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The princess enjoys a bath, a tourney, and a show.

In the fantasy, she had talked about how she would have him lie on his back while she rode him, facing his feet. Then she had me lick her while he fucked her. "Of course," she said then, "you could hardly lick me well without sometimes licking his hot, hard cock." She altered it a bit the next time she told me her little story. That time, she raised herself completely off the other guy and pushed his shiny, juicy cock toward me. I took it in and sucked him a while before she took it back deep into her pussy. The idea stuck. I admitted later that I could probably be convinced to indulge in some interaction in that type of situation.]

At any rate, up until the night after my meeting, we had not talked about making spanking a part of the scene, should we go through with it. I know I had not even thought about that aspect. Apparently Peggy had, however.

"What if we invited her to dinner?" she asked me. I looked at her, not understanding what she was implying. Then it dawned on me.

"Oh! Well, I don't know, Honey. She works for me, you know. It hardly seems politic."

"Well, what's life without a little risk? Besides, we will know by the time dinner is over what kind of woman she is. Leave that to me." Peggy's mind works quickly. She seemed to have it all planned out already.

As it turned out, instead of inviting only Mandy over, Peggy decided we should have a barbecue for my whole division. We have a spacious back yard with a gazebo. Part of the design of the gazebo is a built-in brick barbecue/smoker. At the other end of the yard is our hot tub.

All my staff are married, except for Mandy and one of the men. So one Saturday afternoon found us throwing a party for fifteen people. The single man, after unsuccessfully inviting Mandy to be his date, had brought a female friend. Mandy, then, was the only unattached person present.

We did steaks, baked potatoes and salads. A lot of wine, beer, whiskey and tequila (Mandy's favored drink) was consumed. By 8:30, most of the guests were leaving. Some time before the desertion began, Peggy had contrived to involve Mandy in a complex discussion. The result was that I was bidding goodnight to the last of the other guests while Peggy and Mandy lounged on the patio.

I was rinsing glasses in the kitchen. From the window I could see the two women talking and laughing in the yellow glow of the tiki torches we use to keep the mosquitoes at a distance. As I watched, I saw Mandy lean closer to my wife to say something. As she did, she rested her hand on Peggy's bare leg, just below the hem of her shorts. Peggy laughed and patted Mandy's shoulder. They rose to their feet and came toward the sliding doors.

"I like this woman!" Peggy said loudly when they entered. "You wouldn't believe some of the stories she has to tell about your staff. Or maybe you would."

"Hey, now," Mandy cautioned. "Those aren't for the boss's ears. That was just between us girls. Besides, I think Ted knows more than he lets on sometimes." Glancing at Mandy, I had no doubt that she was referring to what I'd seen at the meeting.

"No worries, Honey," Peggy said to her, "Teddy and I have no secrets from each other. And...whatever happens in our house stays here," she added significantly. I felt a shiver down my spine. Peggy was setting up the structure of her plan.

We sat in the living room with small glasses of liqueur and talked. The only effect Mandy seemed to show for her alcohol consumption was a willingness to talk. It was a surprise -- to me at any rate -- when she mentioned how her ex-husband had turned her on to erotic spanking. From that point on, it was a tell-all session between the women. For a while I seemed to have disappeared. I tried to listen to what was being said, but my thoughts strayed to the image I'd conceived of Mandy spread out on our bed sucking my wife's cunt while I fucked her and slapped her naked ass. Then I was brought back to reality when Peggy asked Mandy if she felt like a dip in the hot tub.

Mandy did.

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