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An ancient feud carries over to present day.

She simply seemed to melt against me. I was lost in an overload of sensations. There was a man licking each of my breasts, a man massaging each of my feet. My hands were being kissed by what felt like a man and a woman.

I nearly leapt off the table when I felt a warm breathe caressing my butt. A warm tongue started licking each cheek before zeroing in on crack and following it down to my asshole. I realized that I was on a special table similar to the kind of exam table found in a doctor's office.

The woman raised her lips from mine and moved to whisper into my ear. "Now there is only one more zone to be stimulated. Your pussy is dripping cream onto the table. I can smell your scent in the air. I have to ask you a simple question. Who would you like to service your last zone? There are 2 people waiting in this room for an assignment, one male and one female. Which one would you like to service you?

I hesitated for a moment as my mind whirled with the scenarios. I had never been with a woman, but it had always been in the back of my mind. A woman would know where and how to bring me the best pleasure. On the other hand a man would know how to bring me to the edge and over the fastest.

"Everyone stop." The woman who kissed so heavenly said to the room. All touching upon my body suddenly stopped. "You must choose at once, do not think just feel. You are here to be pleasured, not to worry about anything or think. Now choose."

"The man." I decided. "But I want the woman to kiss me and I want you to tell me what is happening to me. I love to hear words, fuck my mind while everyone else fucks my body."

That seemed to be the magic words. All of those glorious hands and tongues and mouths came back to me and resumed pleasuring me. I became even wetter, my breasts seemed to grow another cup size and my lips tasted the sweetest mouth on the planet.

The woman with the husky sex laden voice began to narrate the scene before her eyes and it came to life in my mind. "There are two men caressing your feet, one black man who well over 6 feet in height and one Asian who has a shaved head. Two women, who are also kissing each other, are massaging your legs. They both have pierced nipples connected by silver chains. Two white muscular men are kissing your hands. The woman kissing you in a beautiful redhead about 18 years old. All of the people participating are very naked and willing to do anything you say. The man licking your ass is a Latino man who does not speak a word of English his brother is licking your pussy cream."

With her last words I came in a rush. It was all too much. The women, the men and the words all floated around me. I came so hard, my body jerked and I cried out. I generally have 2 or 3 orgasms during sex, but this one was so intense it felt like 20 orgasms in one. The waves of pleasure seem to emanate from my very soul and lasted for nearly 10 minutes.

When my orgasm started, everyone stopped touching me. And it dawned on me that through out all of this, nothing had penetrated me. No fingers, no vibrators, no tongues, nothing at all. My tongue had entered the other women's mouths, but they did not enter mine.

After what seemed to be an eternity I came out of my sexual haze. The cloth was still covering my eyes, but I could hear murmurs of voices all around. "So what's next?" I asked of the room and I soon had my answer, not in words but actions. A cock was easily thrust into my pussy and I felt it touch bottom. The cock almost seemed to be on a piston instead of attached to a human. The rhythm was too perfect, so powerful.

My husky voiced narrator whispered from above my head, "Miguel does a fine job, doesn't he? He works very hard to please a woman. I hope you like him. Get ready for his brother Ramon."

With her final words I felt another cock enter me from below, it went straight into my well-reamed ass. I could feel both cocks were just about identical and wondered if they brothers looked alike as well. I felt filled.

My narrator came back to me and said, "Meet

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