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She's led through her fantasies by a voice on a phone.


She blew me a kiss, turned on her heels and sashayed into her bedroom, closing the door behind her.

I crawled into my own bed and waited until my head stopped spinning. My hard-on didn't go away. Whenever I closed my eyes, I saw Stephanie's face, that little smile promising the night of my life. The spots where she had touched me tingled and I still could taste her on my lips.

What was happening to me? I had been this close to let her have me. Was I that desperate to get laid? By my own aunt no less? I mean, I liked her, always had. She was kind of the bigger sister I never had. She always seemed to "get" my troubles, she even consoled me when one of my girlfriends dumped me.

But having sex with her?

There was no denying it. I only needed to touch my raging hard-on. She had an effect on me, something one shouldn't feel for family. But holy hell, her lips on mine nearly made me forget who we were. And her hand on me...

Without conscious thinking, I grabbed my dick and stroked it.

Would it be such a bad thing? She wanted me, quite badly it seemed. And I would be lying if she didn't make me all hot and bothered whenever she touched me. If she were anybody but my aunt there would be no hesitation, I was sure of that. She looked amazing. I honestly was flattered she saw me as someone desirable.

My hand picked up speed. I pushed the covers off me. No need to make a bigger mess than necessary.

She was open-minded, funny, kind. Stephanie hit a lot of my buttons. And she obviously knew what she wanted in a man. Her kiss said so much. And her hand on me... there was just that thin layer of my underpants between her hand and my dick. How would her fingers feel around me? Or...

I fucked my hand by now, my dick slick with precum and I fantasized.

Stephanie's mouth on me. Kissing my dick. Sucking it.

And I came, so incredibly hard that a spurt hit my chin.

I came, thinking about my aunt giving head. I should've felt ashamed. Guilty. But I didn't. Just tired. And messy.

Groaning, I sat up and turned on the small lamp next to the studio couch. The t-shirt I was sleeping in was a sorry mess, as was my abdomen. And my chin. Sighing, I hopped out of bed again, pulled off the wet and sticky shirt and used it to wipe away the cum stains. Didn't help much. I still felt dirty.

I snatched a fresh shirt and pair of underpants. Quietly, I opened the door, then padded slowly through the small upper hallway into the bathroom. I closed the door behind me as not to disturb Stephanie.
A few handfuls of warm water and a bit of soap were just the thing to clean me up. I toweled off and put on the fresh clothes then turned off the light and left the bathroom.

I was about to go back into my room when I heard the soft moan. My eyes had adjusted to the gloom in the upper hallway and I noticed her bedroom door being was ajar. I hadn't heard her move but I was too wrapped up in jacking off to my fantasy of her anyway.

Another moan and the rustling of a duvet.

I knew she was playing with herself. Didn't take much to guess.

The sensible thing was to just go back into my room and try to finally get some sleep. To put this crazy day behind me.

But curiosity won out. The carpet muffled my footsteps as I crept closer. The crack was wide enough to peek through. A nearby street light offered enough illumination to clearly see what was happening.

Stephanie was on her side, back turned towards the door. She had one leg propped up. I saw a long, dark something slither between her thighs, over her folds and then finally into her. She moaned again as she pushed the dildo deep into her pussy, thrusting it in short, sharp strokes.

"Your cock is so big, Lukas," she moaned, accentuated by the wet noises her toy made as she fucked herself with it.

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