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The Doctor plays with Chopin.

Then she noticed she felt all tingly and her heart was beating fast, and there was pleasant warmth she had never felt before in that special place that she had to guard against the adversary. She was released from his satanic trance when he removed the cigarette from his lips, extinguishing the light from the small cherry. He winked at her and gave her a knowing nod that told her he knew what he had just done to her. Ashamed and embarrassed she lowered her gaze to the ground, a mistake. Subconsciously she had avoided noticing his tight jeans, but now as she tried to avert her eyes downward she could not avoid the sight of his tight jeans. The curve of his rear end and a bulge where she had none captivated her for a moment. The warm feeling that had been between her legs returned and she felt flushed.

Through a distant tunnel she thought she heard someone calling her name and it took her a moment to realize it was Jimmy. She felt his arms wrap around her waist and lift her off his hood, when she could see again she was looking up at the car ceiling from the back seat of Jimmy's car. His face looked down at her then up to a crowd of anonymous faces that she knew from somewhere long ago. Jimmy was barking orders to those around him. As if emerging from a submersion in a rushing river the sounds of the real world suddenly rushed in on her; "Get her some water!" Jimmy shouted to a faceless face.

"I'm okay Jimmy." She finally managed to find her voice. "Must've been something I ate, can you just please take me home?"

"Sure thing honey." He said in a soothing tone of voice, and helped her out of the backseat and into the front passenger seat. As he made his way around the car he fielded a few questions from concerned friends before sliding into the driver's seat and taking her home.

She had thrown-up whenever she got home, Jimmy had helped her into the foyer of her family's farmhouse where her dad had Shang-hi'd him. After about a half hour her mom invaded the sanctity of the male den where dad had taken Jimmy, and informed the suitor that Bethany was fine, but had turned in. He made his good-byes and received a thank-you's and one compliment about him being a "fine young gentleman" as he left. He did ask if he would see Bethany at the rally the following day, but her mom told him that she was sorry but Bethany had decided to stay home.

That was her excuse to stay home when in fact she just wanted to stay home. She was popular, really liked Jimmy (was not totally convinced she wanted to sign up for a temple wedding yet) and was on several social committees at both her High School and the ward. However, she needed these moments to recharge and change from a dress and heels to shorts, casual shirt and comfortable shoes. She had to retreat to a time in her life that she was alone, the only child. Laying on her back in her barren patch of Earth looking up at the infinite sky she did not feel small or insignificant, but rather snug and cuddled by the tall corn reaching into the limitless blue or black.

Unfortunately today she could not find peace so she got up to walk home, maybe take a nap. When she reached the porch she noticed that her shoes had gotten muddied so she left them at the base of the porch steps and went straight to bed.

At high noon she was rudely awaken by the sound of an ancient and worn-out automobile horn being honked ruthlessly. She bounded down to the front door, and without thinking flung it open. She was sleepy and irritated by the interruption, and thus was not thinking straight. "We don't want an..." She stopped dead in her tracks; the Stranger stopped honking his horn. She noticed another shadowy shape in the car's passenger seat. "Who are you guys?"

He leaned against the hood of his old egg beater of a car, striking the same pose he had last night. He smiled, "Ken and I," he spoke in a Georgian twang "...are here to liberate ya darlin'."

"I didn't realize I was a damsel in distress.

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