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Savage Beasts.

Sandra was conflicted. This was after all what she had wanted when she started today. What she had not planned was Hector's aggressive, and unrelenting, claiming of her pussy. Sandra had envisioned she would have all the control today. She had pictured a long tease session with Hector. She had thought she would wrap him around her little finger and then finally grant him access to her pussy.

While she was processing this information, Sandra momentarily let her body run on autopilot. As she came back to her current situation, she had glossed over the fact that Hector was again about to smack her tit. Sandra noticed her body was continuing to rise to meet Hector's thrusts. She looked down to notice that her cunt was leaving a heavy cream on Hector's cock. SMACK!

Shocking her out of her disjointed thoughts, Sandra was immediately brought into focus. "Ouch you fucker," was all Sandra could yell before the next equally hard slap grazed her left tit. SLAP!

"You're going to bruise my chest you cocksucker. Fucking stop hitting my tits!"

Hector continued to machine gun his cock in and out of Sandra's wet hole. Hector spoke again; interspersing thrusts with words. Hector again demanded Sandra submit her pussy for his use. "Tell (thrust) Hector (thrust) he (thrust) can (thrust) have (thrust) this (thrust) pussy (thrust) whenever (thrust) he (thrust) wants (thrust)." With the last thrust, Hector shoved his cock to the hilt, holding it against her clit.
Regardless of what she wanted, Sandra felt her body convulse, shuddering her entire body with a deep orgasm. "Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god," Sandra was barely intelligible.

Just as the pulsing sensation starting to ease within Sandra, she noticed Hector's open hand again raising to strike her. "Okay, okay, whenever you want, just no more hitting. As it is I'll be lucky if you didn't bruise my tits! How the hell would I explain that?"

"That's a wise choice my little peach." Hector lowered his hand, pushed Sandra's knees to her chest and again started to pound her pubic bone with extreme prejudice.

"The next time Hector tells you to do something, I expect you respond immediately. If Hector has to ask you something twice, Hector is going to punch you in the head. Do you understand me?"

In between breaths Sandra gasped, "yes, just please don't be so rough with me."

Hector smiled knowingly. Using his arms which were already under Sandra's legs, Hector brought both hands toward her head. His left hand on her throat and his right across her nose and mouth, Hector cut off Sandra's air supply.

Holding her head like a handle, Hector hammered his pelvis against Sandra. Each downward thrust, Hector made sure there was no wasted space in Sandra's pussy. Hector was now pursuing his own release. As his hips continued to pound at her pelvic bone, Hector watched Sandra's face.

Hector recognized the panic in Sandra's eyes as she realized she was being suffocated. As her air supply continued to dwindle, Sandra lost sight of the fact that Hector was aggressively fucking her. All she was thinking about was her next breath. Sandra's hands futilely attempted to break his hands of their vice-like grip of her airways. Sandra couldn't move her head, nor could she knock his hands away.

For all of her effort, Sandra could not wrench Hector's hands away from her face and throat. With the last of her available strength, Sandra slammed her fists at Hector's arms and wrists. It was as if she was smacking them on steel bars, they did not flinch. As the darkness started to envelope her, Sandra's strength ebbed. Quickly, her arms fell to her sides and her body went limp.

Just as Sandra blacked out, Hector completed his final thrust. Buried as deep as possible in Sandra's sweet pink pussy, Hector emptied himself. The first 3 spurts were involuntary; his body reacting to the orgasm. Hector removed his hands from Sandra's neck and mouth and consciously flexed twice more; ensuring that every drop was deep in Sandra's cunt.


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