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A long day.

He put on the music he knew she loved asking her to dance with him. It was getting late, his mother headed off to bed. Dagmar turned to Beverly asking her to go and turn down their bed assuring her she would be up in a moment. When they finished dancing, Dagmar stood on her toes to give him a kiss on the forehead, but he changed it to a long kiss on the lips. She snuggled into him for a moment then asked if that was how a brother kissed his sister. He said if the brother truly loves his sister yes that is how she would be kissed. Paul told her he would like to kiss her every night. She accepted his answer and left for bed. He now realized his sister and her friend were not lesbians but women who explored their sexuality while waiting for the men they would eventually fall in love with.

Each night for the next month he lay on the chesterfield waiting for his sister to come for her kiss. At first, she tried to make it a peck but each night he turned it into more. After the first week she would lean down to kiss him fully. He would grab her and pull her down to his body, coercing her to lie on top of him as they kissed. Each time the kiss more intense, more time consuming. During the second week, he brought his leg up so his thigh was resting between hers. He could feel the heat of her sex. Toward the end of the second week, he felt the slow movement of her crotch against his thigh. While their tongues fought each other=s for the greatest arousal, she was masturbating against his leg.

That night, when he went to bed, he stroked himself to orgasm, still feeling the heat of her crotch against his leg. He now felt certain she wanted him as badly as he wanted her. The next night he wore shorts, which came, just below his crotch. To his surprise when she came to kiss him, she was wearing a mini skirt. Dagmar lay down on top of him as they began their kiss. He moved his thigh up to the usual position. The contact was fabulous as her bare thighs enclosed his, her heat through the fabric of her thin thong panties warming his leg. As the friction of her movement increased, the moisture began to soak onto his leg. She began to moan. He sent his hand down her back slowly putting it on her bottom. He shivered with his lust. When she asked why he shook, he almost lied telling her he was on a nerve but stopped telling her the truth instead. When he told her there was a sudden flush of moisture on his leg. The feel of that dampness was excruciating and he loved it

"I love you sis," he moaned as his hand helped her pump up and down his leg until she had an orgasm that left her shaking.

That night he again stroked himself to climax, his sperm spewing into the air around him. The following night his sister arrived for her goodnight kiss. He discovered, as he moved his thigh into position, she was naked under her skirt. He took the half globes of her bottom in both hands rubbing her up and down his leg, feeling the mass of hair as her pussy streamed onto his leg, until she shuddered in her spasm. The smell of her heated sex aroused him thoroughly He knew his erection was hard against her stomach. She couldn't possibly not be aware of it. She simply ground her body against him ignoring his arousal or perhaps reveling in his obvious interest. They continued until the end of the month, each night he stoked himself, after she left him, until he spewed into the air.

At the end of the month when his sister came to him, he held her in his arms telling her they were ready for a new level of pleasure, but they had to find a way to go about it without making it obvious to all around them. Dagmar had already thought for a long time on this subject and said

"Paul, you have to start dating to cover our love. There is only one person I love enough to allow you to date. Tomorrow I want you to ask Beverly out, bring her back here and kiss her like you have kissed me. I am sure you will be pleasantly surprised by the response you'll get."

The followi

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