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Kate and Sandy face tragedy...are they able to move forward?

Ron slid his hand inside the shorts and around her until they rested on her ass. He started sliding them down, exposing her panties and he realized by the thin strap of a waist band that she was wearing a thong. He let them fall to the floor as he gazed at her pussy barely covered by the lacey patch of material. He had always been an "ass" man and as sexy as she looked he couldn't wait to see her turn around, his cock growing harder by the second. This was turning out way better than any of his expectations.

"Turn around," his voice reflected his growing excitement.

Gail did as she was told. She turned around, her ass mere inches from his face. Ron caressed her cheeks with both hands, she was amazingly firm for having such a nice full behind. She felt him fondling her ass for a few minutes then she felt him planting kisses all over her abundant cheeks. When he was momentarily satisfied with feeling her up he grabbed her arm and spun her back toward him.

"Lay across my lap, I am going to warm up your ass for you."

Gail did as directed. Lying across his lap, her butt up in the air and lewdly on display, she could feel his large cock pressing into her belly even though he still had his trousers on. His hand moved in a circular pattern across both of her cheeks. She had to admit it felt quite nice. Then, without warning, he brought his hand down in quick slap to her ass. She yelled out, she couldn't help it.

"I am glad you screamed, it turns me on. But no more screaming, I don't need the neighbors over here."

With that said, he proceeded to flail her upturned ass with another dozen swats. She suppressed he need to scream, emitting instead a low moan. Then he gently rubbed her ass as he admired his handiwork, her fanny now a nice pink color. Then he shoved his hands between her thighs, forcing them apart. He massaged her pussy through the barely there material of her thong. After a minute or so he pushed the material aside and rubbed her now moist pussy. Ron inserted a thick finger into her and finger fucked her for several seconds, then forced a second finger into her, he felt and heard her moan. He slowly fucked her with his fingers, she responded by pushing back against them, driving them deeper into her cunt. Then he pressed against her anus with his thumb. She was expecting something like that knowing he was into asses but it still took her by surprise. He rubbed her rosebud with his thumb as his fingers worked on her pussy. I took no more than a minute before she exploded in an orgasm.

He let her relax for a few moments enjoying the aftershocks of her orgasm. Then he helped her up. As she stood there, he slipped down her thong so he could see the beautiful pussy he had just fingered to orgasm. As he could tell by massaging her, she was clean shaven.

"I need you to take that bra off, I have to see those lovely tits," he told her.

She unhooked it and let it slide down her arms, exposing her full breast. There were topped by two medium sized brown nipples that were completely erect. She ran her hands over them just for affect.

She stood before him completely nude and feeling quite vulnerable. She was also oddly excited. She instinctively raised her hands up to cover her breasts. He told her to take them down and put them behind her back. She did so as he continued to devour her body with his eyes. She felt his fingers run up her soft inner thighs and then brush against her still sensitive pussy. She closed her eyes as she felt both of his hands move up and caress her breasts. He gently squeezed them telling her how beautiful they were. She winced slightly as he rolled her nipples between is thumbs and forefingers.

"Time for you to do something for me," he told her and motioned for her to kneel in front of him.

She didn't need to be told what he wanted.

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