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Part 2 of 'Teacher May I'.

Pumping her fist over the neck of his cockhead she put head in her mouth and looked up at him. Her tight fist pounding up and down against her mouth while she rubbed her pussy so hard in concert with her other hand that her glazed baby tits rippled. She sucked another sticky pool of leakage off his tip and kept her pussy busy giving him the same pleasure-pained needy mirror'd expression that his whole being personified. She stood and sucked him by the cock back to the sink and sat back on it naked. Drool lancing down her stomach, shoulder blades against the mirror, she opened her legs wide on the precipice of the sink.

"TAKE IT," she commanded.

The train stopped. They could hear the passenger doors clatter open. He had to leave, he had to, but he couldn't. But he had to.


Ah fuck! He needed to cum, he needed it. He went to reach for a condom but his tip was firmly guided against her hole. Her legs spread, back arched, nipples pursed and wrinkled in their erect cum pluck. She looked up at him, skull against the mirror and... was about to say something more but he relented.
He sunk in, the elasticism of her first fold gripping the underside of his weighted cockhead with frictioned suction.


Finally experiencing his raw thickness, she closed her eyes. He took a firm hand hold on her nakedness, grabbing her harshly."Shhh..."

"Thick...." she purr'd, slowly reaching up to cup his neck.

"Shhhhh-Shawn, that's my name. Now you know it."

He grabbed her ass and took her straight to his hilt, landing down the last 5 inches of his shaft in a hard thrust. She took it. All the friction, all the force. She took it and whined. He threw back into her desperately again, again, again, rekindling the need. The raw smack of condomless train sex.

She was sooo wet, but he was soooo thick that the friction was still so intense and every motion-laced second, every inch, every smack of his hilt against her...rippled her flesh. Her nipples jiggled.

"Oooooh... Shawn fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me," she repeated every hard pump into his ear. She leaned forward and bit his neck so hard that he flipped her over on the sink. She gripped the thin counter and arched her ass up on the balls of her feet and he wrestled into her hard again.

The mirror. She was tiny, her face open, mouth, eyes, her entire face open under his pounding. She was making sooo much noise.... She made noise just in trying to breathe against the ball slap on her clit. He moaned and just gave in to it, the raw fuck that he needed so fucking bad. His cock slid in and out of her pussy always dragged back by those plunger gripping purple lips. His shaft kept fully escaping but her grip on his cock head was too intense to pop out and she pulled him back in. He was pumping. He was pounding. But she was TAKING. Actively taking him, as aggressively and as hungrily as it was possible. He couldn't stop his body's need for release as it arose again!

--------- WILLMINGTON, DELAWARE ---------

"FUCK!" he swore. He just needed to fucking cum.

But he needed time, just like a minute but he...


He hung from the luggage racks still sweaty from her momentary grips before and just hung and she took over. Ramming back against his erect meat. Pussy swallowing him and rolling her hips against his trembling thighs. "Oh FUCK ME SHAWN!"


------FINAL WARNING------ all passengers with tickets to...

She laughed. Laughter that cut right through everything and made him think about the one woman he couldn't let down. He didn't wait to hear her protest and popped wet and hard of her hole. With one hand wiggling the locked door open while he THREW his cock repeatedly back down into his jeans. None of the repeats made it.

Seconds later the collective "GASP" from the line waiting for the bathroom made him grimace as he cupped his open fly with its splayed buttons and raged cock head in his curled palm.

Further louder gasps revealed they had looked inside by the time he got back to his

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