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Amaya and Sara just can't stay away from each other.

Soon, I was sucking Terri wickedly, tasting her cum, just the way I would want a woman (Terri?) to suck me. And she fucked my mouth just the same way I had fucked her mouth under the Willow tree! I gagged on her massive cock! I had saliva and pre-cum running out the sides of my mouth and down my chin. It felt so perverted!

After about twenty minutes (I didn't want to stop sucking), Terri pulled away, and announced that she wanted to be fucked. I wondered about that too, but she moved to a treed area, and pulled her skirt up over her ass. My cock was instantly rock-hard-I've always enjoyed fucking assholes!

I moved behind Terri, and she parted her ass cheeks, exposing her tight hole for me to work. She lubed herself (think she had some K-Y), and stuck her ass back at my cock. It went in readily, and I began to stroke her ass, while she pushed back from the trunk of the tree to get my cock in further.

I ass-hole fucked her, slapping my nuts against her own nuts, and listening to the sound her ass cheeks made as she banged back against me. We fucked that way for another fifteen minutes. Finally, I grabbed her cock! It was still rock hard, and I began to masturbate it while I fucked her up her ass! Terri began to cumm! She began to spurt thick cum against the base of the tree. I got so hot watching her shoot her cock-cum that my own juices shot straight up her ass! I didn't pull back; it wasn't like she'd get pregnant.

Terri enjoyed feeling my cum shooting into her. She pushed back hard, grinding her ass at my cock. She was in a very erotic state.

Finally, we left the park, and went back to my place, where I fucked her like a proper woman needs to be fucked, in the ass.


Author's note: This segment is taken from another of my stories, 'Danielle's Day of Debauchery,' for the express purpose of exposure to/entertainment of those who enjoy reading Literotica Transgender stories.

Danielle couldn't believe it--all the hardcore sex she had been involved in since the beginning of the day. She needed to share her good fortune with Terri, her neighbor. Of course she didn't intend to tell Terri about the episodes with Randy and Judy; but Jerry, Danielle couldn't wait.

To let Terri see the outfit which had finally seduced Jerry, Danielle put on in the dress which she had bought that day, along with the stockings and heels she had worn to work, and went next door to Terri's home. As usual, she took the shortest route and entered through Terri's back door. In the kitchen, Danielle was about to call out to Terri, when a sixth sense told her to be cautious.

Instead, Danielle walked down the hall and was about to enter Terri's bedroom, where Terri spent a lot of time, when she noticed Terri in the bedroom, admiring herself in the floor to ceiling mirrors that ran the length of the wall. Danielle watched silently.

Terri had on extremely high spiked black heels, with welted white seamed stockings cinched tightly to her garterbelt. Her skintight miniskirt had a slit right between her legs. She was naked from the waist up. Danielle could see Terri`s small but firm breasts, with the nipples pulsing, jutting straight out.

Terri was massaging her titties, looking at them in the mirror, moving suggestively back and forth. Her eyes were glazed and she would occasionally jut her ass out erotically. Terri bent over and grabbed her ankles, looking between her legs to the mirror, so that she could see the dark swatch of hairs nestled high up in her ass crack. Danielle watched quietly, eager to see what Terri would do next.

Terri was turning herself on. Danielle, still watching intently, could feel herself getting wet also. This was a peep show worth watching from a front row seat!

Terri squatted lewdly, moaning as she saw herself in the mirror. She gapped her thick thighs apart wildly, and grabbed at her ass cheeks with her free hand. Danielle, suddenly in need again, was about to go to Terri, when something happened that she wouldn't have ever imagined about Terri.


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