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I glanced over and saw his bicep flex as he effortlessly held himself above me. Then he slowly lowered his body back down to within an inch of mine again, except this time he kissed me. I tipped my chin up to meet his lips eagerly. The kiss inflamed me, but it was short-lived.

"Two!" he said, as he pushed up again. I laughed. I reached up and grabbed his shoulders, pulling him towards me. "Hey, not fair!" he said, and his arms gave way and he lowered himself onto me. "This is an interesting second date," I said, with him on top of me now.

The kisses started up frantic right away. The push-up game was decidedly over and now our lips met as if we were suddenly broken free from some kind of tether. Right away the kisses were deep ones. His arms slid under my shoulders, pulling me closer to him. His curvy lips were just as I had imagined when I first stared at them on our coffee date: strong and insistent. My tongue went out and briefly touched his top, curvy lip. I wanted to feel along it, feel its outline. He let me do that for just a moment, then kissed me deeply again.

My legs weakened and fell apart, and I could feel the weight of his lower body pressing onto mine now. It was a wonderful feeling, letting him between my legs. I could feel his long cock pressing on my mound, and I felt a thrill knowing what was in there; what was in store for me; what he would soon show me.

He pulled my tee shirt over my head in one go. "Wow, you certainly do have ample breasts," he marveled, staring at them. His hand reached down and grabbed one greedily. "And so firm!"

I lifted myself towards him a bit and his hands went to my back and unhooked my pink bra. I spilled out, and he quickly pulled me towards his face. He caught one of my breasts in his mouth. "Mmmm," he uttered. "Squeeze them harder," I commanded, and he did. It always felt so good to have my tits squeezed hard.

His strong hands and arms kept me there, under him, as he sucked ever so gently on each breast in turn. I could feel the anticipation of his sex, our sex, coming closer every moment. I was getting so turned on by this young thing. What was I doing here on his wonderfully big bed? I hardly knew him. In the middle of the day, it felt so...indulgent. We both still had jeans on, but neither of us had shirts. "Let's lose the denim," I said with a chuckle.

We scrambled like teenagers to get out of our tight jeans. Socks went flying, and jeans were thrown overhead. Now we were back where we started; he was over me and I was under him, but now we were down to mere underwear. His boxer briefs did not hide his large cock very well. I could see the tip of it poking out of the waistband and I quivered with anticipation, and I stared at it unabashedly, biting my lip. He slid off his underwear as fast as a kid opening a birthday present.

Our mouths went together again, just as frantically as before. His hands were cupped under my back, and he ran them down quickly to my ass, lifting my hips, grabbing a handful of each cheek so tightly it almost hurt, but it felt so good. My legs instinctively fell open again, and just as instinctively he thrust his crotch towards mine. The pressure from his hard dick pressing directly on my sensitive clit made me let out a little gasp, and he audibly sucked in a breath full of air.

Suddenly he slid half-way down the bed and took my panties with him, sliding them down my legs in one motion. Hungrily, his face went between my legs and his soft tongue parted my pussy lips and made one ultra slow, light stroke upwards. My legs convulsed. I ran my hands through his wavy, light brown hair and pressed his face into my crotch.

His head went back and forth in smooth motions, his tongue pleasuring me in a way I hadn't felt in months - no, years. "You're very wet," he said with a mouthful of my vulva as he slipped a finger inside my cunt.

It didn't take me long to come.

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