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"Good girl, toy. You love being a slut for your Mistress, don't you?" toy moaned and nodded her head as she sucked the finger into her mouth and pushed back to take the two fingers deep in her asspussy.

"Do you deserve any relief, my slut? Do you think you deserve a hard shecock in that hungry asspussy of yours?" toy released the sodden finger from her mouth and and moaned, "yes Mistress, please allow this girl to pleasure my owner's shecock with my hot, tight asspussy. I beg you... please, let me pleasure your thick hard cock with my tight little pleasure hole."

Mistress smiled and slowly walked behind the horse, slowly twisting her two fingers until the popped out of the hungry puckered rosebud. toy moaned in despair, the sudden emptiness leaving her aroused and wanting. Mistress gathered more of the oozing girly squirt dripping from the caged clitty and coated her own shecock, now hard and thick and erect. Mistress stood watching the twitching rosebud, and finally rested the glistening head on the flushed pink orifice. Mistress slowly place her hands on the smooth hips of her trembling girl and just stood there savoring the moment. toy squirmed and tried to push back on the object of her burning need, but Mistress held her firm and watched the girl writhe in aroused anticipation.

"oh please Mistress, please allow the girl to pleasure your cock with my hot tight asspussy. Please, please, fuck your naughty girl... fuck her hard... make my pleasure hole milk you and give you pleasure." Mistress smiled and flexed her hips forward, at the same pulling back on her toy's hips and took her girl deeply in one swift thrust.

"OMG, MISTRESS... OH YESSSSSSSSS!" There was a molten hot flash as toy's tight pucker suddenly was filled and stretched in one quick second. The pain was intense for the open vulnerable girl and toy yelped as the sudden intrusion washed over her body. toy trembled as she was so stretched and filled, the pain reaching every nerve in her body. Mistress held her hips tight savoring the intense tight heat sleeving her straining shecock. toy jerked spasmodically as her body adjusted to being so filled in a place that just moments ago was so empty. toy moaned and shivered as her whole existence adjusted to the searing heat emanating from her stretched and engorged hole. toy panted trying to collect herself, finally uttering a panting whisper, "fuck me please, Mistress"

"Good girl." Mistress slowly withdrew her steel hard shecock until only the head was surrounded by the tight straining ring, then slowly slid back in until she was buried to the hilt. Then withdrew again, only to sink deep inside the pleasure canal again. "Mmmmmmmmm... such a good tight asspussy... you serve your Mistress's shecock well, you anal slut." Mistress pistoned her hips... in and out... in and out... until her hips were undulating in a continuous motion, fucking and using the girl she owned. The searing heat in toy's asspussy was transforming into a molten buzzing glow that emanated throughout her body. toy was so lost in being taken and used, drifting off into the netherworld of subspace. There was nothing else in the world except the sensations that consumed her body.

Mistress continued fucking the straining rosebud, her shecock massaged by the hot tight tunnel. Mistress held toy's hips tight, moving her just right to enhance the sensations. toy submitted completely, her body responsive only to the needs and wants or her owner. Mistress' thrusts became faster and harder and deeper, her balls slapping the dangling cage, now with a steady ooze of girl squirt dripping on the floor as her cage was slapped between the end of the horse and her owner's heavy balls.

"Push back, slut.

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