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There are some things good girls just don't do.

We had some small talk and then she gave me a few jobs to do. Put some shelves up, cut the grass and some general tidying up around the garden. After finishing outside, I went inside to find Fel to see where the shelves needed to go. She explained that she wanted them up in their bedroom so she could put her books on them.

As I started to measure up where they needed to go, she walked over to the window. "Oh there's my friend Doris," she said, looking over and waving at the apartment block opposite. "It's good having her there as she can always see what's going on at my house when we aren't here. In fact when we were away she said that this curtain was drawn a few times, you don't know why that was, do you?"

My heart sunk instantly. Oh my God I had been caught! What was I going to say? "I....I....I had a shower a couple of times when I was here. Your power shower is much nicer than ours."

"Oh that's ok hun." she replied, but I could tell in her face that she wasn't sure about my answer. She went off to get some drinks and returned a few minutes later. There was a very uncomfortable silence. I just carried on working, pretending to concentrate on the job. Thinking I had gotten away with it, I started to relax again. Fel then tapped me on the shoulder and said, "Jason I want to ask you something and I want you to be honest with me."

"Ok." I answered, as a guilty feeling swept through my body again.

"Every time we go away, my underwear draw seems to be a little messed up. At first I thought it was Jo borrowing a pair but none ever go missing so I was wandering if you knew anything about it."

This was it, I had been caught. My life was over! Fel had busted me, she would tell Jo, she would dump me and tell all my friends. I felt like crying. How could I be so stupid?! I looked up at Fel and just didn't know what to say. She looked at me and obviously could see I was shitting myself.

"It's ok honey, whatever you tell me will stay between us. I just want to know what has been happening, that's all." She said this with a little smile on her face, giving me a wink as she said she wouldn't tell.

Fuck it then, 'I got nothing to lose' I thought. What's the worst that can happen? She tells me to stop and doesn't let me be alone in the house anymore.

"Well yes, it was me, but please please please don't tell Jo, she would be so mad at me!"

"Don't worry I won't say a word as long as you are honest with me. Why were you looking in there?"

"I'm so so so sorry, I just couldn't help it. I find underwear really sexy. The first time I met you I could see you had a sexy lacy bra on and just wanted to see what other stuff you had."

"Did you find anything you like?" she said with a little glint in her eye.

"Well yeah, you've got some nice sets in there."

"So what do you do with them, and remember I want you to be honest."

I was so scared but in a way was finding this very horny. My cock had started to rise and was getting harder by the second. Luckily I had a baggy jumper on to cover my ever rising hard-on. "I get out your panties and rub them on myself. Sometimes use your nighties too. I just love the feel on my cock."

Fel smiled at me as I started to go all shy. "It's ok hun I don't mind. In fact I find it a bit erotic. How about you show me what you do?" She said sitting down on the bed.

I couldn't believe it. My girlfriend's mother was sitting on her bed asking me to rub her panties on my erect cock while she watches. What was going on? Was she testing me? Is she expecting me to say no? I was so turned on and really wanted to, but I couldn't take the risk. "Fel, I'm not sure about this. We shouldn't be doing this, isn't it a little but wrong?" I asked hoping that I would get the answer I wanted so bad.

"Well you would be getting what you want and to be honest I wouldn't mind watching. I haven't seen a man play with himself for years and never one as handsome as you."

That was enough for me.

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