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Small dick comes in second place.

Then she pursed her lips making a smacking kiss sound before signing out.

Cash boiled as he felt cum bubble from his mushroom head staining his jeans.

* * * * * * * *

Serafina put on something slinky and sexy. A deep red cocktail dress with a cowl to reveal the swell of her perky firm bosom. She wore her favorite black pumps with the diamond heels that made her legs look elegantly long and about 3 gold bangle bracelets on each wrist. Her favorite tear drop diamond earrings she received as a gift from some Arabian prince dangled from her ears every time she walked.

The party was in full swing by the time she got down stairs. "Castle" by Halsey was playing. Walking down the stairs while it played gave her a certain hype. Crysta was with Kenya who looked more presentable in a simple green cocktail dress (to match her eyes) with see through tight long sleeves. But she still wore her shock collar studded with diamonds this time.

"Sera!" Crysta called her over. Serafina saw that her friend had been talking to Garrett who's eyes came alive when they rested on her. It was the man next to him holding a beer and wearing a collar that made her heart flutter.

"I was worried you'd stay up there all night," Garrett joked. A caterer came by with a tray of martinis and cocktails. Serafina took the pink bubbling martini with a cherry on a stick.

"You have to order a drink, ma'am," said the caterer.

Serafina stared directly into the caterer's eyes with her obsidian pools as she sipped the drink with her cherry lips. The pop star's face creased with disdain then turned into an icy mask.

"This drink seems to have been made poorly," Serafina said sweetly but the tone still held an edge that made to poor man cringe. "Not a real Manhattan. I'm doing this person a favor. Now you can stand here and make a fuss or you can deliver the rest of the drinks then go back to whoever made this one and tell them that their technique needs work."

The caterer was dumbfounded. He looked to Garrett for help. Garrett chuckled then said, "Go on. The lady knows her drinks."

The caterer nodded his head then like a rabbit made his break towards the table the drinks were meant for.

"You're kind of bossy," Garrett said. "I like that."

"Most would say I'm a bitch," Serafina mused.

"Well most people are intimidated by a woman who knows what she wants and takes it," Garrett raised his beer to her in celebration of her assertive behavior. "I'm not."

Serafina smiled her best flirtatious smile but she couldn't help but look over to the man next to him who was a bit taller than his master. The name engraved on his collar was: Dyre.

"This is my werewolf," Garrett introduced his companion finally.

"He's a pure breed," Crysta glowed. Even she couldn't resist the aura of sex Dyre was exuding from his pores. Serafina could see Kenya giving Dyre "fuck me" eyes. Human and werewolf females seemed drawn to him.

Dyre smiled, his brown eyes penetrating her skin and heating her core.

"Love your music," Dyre said. His voice was rusty but musical. A masculine tune full of primal energy. Serafina's pussy spasmed at the sound. "Listen to it all the time."

"Always nice to find fans among werewolves," Serafina said sipping her stolen martini. Her throat had suddenly gone dry.

"I can't say I've ever met a pure breed before," Serafina said curiously looking the pure breed up and down, imagining him shirtless in all his sweaty muscular glory from earlier. Dyre took a deep breath. He could sense the musk of her arousal, his eyes appraising her as well.

"They're pretty rare these days," Garrett boasted. "But I managed to snatch one."

"Excuse me," Serafina suddenly felt like she had entered a small space. "I feel a bit dizzy. Maybe that Manhattan was potent after all..."

Before Garrett could say another word, Serafina walked past him and headed for the abandoned balcony.

* * * * * * * *

"Darkside" by Bishop Briggs began p

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