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Darkness comes to Earth & finds his unborn soulmate.

She directed the younger girl in the application of her makeup, chiding her for even the slightest subtlety. "You're a Jersey Girl now," Sharon intoned, "remember? 'Understated' does not exist in your vocabulary. Now, apply that shadow heavier. I want it really dark. Thaaat's it. Now, make that liner stroke nice and thick. Extennnnd out from the corner. Now the lower line. Good. Now, I want to see three full coats of mascara. No, Sweetie; use the Raven Red lipstick. Two full coats. Now, a coat of gloss over that. Prettyyyyy. What man would be able to resist kissing THOSE lips?"

The elder sibling delighted in 'pushing the edge' with her sister's appearance, outfitting and adorning Shauna more dramatically than Sharon herself would ever dare. In that, she took a certain vicarious thrill of living dangerously through her 'Barbie'. At the same time she made over Shauna physically, she worked on honing her sister's new, more daring personality. Evelyn had carefully outlined the traits Shauna should display. The elder sister worked on developing those qualities in her. Together, stepmother and elder daughter would reinforce those same traits in the evening session.

Shauna's was a 'total immersion' experience. There was never a question of her interacting in or out of 'character'. No conscious decision by the attractive young vixen was involved. After such constant, intensive re-programming, Shauna completely internalized the distinctive accent, speech patterns, mannerisms, and every detail of her 'life' in New Jersey. Aurora was OK, for her, but a little on the dull side compared to 'Jersey and New York. She adored her Aunt Evelyn and Cousin Sharon. She just wished her cousin cared a little more about her appearance. She was really pretty, but came across kinda... plain. Know what I mean?

Shauna developed a taste for something else she had learned by watching The Sopranos. Whenever she was home alone, she practiced the erotic body movements of the girls who danced at Tony Soprano's club. One evening, she entered the living room, clicked off the television, popped a CD into the CD player, and strutted saucily to the center of the room, clad only in a black, see-through nylon bodysuit, stiletto-heeled black patent pumps, and appropriately overdone makeup. She performed an impromptu "floor show" for her astonished family, ending in a "lap dance" for a totally-captivated Evelyn. Sharon and Evelyn applauded wildly for the young vixen's bravado. This was a completely unexpected development for the pair, but not an unwelcome one. The next day, the elder woman had a floor-to-ceiling dance pole installed in one corner of the living room, that her new 'pole kitty' could hone her skills.

Intent on discovering how far the ravishing redhead was willing to take this stunning new development, Evelyn introduced Shauna to her collection of X-rated films. The videos featured shameless sluts who made Adriana La Cerva look like a Girl Scout. The stepmother had considered giving the girl a hypnotic 'nudge' in the right direction, but none was necessary. Shauna took to this newest 'role play' enthusiastically. In the privacy of her bedroom, she practiced the techniques she had watched with the aid of one of Evelyn's dildos.

The line between real life and 'reel life' ceased to exist for the comely cocktease. It was like a waking dream, through which the proud, defiant jezebel slinked like a panther on the prowl. That Shauna's over-the-top appearance and personality were a Hollywood-inspired caricature was unimportant. Evelyn knew, firsthand, this 'caricature' was based more than a little on fact. More importantly, the only contact most people of Aurora had with New Jersey was the same movies and television shows that had been used to train Shauna; they would expect a girl from New Jersey with a checkered past to be that stereotype. Evelyn knew that, too. In fact, she was counting on it.

Evelyn was not disappointed.

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