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Angela's husband is useless, so her brother helps out.

My cock stiffened and my hands started moving bras and panties. I could smell her scent on the lingerie. She had a lot to choose from. All kinds of colours: white, black, purple, yellow, cream. Some of them were cotton, others silk, others satin.

I had a thing for white satin and lace push-up bras and matching g-string. And with the amount of lingerie Sarah had, she definitely had a few of these. I picked up a nice set, I peeked at her bra size and it read '10C'.

"How about this?" I asked.

"Perfect." she said as she let go of me, taking the g-string and bra from me, and started getting dressed. As she hooked the bra on, she leant forward to let her tits fill the bra. My view of her cleavage was to die for.

Sarah stood up. "What do you think?" As she flaunted her body and her assets. She looked amazing, and I tried to move my cock so it wasn't so noticeable.

"From the look of your shorts, I'm guessing you like it." Sarah giggled.

"Yeah, just a little." I joked.

I turned to her wardrobe, it was jam full of different outfits. "Do you want me to pick some clothes for you as well?"

Sarah grinned, and walked over to the computer in just her bra and g-string. "No, this will be just fine."

She turned in the laptop and TV. After a few seconds the TV displayed the same thing as he laptop and I could see what she was doing, and it seemed to be someone sort of login screen where she entered her details.

"Do you want me to go?" I asked.

"If you're up for it, I'd like you to join me." the grin still on her face.

"Join you?" my heart started racing.

Sarah grabbed a wireless keyboard with a trackpad. "Just sit in the bed with me." she motioned to a spot on the bed, where she wanted me.

The TV displayed a chat window, with a thumbnail of what Sarah's webcam was looking at. I could see us both on the bed.

My heart was pounding quickly, "Is this what I think it is?"

Sarah looked at me with her gorgeous eyes and held my arm "Yes. Is that ok?"

I was nervous. "I haven't done anything like this before. Who usually watches?"

"All kinds of people. At this time of day it's mostly women who are bored at home. At night, it's mostly guys". Sarah said, stroking my arm.

Sarah started to type as people entered the chat room. Most of them commented on how I was there with her. Sarah turned to me again "All my regulars will notice you, as I'm always on my own."

"And what do you do for your regulars?" I asked as I read the chat messages on the TV.

"When they press the Private button, they get to see and do whatever they like. Up to that point, I just sit her and chat with them. Most of them are very nice and I've gotten to know a few of them." Sarah said as she typed away at the keyboard.

"Are any of these people going to press private? And what do I do when it happens?" I straighten myself on the bed to look good.

"You're about to find out. One of my regulars Lisa has requested to go private." The screen changed and it was a large chat window with just Lisa typing away.

"Who's your friend Sarah?" Lisa asked

"This is Andy. He's lives next door. I hope you don't mind." Sarah typed. "Would you like to hear us Lisa?"

Lisa replied "I don't mind at all, and yes I'd like to hear you."

Sarah reached over to the bed and picked up a microphone, which I guessed was connected to the computer.

After pressing the button on the microphone, Sarah spoke "Can you hear me Lisa?"

Lisa's voice came through the TV "Yes I can. Can you hear me too?"

"Yes, we can hear you Lisa. Andy, say hello." Sarah turned to me.

I was really nervous at this stage "Ahh... hey Lisa. How are you?".

"I'm good. I'm just on my bed watching the two of you." Lisa's voice was a little labored.

"What are you doing Lisa?" Sarah asked. "Do you want us to do anything for you?"

Lisa let out a moan "I'm touching my wet pussy, and thinking about what Andy looks like under those shorts. How about you take them off Sarah."

Sarah looked at me "Lay down.

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