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Daughters friend provides needed relief.


The two men walked with their cocks still exposed round the side of the ranch house and climbed the three steps up to the verandah. Terence wasn't one for wasting time and he immediately dropped to his knees in front of Jason and reached round and grabbed his son by his ass cheeks, luxuriating in the feel of Jason's buns snugly accentuated by his close-fitting shorts.

"Suck me, dad," Jason said, "prove to me you're just as good as mom again."

Jason placed his hands on his father's head as Terence feasted his eyes on his son's fully exposed manhood. The young man took after his father and grandfather Arthur in the cock department, Jason being the proud owner of at least seven and a half inches of meat that always seemed to be in a perennial state of arousal.

Terence cupped Jason's big sweaty balls in his right hand while keeping his left firmly attached to his son's ass. He leaned forward with his tongue at the ready and gently licked the outstretched head of Jason's cock that his son was pointing invitingly in his direction, tasting the pre-cum and lapping up the salty masculine taste of the goo. Jason lifted his vest off over his head, then he tugged at the waisteband of his shorts.

"Let's get undressed, dad," said Jason. "There's no-one else here to see us."

"That's one of the advantages of living in the country," said Terence. "No nosey neighbors."

The two men removed their clothes and, as soon as they were both in the nude, Terence dropped to his knees again as Jason stood before him to resume having his cock sucked. The tentative licks Terence had given his son a few moments earlier were a mere prelude to a full blowjob and Jason gasped as, this time, Terence took his offspring's cock deep into his mouth, almost choking as Jason's engorged knobhead hit the back of his throat.

"Fuck, dad," said Jason, "you sure are every bit as good as mom."

Terence lifted his eyes to Jason, giving him a smile of thanks as best he could considering he was still sucking hungrily on the thick rod. Jason closed his eyes as he was sent on another trip to paradise, less than twenty-four hours since he, his mother and father had had another of their regular threesomes. It was indeed, Jason admitted to himself, a pity that his mother had had to leave to attend to his grandmother but he and Terence both knew that Sherin would not want them to go without enjoying themselves until she got back.

Like his wife, Terence was a first class cocksucker and could go on sucking without a break for as long as he chose, a technique that had been handed down to him, with a few tips, from his father Arthur. Jason tweaked his father's nipples and drew Terence up to his full height, then with a little smile on his face, he beckoned his father over to the sun lounge.

Terence and Jason climbed onto the lounge and got into the sixty-nine position again, as they had done the night before and the night before that, in fact almost every night before that in the past six years. Alas, Sherin was not there now to talk dirty to them and applaud loudly as father and son pulled each other's triggers but that couldn't be helped, alas. Jason and Terence were now completely lost in a world of raunchy all-male sex as they mounted each other, their heads going down on each other's cocks.

The heat of the summer sun reflected and refracted on the naked writhing bodies as Terence and Jason abandoned themselves to the sins of the flesh. Jason's cock felt so good in Terence's mouth that he was still reluctant, after fifteen minutes, to relinquish it but there was that other special place where his son's cock always felt so deliciously good and Terence was now so fucking horny he just had to invite Jason to go there.

"You know what I want, don't you, son?" Terence said huskily, as he let Jason's cock fall from his mouth.

"No, dad," said Jason, teasingly, "tell me."

Terence didn't need to put into words what he wanted.

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