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Then came the crotch length black stockings that extended as far as possible. No pantyhose today-I want him to have access to my "pussy" and my six inch clit. After the stockings were in place, a pair of black bikini panties for a show of modesty. Which shoes? I selected my 5 1/2" black patent pumps to show off my legs. Wow, does it feel good to stand in them and walk around a bit to get used to the feel in heels.

Now I slipped into a black satin spaghetti strapped dress that stopped just above my knees. A necklace and bracelet were donned and then a bit of a black wrap over my shoulders completed the dressing.

Under the dress, my tits were bare and as I moved, the dress sliding on the nipples kept them hard and caused electric ripples to my clit causing it to harden in anticipation.

Well, the magic moment I've been waiting for-I phoned him and told him it was OK to come to the room again. Lights down low, blinds closed and me standing near the door shaking in anticipation of what was to come.

Suddenly the door opened and closed and there my beautiful lover was!! We were both speechless, but not paralyzed. In a flash I was in his arms and we were deep into a loving passionate kiss. I nearly came with excitement. We babbled and touched and touched some more. I took him by the hand and led him across the room. I slowly divested him of every stitch he was wearing, so there we were, him naked and me dressed like a classy hooker. Just the way I like it. His cock stood proudly and jammed against my belly as we kissed again. I turned in his arms and felt his cock pressing against my backside. Holding his hands I brought the to my tits. His hands are the best in the world and when they are fondling my tits, I melt. Now he can have his way with me.

And so it began. First came the wrap off my arms. Then the little black dress followed it. He led me to the bed and before lowering me, he slid off the panties. We kissed and touched and rubbed against one another. His hands slid all over my body, fondling my tits, kissing and licking them. Then he began to caress my legs and kiss his way from ankles to crotch. Finally he took my 6" clit into his mouth and began to caress it with lips and tongue. I could die happy at that moment.

Not wanting to have the first orgasm yet, I stopped him, kissed him and them took his cock into my mouth. God, I love the taste and feel of his cock. It is the perfect size and will enter my throat just enough to feel great, but I can still breathe. I could suck on it forever, but I don't want him to come yet.

Without words, he understood that it was time for him to take charge, and take charge he did. He lifted my butt and slid a pillow and towel under me. I watched as he lubricated his fingers and began to rub my pussy gently as he took me into his mouth again. Slowly he introduced my pussy to his finger, sliding in and out to the first knuckle. Little by little he opened me up with one finger, then two, and then three. At last he raised himself, lubed his cock and brought the head to my pussy. By now I am panting with lust and ready to lose my virginity to him. I pulled him down and we kissed. During the kiss I could feel the head of his cock pushing against my ring gently at first and then a little more forceful until the head popped past the ring. "Stop for a moment while I get my breath, and get used to it," I said. He withdrew his cock and then reentered, more easily this time. After a few of these, I could feel more of him and slowly he finally buried all of his cock in me. What a delicious feeling it was to have my lover in my arms and his cock balls deep in me. I wanted it to last forever.

Suddenly the bull in my lover appeared and he began to drive into me and back like a pile driver.

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