Pool High Quality XXX

Chapters 4 & 5.

My pussy was damp. Damn her.

A man came next. He was short with black hair. He came to my breasts. He pulled my shirt down and sucked a nipple and did a little dance at the same time. I felt his hand on my thigh and he pushed his fingers roughly in my already wet pussy. He took them out and licked his fingers. I gave him a sly look and he walked away to the bathroom. Going to masturbate no doubt.

Another man came and another and another and another. None of them were so forward as the first two.

I had been in the club for over and hour now and except for the two people that were so brazen with me the club looked the same inside as any other.

I moved to the bar for a rest. I sat on the stool. I knew my pussy juice was wetting the seat. I was chugging a mixed drink and the coolness slid down my throat. I was hot and fanning myself. I

I suddenly realized the club was very different than my first impression. Many women were now topless. I was hot so I took my shirt off and decided to forgo the bra as well. When in Rome ya know? I drank and drank and was on my fourth when I looked up and saw him.

He was a very attractive man dancing nearby. He was alone on an awfully large box above the heads of the dancers on the floor. He was moving slightly slower than everyone else but he was still dancing to the beat.

His shirt was off and he was staring at me. He nodded a hello. I smiled back. He used a finger to tell me to come and dance. I got up from my stool slowly. Took a napkin from the bar and wiped the seat. Two men nearby frowned and told me to leave it next time.

I walked up to the box. He took my hands and pulled me up beside him. On the box I realized my ass and pussy would be visible to anyone below me. That was not about to stop me from dancing with this man.

We danced. The music was hard and fast. We moved to the music and my breasts were swaying. The music eventually slowed for a bit and his hands began exploring my body. His hands found my breasts and pinched my nipples hard. I yelled out but no one heard me in the club. I felt his hands on my ass. He was playing with my cheeks, squeezing and rubbing. My pussy was flowing down onto my thighs. I was moving my ass against his hardness felt clearly through his pants. A new song came on.

Someone handed me a new drink and smiled at me. I gladly accepted and threw the bottle back down after chugging it. I moved my ass back toward the sweaty hotness behind me only to feel his cock on my ass not his pants. I put my hand behind me and felt a throbbing mass of flesh in my hand. Not too large, not too small. As Goldilocks would say, "just right". I danced again.

The music was still good for bumping and grinding slowly. I pushed against him and he spread my ass cheeks apart. I felt his cock head on my ass before I realized this would be dry without any lube. I wanted to protest but I was already feeling my asshole being pushed open to accept him.

I clenched my teeth and grunted hard. I was in so much pain. The dry entry was causing unbearable friction. It hurt too much. I decided to bite the bullet ,so to speak, and thrust back on his dry cock. I could no longer hold it together so I growled as my ass was filled by hot dry meat.

He whispered in my ear that I would love this. I knew I would. He continued playing with my breasts and pinching them. He kept his cock up my ass and I adjusted very very very slowly to his size. We continued moving slowly to the music. After the next song started he began to push his cock further into my ass and then back out.

My ass was raw there was no lube. It hurt. It hurt so much. It hurt just right. After ten minutes of this pain his pre-cum began oozing more abundantly and my ass felt only slightly better until...

The music changed.

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