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Christina’s hot pursuit.

Just spread your legs and I'll be done in a minute." He continues to stimulate her nipple and finger fuck her.

She doesn't want to admit it, but his finger and mouth are lowering her resistance. "Okay, okay get off me for a second, I need lubrication."

David goes to the night stand, and gives her the KY Jelly.

Sandy applies the ointment to her pussy, lies on her back, and spreads her legs. Between David's actions and her thoughts of Rex she's ready for her husband.

"That's my girl." David kisses her shoving his cock into her. "Ah, that's what I want and need. You have a great snatch." His tongue invades her mouth as he strokes her slowly.

She breaks the kiss. "I want to have an orgasm, so roll us onto my back so I can finger my clitty."

David laughs. "So now you want some. I thought you'd come around."

They roll over with Sandy on top. She slides up and down his erection.

"Sandy you're a great piece-of-ass keep riding me." He pushes her upright and fondles her breasts.

She has sensitive nipples and enjoys David's manipulations. At the same time, she fingers her clit until she feels the rumblings of a climax. She falls to his chest, grabs his shoulders and rides him like a cowgirl. Her hair flies around their heads as she strokes them to climaxes.

"Aaaugh, Sandy you're the greatest," David says as he comes.

She squeezes her pussy lips as tight as she can as the contractions of her uterus send her to the stars, "Yes, yes, yes, oooooaugh!

* * *

Sandy prepares a salad, meat loaf, mashed potatoes with gravy, and green beans. For desert she has carrot cake and coffee. The only conversation during the meal pertains to passing food.

David leaves the kitchen with a glass of wine on the way to his office.

Sandy is upset, as usual, because he runs off to his office every night to check on the business' paperwork. She does the dishes while thinking about the tennis match and the handsome, sexy Rex Elliot. He may have been a little obvious with his ogling, but he treated her with respect and offered to give her lessons. She wouldn't mind being around an older gentleman who could probably improve her tennis game, and whose butt and legs attracted her

With the dishes done, she looks up Rex's number in the membership directory. It's a little after eight on Saturday 7 September when she calls. The phone rings six times before it's answered.

"Hello Sandy, I'm sorry I was at the other end of my home when my cell rang. What can I do for you?"

She hears music in the background. "Am I disturbing you? I hear music."

"No, I was doing some paper work in my office when you called, and I always have some type of music playing when I'm home."

"I'm calling to see if you have time this week to give me a lesson? Some of my friends and I are going to play a doubles match at seven on Wednesday. I was hoping you could meet with me after that. We should be done by 8:30." Sandy waves her free hand in a variety of gestures as she talks.

"Wednesday about 8:00 will be fine. I'm playing with some friends, but we'll be done long before you are. I'll reserve a court for 8:30, and see you after your game. Thanks for calling and I look forward to watching you play, and see if I can determine what kind of things you need to work on to improve your game."

* * *

Rex showers after playing three sets with Ralph Guy, and has a sandwich in the dining room before going to the court where Sandy and her friends are playing. He sees right away that Sandy is going to be a project. Her serve is a baby tap over the net, and she seldom returns a ball. She either misses the ball all together, or hits it into the net or out of the playing service. The best thing about her game is the tight fitting short shorts covering a well-formed ass, and the low cut blouse revealing both cleavage and lots of bouncing breasts as she runs around the court. He meets her at the gate when she and the other players leave the court.

They exchange hellos.

"I've reserved court number fifteen for 8:30.

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