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Michelle exposed to her brother's best friend.

"There must be something I can give you."

My mind was racing as to what I really wanted, but I couldn't come out and say it. Paula took a couple of steps closer to me and she took her hand and touched the outside of my pants. I could hardly believe she had done that. Paula was massaging my crotch and watching my reaction. I think my face got red. Paula just smiled at me and then she knelt down in front of me.

Paula found my zipper and began to pull it down. She took her hand and reached inside and found my cock. I was already half hard. She pulled my dick free and brought it up to her lips. I was hoping she would do what she was planning. She studied my cock for a minute and then took it into her mouth.

I thought I was going to melt right there. She started to suck my prick right down to the root. With her other hand she started squeezing my balls. I had to concentrate on not cumming right then. She had me totally worked up. Paula was slurping up and down my dick. Fuck did that feel good! This was my first time that a woman had ever done this to me. But there was more in store.

Paula finally stood up and removed her robe. She wasn't a model that was for sure. Paula had a bit of a belly on her and her thighs were fleshy. She had her pubic hair shaved way down and I could see her pussy lips. I didn't really care what she looked like. I was so damn horny right then. Paula led me back to her bed and she got on top of the bed. She told me to get comfortable. I took that to mean I should get my clothes off.

I got naked as quickly as possible and Paula motioned for me to get on top of her. Once I was between her legs, Paula reached down and found my cock. She guided my shaft to her opening and I pushed into her pussy. So this is what it felt like. I was slowly pushing deeper into Paula. She was making these noises like she couldn't get enough of me.

Paula then strapped her legs around my back.

"Fuck me hard Josh, your cock feels so big!"

I always thought I was just a normal six inches, but Paula told me I had a big cock. I guess I got carried away. My ass was moving up and down like some jackhammer. I was going one Paula didn't seem to care. She was moaning and using her muscles to pull my cock into her. Going as fast as I was going I should have figured that I was going to cum in a short while.

I knew it was stupid to be fucking like a beginner, but that's what I was. My ball sacs were hitting against Paula's ass when I finally couldn't hold back any longer. I pushed my dick in as far as I could and I shot my load into Paula. I saw her eyes get big when she felt the heat of my cum inside her. Her pussy started to convulse around me and I think she had an orgasm the same time as I fired my load.

I do know the feeling was so intense. Paula was milking all the seed from my dick and I could feel her body shaking beneath me. I just kept pumping my dick into her, I had a lot of cum stored up it seemed. Paula didn't complain, that was for sure. After some minutes went by my dick started to go soft. I tried to keep hard, but it wasn't working. I pulled my spent dick out and watched as my cum leaked out and down Paula's ass crack. I just hoped I had satisfied her.

"God, that was so good Josh."

Paula put her hands on the back of my head and she pulled me down to her chest. I figured she wanted her nipples sucked on so I opened my mouth and wrapped my lips around a giant nipple. Man, did that set Paula off. She told me to suck on both of them, so that is what I did. I took turns going from one tit to the other. Paula was also pushing her mound against me. I think she was having some small orgasms.

I eventually stopped and got on my back.

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