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He gets his reward from the wife.

After what seemed to be hours of fumbling, he finally got the damn thing closed and gently laid her back down on the bed. Looking towards her eyes and bracing for a reprimand, all he got was a seductive smile and a wink from her.

Suddenly the realization hit him as to why she was behaving so strangely. She had been bitten. She was turning; her sex drive was flying high, and he was a virile male, alone with her in a dark room. Of course she felt attraction to him. His heart sank at the thought that she might not actually be turned on by him, that it was just her hormones talking, so to speak. He decided he wouldn't let it get to him just yet and try to tell her what was happening to her, what he was, and what she was becoming.

How did one start a conversation like that?

'Oh, by the way, I'm a werewolf, and you were bitten by a werewolf, and now you're one too. Wanna have sex?'

He would think such a thing.

"So what's your name?" She suddenly asked.

" name is Aidan." He replied, caught off-guard by her question and still pondering how he could tell her what was happening.

"Hello, Aidan. I'm Diana." She replied. "I don't want to seem demanding, since you were so very kind to me, but...I'm very hungry...and..." she gestured at her arm.

"Oh! Yes, of course." Aidan had been ravenous when he was turning-the process of turning made all the hungers of a person's body skyrocket-for sex, for food, for water. He thought it best if he made a lot of food. "Would you like to sit in the kitchen with me? I'm sure I could use the company."

"Sure," she replied. Her strength was slowly seeping back into her bones, whether from the water or her response to this man, she wasn't sure.

He helped her out of bed, not that she needed much help. She liked to feel his strong arms around her, so she pretended. As the moments passed she felt more and more energetic, but even so she occasionally pretended to stumble so he would pull her closer, her heart fluttering when his strong arms would hold her and he would murmur his concern.

At her request, he pulled a chair into the kitchen so she could watch him cook, and talk to him more easily. And she did watch him. He was cute, scurrying around the kitchen to make her something to eat. She admired his ass as he bent over to get a pan or some ingredients; she adored his legs and arms as he began adding and mixing; she enjoyed his shoulders and legs when he stood over the pan to watch the food. All too soon it was over, and he was setting out plates of pasta and salad on the table and helping her to walk over to it. The sauce was hearty with lots of meat, and the noodles were perfectly cooked. The salad was cool and fresh with almost a dozen dressing choices. Diana couldn't help but to be impressed, but only for a moment. Then the scent of the food hit her and she ate like a woman starved for months. Aidan didn't seem to care; he even nodded his approval.

Soon the meal was finished, all of the food gone. Aidan quickly gathered up her dishes and his to put them in the sink. Eyeing him mischievously, she told him that she wanted some dessert as well. He nodded and went to the freezer to pull out some vanilla ice cream and all the toppings needed for sundaes. While he busied himself with that, she sneaked up behind him and wrapped her arms around his waist, standing on tiptoe to gently lick his ear.

He nearly dropped the bowl he was holding. A long shudder of pleasure went from his ear straight down to his groin. His cock hardened almost painfully, and she gave him yet another lick. A growl started low in his chest as she sucked his earlobe and gently teased it with her teeth. It was all he could do not to turn around and grab her, to take her furiously. He gripped the counter hard as he felt her hands wander down his back and playfully grab his ass. Giving him a light spank, her hands started to move around his waistband to the front, to reach for his zipper...

"Diana!" he gaspe

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