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I could feel sweat forming on my brow. I closed my eyes and thought back on the evening, me on the floor, lipstick all over Tommy's cock as I sucked it. His head thrown back, moaning against the door. I was going to cum. I could feel it starting. A cool breath of air blew across my chest.

"Oh, look at how stiff your nipples are, baby. They must be at least a half-inch long. They look yummy."

I opened my eyes. Sandy sat beside me. She dropped my robe open off my shoulders, exposing my breasts. "They look so scrumptious like that, Gretta, all puffy and hard." She moaned, watching me.

She reached out and took my right nipple between her thumb and forefinger, pinching it lightly and rolling it. I moaned and tried to pull away as the tingling sensations shot straight through me and down my back, but Sandy held on tightly.

I angled my wrist down and really started fucking myself quickly. My breath was coming in little pants. I raised my knees higher, trying to stem the tide of sensation building down below.

"Poor baby, needs to cum so bad. You want Sandy to help you, sweetie?"

I moaned, getting close now. My hips bucked against my fingers.

"Sandy? Sandy, you out there?" David? David was awake!

Panicked, I looked at the open door. Nothing. Then, I looked at Sandy. She had a big smile on her face.

She shrugged her shoulders. "Sorry, baby. Duty calls." She pecked me on the cheek, rolled off the bed and left for David's room.

I sat there for a moment, wide-eyed, almost afraid to move. I heard David's door click shut and his bedsprings squeak. Then silence. I started to feel cold. I looked down at my hard nipples sticking up. Quickly, I leaned forward and wrapped the robe around me. I stopped and listened again. Nothing, no talking, no movement.

I scratched the side of my head. As I settled my arm back down, it brushed my nipple. Tingling shot down my body and I pulled my arm away quickly. I was so wound up, I didn't think I'd get back to sleep again tonight. I stood up and tiptoed to the door. I peeked out at David's. Dark. Closed.

In the bathroom, I took a sleeping pill and downed it with some water. In the darkness, I could just make out my silhouette in the mirror. My hair was a mess, bed-headed and jumbled to one side. I sighed and walked quietly back to my room, shut the door and got under the covers, robe and all.

* * *

Saturday morning, I woke up late. The sun was already hitting the curtains in my window, bathing the room in a soft amber glow. I felt really tired and a little groggy. Some coffee would go a long way right now.

I pushed the covers off of me and rolled to the side of the bed. My robe was tangled in my legs, so I had to stand to get it loose. When I stood, I had an urge to stretch, yawning and throwing my arms out. Mmmm... A good stretch feels wonderful. I turned and looked in the mirror. My eyes were dark, like I'd been poked, or drunk. Geez, I looked terrible. I tied the sash on my robe and found my house slippers in the closet.
I turned to sit down and put them on, but on the chair by my closet was a box, wrapped in white and tied with a big, red bow -- a present. I grinned and picked it up. There was a little white envelope under the ribbon. I pulled the envelope out and put the box on my bed. A note was inside. I opened it.

For what we didn't finish.



I looked at the box, now, full of concern. Didn't finish? Sure, we'd been interrupted, masturbating and maybe that would have gone further. I trembled. Ick. With my brother's girlfriend? How weird is that?

I didn't know what to do. I didn't know what to think. I sat down on the bed with the note in my hands and looked at the box. It didn't move, even though I stared at it like it might. I chewed my lip, trying to think of what could be in it.

I called out.

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