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Catching her friend masturbating.

She yawned again then suggested it was time for them to go to sleep.

She didn't follow him to her brother's room as he knew where it was. She gave him a quick peck on the lips and closed her bedroom door.

He felt awkward going to his car to get his suitcase then coming back inside. Her parents were still awake. Her dad was sitting on the couch and her mom was using his lap as a pillow. They were immersed in the show barely acknowledging him when he said good night.

He changed into pajamas then went down the hall and to the bathroom. He brushed his teeth and returned to the bedroom. He got under the covers but instead of falling asleep he tossed and turned. His insomnia was because he hadn't climaxed.

He closed his eyes. An hour later he left the bedroom and entered the kitchen. He got a drink. The door to Jean's bedroom was still closed. He went back to the bedroom but made a detour to the bathroom.

Standing at the commode aiming his penis at the water in the bowl he heard noises. He looked up. The noises were coming from an overhead vent.

It was the sound of two people fucking, Jean's parents to be exact. Miguel could hear them as if he were a foot away, not down the hall in another room. Her parents might be middle aged but they were fucking like a couple of young newlyweds. From the crude words they shared it was obvious his rule extended to the bedroom. He made her beg for his cock and she begged for it, whimpering as he resumed his thrusts. Her dad was a tireless machine drilling her pink hole again and again. Her mom referenced God and how much she adored her husband's big polla.

The tempo of his thrusts increased. Miguel heard the distinct sound of flesh on flesh contact. Her mom was even more animated pleading with her husband to fuck her harder, telling him yes again and again, and moaning. Her orgasm didn't coincide with a scream, but a sixty second moan. Her husband grunted as he filled her with his cum.

It was he thought hotter than any porn he had ever watched. He looked down at his penis sticking out through the fly in his pajamas. A few strokes and it would explode. He stood there torn between his desire to climax and his promise to Jean.

He knew indirect stimulation could trigger his orgasm. It was a gift and a curse. He believed it was the reason he came too quickly during intercourse which he found upsetting. On the upside Jean called those orgasms set off by what he was doing, seeing, or imagining complements of the highest order. They made her feel more sexy, more desired, and more lusted after than the orgasms induced by direct physical contact.

He watched his penis. It hadn't gotten any softer. Every few seconds it would twitch. His testicles were tight armed and ready to release their contents. He wondered and hoped her parents would initiate a second round. He also wanted to see if they engaged in oral sex.

There was no second round, but there was plenty of pillow talk.

After praising her husband for his skills as a lover she asked if she could discuss Jean.

"Don't you think she's dated Leo long enough? It's obvious she's not going to break up with Miguel."

He sighed, "Querida, that was never my intent. Miguel is a good fit for Jean, but until Leo he's the only man she ever dated."

"If he's a good fit then why do you want to her date others?"

He sounded patient as he explained his logic, "Look, we both know Jean isn't a little bossy, but very bossy. We also know her bossiness doesn't seem to bother Miguel. What we don't know is if her bossiness is just immaturity. What if she met a man, like Leo, who won't let her boss him around? What if he forces her to outgrow being bossy?"

"So far it hasn't worked, but now she has two boyfriends."

"What's wrong with that? Miguel and Leo aren't complaining and neither is Jean. As far as I'm concerned she can have fifty boyfriends. What I don't want is for her to get too serious with any one man. Not until she has her degree."

"You're in charge carino but I don't think it will work.

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