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Slave begins his training.

Debbie and Tiffany had been in the backyard tanning in their bikinis. Although Tiffany joined me in the living room not long after I'd gotten home. She sat in the chair opposite the sofa still in her bikini. I found it a bit odd, since Tiffany had never expressed much interest in golf nor baseball.

When I asked her why she was hanging out at home on a beautiful Saturday afternoon, and wasn't out with her friends, or her boyfriend, Tiffany explained why.

"Just letting things sink in," she sighed. "Besides most of my friends are working their summer jobs and stuff." The summer jobs most of Tiffany's friends had were in sales, or manning counters that required working on weekends. My daughter showed some mettle and got herself a job - albeit part-time - as a file-clerk at a law firm. Hence her weekends were free. "And the boyfriend?" she continued, and raised her eyebrows at me. "That's over and done with."

"When did that happen?" I asked completely taken by surprise.

"Sort of after prom," Tiffany sighed. "I kind of made it official at the graduation ceremony, but he still held out hope," she twirled her hair as if she was describing the weather to me. "It became final on Thursday."

I darted my eyes a bit as I processed what my daughter was telling me. "Wait a sec," I said hesitantly. "Yeah, I remember you said the two of you were hooking up for the afternoon."

"I said we 'may' have plans for the afternoon ," Tiffany added with a giggle.

I closed my eyes when it all sank it. "That's why you were home early," I said in near whisper.

"Bingo," she replied with a smile.

Thursday had been the day that Tiffany saw her mother and brother having sex.

"I don't know what to say, honey," I sighed as I processed everything.

"Oh it's fine," Tiffany said with a wave of her hand as she stood up. "The thing with the ex," she sighed. "Like I said it was coming since prom. Everything else?" she chuckled. "I'm dealing with."

"That's good," I smiled at her. "I know it's a lot to deal with and I'm sorry about that."

"It's fine daddy," she chuckled. "Besides finding out first that you were fucking Monique probably help me prepare for the 'later unveiling'," she stood in front of me and made air-quotes with a huge smile on her face.

"Oh you're just going to love throwing that one in my face for all time aren't you?" I said wryly.

"That's the plan," Tiffany chuckled. "But it won't stop me from asking if you'd like another beer."

"Oh," I was bit surprised at how quickly she was able to shift gears like that. "Actually," I paused as I glanced at the TV to watch an attempted putt lip almost lip our of the hole, but then drop. "Mine never do that," I sighed.

"Actually?" Tiffany stood over me with her hands on her hips.

"Sorry," I smiled up at her. "I was going to switch to wine."

"Great idea dad," she said as she held out her hand for my empty beer can. "Do you mind if I have a glass with you?"

"Oh sure," I nodded.

Tiffany thanked me and turned to head to the kitchen.

As she did, I couldn't help but look as she swiveled her hips as she walked. To say nothing of the fact that her bikini bottoms were wedged up the crack of her backside, giving me a pretty unimpeded view of her round butt cheeks.

I felt myself staring but couldn't help it. My daughter had a great ass.


Later that evening Dylan came home, exhausted after a double-shift at the restaurant. He informed Debbie he'd already eaten, so she sent him off to shower off the day and told him she'd join him shortly.

I turned off the TV and stood up with my glass of wine.

"You heading to bed already?" Debbie asked me with a smile.

"Well, I think your card is filled for tonight," I chuckled. "Besides, I'm a bit tired. So, I'm just going to crawl into bed and fire up the laptop for a bit."

"Okay, babe," Debbie leaned in and gave me a kiss.

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