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Eat the treat that's better than pumpkin pie.

The bulge, nearly at her stomach due to the height difference, pulsed beneath the fabric in response. He stammered, suggesting the couch and some TV. Breathlessly she agreed.

He sat with one hand on the arm of the couch and the other resting across the back. She kicked off her shoes and sat next to him, curling her legs to the other side and leaning against his strong chest. His arm instinctively left the back to lay across her shoulder and arm. Again her desire and need warred with the soft protection and comfort offered by his embrace.

He brought up the TV listing but she didn't notice. She watched instead his gift begin to shrink. A single finger drifted up the inside of his thigh and began to trace circles around it. He gasped and began to make excuses, explaining she didn't need to do anything. "I'm a big girl. I know what I want and I know how to say 'no' when I don't." She smiled to soften the statement when she looked up and saw him staring to the side, red with embarrassment. Her neck stretched towards him. Her finger lifted to bring his cheek around to meet her. She lost herself in another kiss.

With a jolt her head flew back, breaking the kiss. She tried to take stock of the situation but her nerves sent her wonderful, distracting, signals. Somewhere, beneath her neck, his hand caressed her, flooding her with an electric inferno. One of her hands drifted across the side of his face to tangle in his hair, gripping fiercely under the onslaught. The other she discovered covering his hand over her breast. Her traitor limb goaded him on, sending her further and further from control. She finally managed to realize she had shifted to sitting on his lap, facing away from him, during the kiss.

His arm wrapped around her and his hand caressed her breast firmly. Between each careful squeeze, his thumb and forefinger would clamp together to pinch and twist her nipple through the layers of fabric. He had an uncanny accuracy, pinpointing not only the nipple but the most tender spot with each pass. She began to shake as moans poured from her mouth.

His other hand began to glide gently over the smooth fabric covering her leg. She felt herself moisten again as she knew, or rather desperately hoped, where this trail would end. Too soon he reversed course. Back and forth his hand wandered a lengthening path as she moaned, trying to catch her breath from the slow delights he visited upon her. His hand finally slid between her legs but she could only groan, her damned dress prevented him any leverage to provide more then a slight tease to demanding nerves. Once again his hand traveled away.

Desperate she tried to get her mind to work at figuring an acceptable excuse out of her confining clothing. Her mind and breath ceased to function simultaneously as his hand reached her knee and slid under the dress. His hand slid quickly upward, unimpeded due to the deep slit in the side of her dress. She felt his hand catch and push aside the last few perilous inches. A single finger pressed at her depths and her mind shattered.

Panting and moaning her hips ground against his, instinct driving her towards his finger. He casually avoided her attempts to impale herself (impossible anyway through the fabric of her lace thong) and began to work smooth circles around and across her sensitive mound. She began to struggle more fitfully, to drive him faster. His slow constant pressure had built her already beyond her capacity but refused her release. The arm around her pulled tight against his chest in response, hand still carefully tormenting her breast. She didn't feel trapped, but the restraint only added to her frustration. She screamed for more as she agonized through his slow process. His hand circled and pressed, shifting her bundled nerves to one side before sliding under and releasing them.

Her world fractured as all at once the growing maelstrom consumed her.

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