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Tom goes to college, desperate to forget about his mom.

She pulled away before Stan won her over and teased him some more. His hands caressed her soft thighs and hips as she turned in front of him. Susan danced out of his reach and sat, spreading her legs, on the oak coffee table in front of Stan. She wet her fingers and showed Stan how pink and juicy her pussy was by spreading the lips wide with them. She twirled her fingers in her twat, rapidly stoking her rosebud clit. Susan cooed as she masturbated in front of Stan.

Stan removed his clothing and joined her by grabbing his stiff pole and pumping it. Stan inched forward and swabbed his cock in Susan's juices for lubrication. Susan moaned as the ridge of Stan's cock rubbed between her lips. Susan pulled her spread legs back to her shoulders, causing her pubis to pucker around the tip of Stan's cock. Stan moved it around like a dipstick until he had it lathered, then leaned back and stroked his pole in front of her while she tickled her cunt for him. Susan started to come, her ass scooted back and forth on the table as she plunged her fingers deep inside. Stan stopped rubbing his cock and shoved his face between her legs and lapped up her spurting cumm juice. Susan grabbed his clean-shaven head and pulled him toward her, smashing his face in her crotch, as she rocked out the rest of her orgasm, calling out his name. Her pussy went off like a hose, splashing his face with wet lather. Susan spun around on the table as Stan continued to pleasure her dripping cunt, and took his engorged cock into her hungry mouth.

In this moaning, sucking, and gasping "69" position, they became lost in writhing pleasure. Susan loosened her throat to accommodate all of his length as Stan fucked her mouth while eating her muff. Susan slurped and gurgled as his cock slammed in and out of her mouth. Stan sensed that he was about to cumm and moved off the top. His cock pulled free from Susan's tight mouth with a loud "PLOPPP!" from the relentless suction she had applied to his meat, as he withdrew from her tight, hot mouth. He lifted Susan in his arms and carried her over to the bear-skin rug. He laid her down gently and unzipped the kit of oils and cream. Susan reached up with one hand and stroked his manhood and explored the kit with childlike curiosity. Stan showed her the oils that would help him maintain his erection without coming and she chose the strawberry flavored one. She uncapped the bottle and poured a liberal helping into her hands. She worked the oil into the skin of his cock and balls with slow and deliberate motions, kneading his manhood like a large lump of clay.

Stan closed his eyes and arched his back as the heat worked into his nerve centers, followed by icy needles that numbed his entire genital area. Susan looked up at him with wide brown eyes. She poured more oil on her body and rubbed the burning liquid over her ample brown breasts. She squeezed them together and bent her face to her bosom, extending her cat-like tongue to her nipple to taste the fruity juice. She rose up and pushed his cock between her cleavage and stroked him with her plentiful tan mounds. His cock lurched upward and she caught the emerging knob between her lips. Stan fucked her tits, watching the nipples blush into soft rosebuds as her excitement grew. Susan abandoned her bouncing boobs to take more of Stan into her hungry mouth. She sucked him deep and hard.

Stan instructed Susan to turn around on all fours and she quickly obliged. She rested the top of her body on one of the large pillows and arched her back, presenting her perfect pear-shaped ass for him. He massaged her cunt and the juices slicked his hand. With his index finger he gently flicked her clitoris while slowly inserting his middle finger deep into her twat in search of her G-spot. Stan then lubricated his other fingers and pressed them lightly against her puckered anus.

Susan moaned and her hips flexed at his probing.

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