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Angie gets reamed.

You walk past and feel their eyes follow you. You know you look so hot and sexy and desirable in your bikini and you give them a little flirty smile as you pass by. You walk further along, before having a swim. The water is cool and your body tingles with the sensation of the cool water. You notice your nipples are rock hard. You wonder if that was due to the cool water, or the visual attention you received from those guys?

Walking back, you can see me further back along the beach. I'm sitting up and looking your way.

You approach where those two guys were and they are down by the water now. As you approach they say hello. You smile and say hello back. The taller guy comments on the day and how nice the water is. You stop and start chatting, and notice they their eyes are feasting upon your damp body. That makes you feel very excited. The second guy comments on how cold the water must be, looking at your hard nipples. You notice they as sticking out. Maybe it isn't just the cold water after all. You look them over and they are both firm and well built. You begin to wonder...

The taller guy suggests you walk with them up to their towels for a drink of cold water. Since it's so warm you agree and walk with them, giving a quick glance back up the beach so see I'm sitting up watching you.

At their towels, you chat and notice they are obviously getting turned on as you can see a bulge forming in each of their boardies. You're standing talking to the shorter guy when the taller one goes behind you.

You feel firm hands cup your breasts, and hot breath on your neck, with lips and teeth nibbling your neck. You're overwhelmed by the sensation of feeling like you're about to taken. His hand fondle and caress your breasts firm, his fingers begin to pinch your nipples as you almost fall back into his embrace.

The second guy moves closer to you, and grabs you by the hips, running his hands up and down your legs, across your belly, and between your thighs.

The guys behind you undoes your top, it falls away exposing your breasts to the sun, to his caresses, and firm squeezing all the while he's kissing your neck and shoulders.

The guy in front undo's each side of your bikini bottom and it falls. You're now naked on a beach between two strangers, both of who are caressing and kissing you all over.

The guy in front kneels down and comments on your lovely smooth shaven pussy, and how wet it is. He buries his tongue into your lips, lapping at your wetness. You go weak and almost faint as he nibbles on your hard clit.

They lower you down onto the towels, the guy behind stretches your arms up over your head, whilst the guy in front pulls your legs down and apart. You are stretched out, your legs open, your pussy on show as they each drop their shorts to reveal nice sized cocks, clean shaven and both dripping precum.

The guy in front returns to eating your wet pussy whilst the guy from behind slides beside you so his cock in inches from your lips. You admire it and take it in your mouth, slowly at first, enjoying the salty taste. He guides your head as you take in deeper.. You find it hard to focus as your clit is getting so much attention you are nearly about to orgasm. As you suck his cock, he squeezes your nipples and that sends you over the edge as you cum.

The guys tell you to roll over onto your knees, as they swap positions. You're now on your hands and knees, as the guy behind positions himself and you feel his cock pressing against your wet pussy, then slowly slides in until he's deep inside you. You gasp, and look up to see me still watching, just before the second guy guides your head to take his cock in your mouth. You are now being fucked from behind as you suck cock. With each thrust from the guys behind, you take the cock in your mouth then out again. As they fuck you, your tits are being squeezed firmly by the guy behind, whilst the guy in front holds your hair and guides your head onto his cock.

Their pace intensifies, and you can feel their cocks swelling.

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