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Corporate woman returns home to her pet.

A minute later I felt his balls tighten, and he started to grunt, and I got off him and his cum flew up in the air, and landed on his stomach. I've never let him, or any of my past boyfriends cum in me, I just don't want to take the chance of getting pregnant, even though I'm on birth control.

Kevin looked at me and said," What was that all about?"

I couldn't tell him that the dream about Landon fucking me got me so wet. I loved Kevin very much, and I can very well see myself marrying him someday, but tonight Landon was all I could think about.

I just looked him in the eye and said," Just got in the mood baby, I hope you liked it."

"Did I ever!!!" He almost screamed

We both said goodnight, and back to sleep I went.

It had been two weeks since the incident, and it was finally time to go back to work. The day was pretty typical, but I hadn't seen Landon at all that day. My boss then asked me to run to the other house and grab something. I froze, and it all came rushing back to me, then he said not to worry, and I'll see what he's talking about when I get out there. I headed out the back door, and instantly saw Landon standing there with his shirt off, hammering nails into a piece of wood. Thoughts started running through my head, and I could feel the dampness in my pussy. Landon looked up and saw me standing there and smiled.

"Hey there Rikki!" He said.

"Hi Landon."

He stood up and approached me sweat glistening off his skin. He held out his hand for me to grab it.

"Come on, I want to show you something." he said.

I was hopping he was going to take me somewhere and fuck my brains out. He started to take me down the trail and I noticed that the bushes were all cut back, and that there was a big fence around the trail with cameras all over the place. All fear I had when my boss first told me to come down the trail was gone, but not because of the fence, or the cameras, but because of the amazing man holding my hand walking me down the trail. Landon explained all the work he had done to make it safer, and make me feel better. He had been working on this for about two weeks, and all I could think about was his cock inside me. I threw my arms around his neck and hugged him, and he returned the hug.

"Thank you so much." I said.

"No problem, I did what I could." He said

"Not just for all this work you did, but thank you for what you did." I said as I started to tear up.

"Hey, don't cry Rikki, you don't need to thank me, I did what had to be done. I'm just glad your ok."

I couldn't say anything I just cried with my head buried into his shoulder, smelling his cologne once again. I felt tingles in my pussy, and all the dreams and thoughts of Landon came rushing to me, and I kissed him on the lips. He stopped

"Rikki, I can't do this, your not thinking clear. I have a wife, and you have a boyfriend." Landon said

"Landon I'm sorry, its just that I have these feeling for you now, and these dreams about you, and I can't stop thinking about you."

"I'm sorry, but I love my wife very much. I think your beautiful, and a wonderful person, but this can't ever happen."

He was right, I had a good thing going with Kevin, and he had his wife, how could I be so stupid. He noticed that I understood, and took my hand to walk me back to the house.

The weeks passed, and the dreams about him continued, and it ended up with me waking up horny and wet, and I'd fuck the shit out of Kevin. Work was normal, except Landon basically avoided me. I finally got fed up with not seeing him so I confronted him one day at lunch.

"Landon, why are you avoiding me?"

He looked puzzled and said," What do you mean, avoiding you?"

"You've haven't been talking to me the way you usually do, and I like talking to you. Is this about the kiss?"

"No....well kind of. It just kind of changed things, and I want to avoid any sort of temptation."

It was then I realized that he wanted me, but was fighting it off.

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