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Home again, home again.

She held my head more tightly, her lips pressed against my forehead. Her robe parted enough for me to see most of her tits.

I moved my hand down under the hem of her robe and slipped it up along her satin legs to her bare cheeks. She murmured, "Jim we have time."

I had a raging hard-on and my cock had worked its way upwards along my belly until the knob was trapped under the waistband of my swimming trunks. Susan began to run her palm along the outline of my cock.

We kissed softly at first, and then allowed our passion free reign as our mouths opened and our tongues engaged.

"I have wanted you forever Susan," I groaned.

She replied, "I know, I have had the same feelings for you, this may be the only chance we will ever have."

I turned my chair to face her and opened her robe. She placed her hands on my shoulders and leaned over me as I ravenously sucked and licked tits and nipples. She moved her legs each side of my knees, spreading herself. I looked down at the trimmed bush of her pussy. I could make out the protruding lips framed between her silken thighs.

"Touch me for God's sake, feel me," she murmured "Lets fuck Jim; I am dying to feel your cock in me."

I closed my hand around her pussy, rubbing the heel of it against her mound while my fingers slipped between her legs along each side of her slit. I caressed and teased the lips, feeling the wetness develop until one finger slid easily into her hole.

She pushed the waistband of my suit down and grasped my hard cock. We pleasured each other with our hands as our mouths engaged again in hot sloppy passionate kisses. I lifted my butt as she pushed the suit to the floor.

She moved over top of me in the chair, maneuvering to place her pussy over my throbbing cock. Her pussy lips licked and sucked my knob before slowly devouring the entire shaft.

"Jesus yes" I groaned, as she settled down slowly as my cock parted the velvet folds and hot licking tongues inside her pussy. She rubbed her tits on my face before feeding me a nipple. We ground away at each other. I was ready to go for it all until she slowly lifted off. My wet cock slipped out of her cunt as she backed away from me.

She draped her robe over her shoulder and turned and walked to my bedroom. Turning her head back to me she said, "I want it in bed with you, no rushing or shortcuts, I want it all, I want you to fuck me properly."

I watched her jiggling naked ass for a few seconds before standing to follow her as if in a trance. She stood waiting at the edge of the bed and our bodies glued together as if compelled by attracting magnets.

We stood there for a while with our tongues buried in each other's mouths, skin to skin. My cock was between her legs slipping back and forth along her slit.

She sat down on the edge of the bed and took my cock in her mouth. She immediately began to suck and lick it while gently fondling my balls. I was ready to cum when she slowly slipped her mouth off of my cock and lay back on the bed with her feet still on the floor.

No need to ask what she wanted, I knelt down and moved my head up between her legs and French kissed her pussy. I love to go down on a half fucked pussy. There is something about the taste and texture of an aroused cunt that fills my mind with lust.

Susan cried out as I worked away licking and sucking the lips, slipping a finger into her cunt before sliding it down between her legs to tease her butt hole with the wet tip. I closed my lips on the tip of her clit and flicked my tongue along it.

She vibrated in pleasure, "Oh Jim, I knew you would do me like that, I just knew it. Don't make me cum yet!"

I lifted up to a standing position as she back crawled up to the pillow; her tits were swinging with each move. She lay with her head on the pillow and lifted her knees up with her feet on the bed and legs spread open in invitation.

I crawled up over top of her on hands and knees.

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