knuckles of her hand bounce off my bottom. Obediently, I remained bent over the examination table rocking forward and back slightly from the motion of her hand.

"I think you should stop." I said weakly.

She did not stop.

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