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Dreams of renewal are revived from memories of their hot sex.

Jake immediately grabbed it with his fist and began masturbating.

"Yeah," he gasped. "Go on, touch yourself."

Jennifer kept looking at his cock as she masturbated. Adam looked at them both, fascinated. The beautiful, naked girl, forced to expose herself by his gay boyfriend - who was already turned on by the sight of her tits and her cunt. And Adam couldn't blame him - there was something about Jennifer's beauty that transcended gender and sexuality. He bet straight girls were turned on by her, too. How many happily married women lay in bed at night, secretly masturbating at the thought of

Jennifer? Adam was getting an erection, too.

Still stroking his cock, Jake looked at Adam.

"Come over here," he said.

Adam stood in front of him.

"On your knees," Jake said.

Adam knelt down, and Jake let go of his cock. It bounced rigidly in front of Adam's face, a droplet of clear fluid seeping from its tip.

"Suck it!" Jake ordered.

Obediently, Adam opened his mouth and wrapped his lips around the warm, erect shaft. He heard Jennifer gasping behind his back.

"Oh my God!" she sighed.

"Yeah?" Jake said, as Adam began sucking his cock. "You like to watch that? You like to see Adam sucking my cock?"

Jennifer whimpered and sobbed.

"Oh, oh yes," she said. "I love it. Suck that cock, Adam. Suck it good."

Adam moved his head back and forth, Jake's hard cock slipping in and out between his lips, covered in saliva.

"Aaah!" Jake gasped. "Yeah. Like that."

Adam heard Jennifer moaning louder and louder, apparently turned on by the sight of him sucking Jake's cock.

"Ohmigod, keep going!" she cried. "Keep going. I'm gonna come..."

Jake slipped his cock from Adam's mouth with a loud pop. Adam turned to look at Jennifer. She sat up on the towel, masturbating at a furious pace, juice gushing from her pink cunt.

"Oooh!" she cried. "Oooh!"

She fell back on the towel, her entire body shaken by convulsions. Moaning loudly, she forced two fingers into her cunt. She lay there shivering, as the orgasm surged through her.

"I need some of that," Jake said softly

He walked over to Jennifer and lay on his knees on the edge of the towel. His big hands grabbed her ankles and forced her legs apart. Jennifer looked up at him, her face flushed. Adam stood up, adjusting his position to get a better look.

"Jake..." she whispered.

Jake's long, erect cock jerked with excitement.

"I want to feel your pussy around my cock," he said.

He grabbed the shaft in his hand and assumed the position, the head of his cock pressing against her labia. She whimpered.

"Yeah," Jake gasped, pushing forwards.

Her pussy lips yielded to his hard cock. Inch by inch his stiff shaft entered her cunt. Adam watched as his boyfriend buried the entire length of his cock inside Jennifer's soft, wet flesh.

"Ohhh!" she cried.

Adam had an erection, too - quite strong in fact, almost painful. He swiftly slid off his swimming trunks and kicked them away.

Jake held still inside Jennifer's cunt, catching his breath in deep gasps.

"Are you ready?" he said. "Are you ready for my cock? I'm gonna fuck the hell out of you, you filthy little slut."

Jennifer threw her head from side to side, sobbing with pleasure as she felt Jake's cock inside her. Jake pulled back, slipping nearly all the way out of her cunt. The shaft glistened with her juices in the bright sunlight.

"No answer?" he said, teasingly. "Well, I'm ready - and that's all that really matters. Here I go, baby!"

And immediately he began thrusting into Jennifer's cunt in hard, fast strokes. She screamed. Which only seemed to turn him on even more. With powerful thrusts he hammered his erect cock into her pussy again and again.

Adam stared at them, his cock twitching with excitement. Jake fucking Jennifer. It had to be one of the sexiest scenes he'd ever seen. He couldn't keep his hand off his cock. He just had to masturbate.

"Ah! Ah! Ah!" Jennifer cried.

Grunting with pleasure, Jake kept thrusting into her.

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