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Male slave pushed to his limits.

She gave a gasp and a squirt of cum shot from her abused pussy, her young assailant laughed saying "Madame is not only glad to see us, Madame is making her cunt juicy and open for many pricks to enter!"

Taking his fingers out of her pussy he unzipped his pants to produce a big rigid cock, with a shiny bulbous head, damp with pre cum juice, " A bit lower he told his pal, and she was brought down to meet the thrusting head of his cock.

In one lunge he imbedded its length in her soft cunt, she cried out in surprise and anguish as she was being raped by the first man ,other than my self, to have his cock inside her.

He shafted deeply till the first stirring s of response from her were becoming noticeable.

He took out his wet tool and rubbing it up and down on her clit he asked her which way she would like to be fucked, hard and nasty, or strong and considerate?

"Oh please, don't hurt us, if all you want is a bit of intercourse then OK, but no sadistic or kinky stuff PLEASE."

With that she felt the hands holding her off the ground loosening and she was standing facing her tormentor.

"OK get your kit off, such as it is, and down on all fours to be fucked like a dog"

She stepped out of her miniskirt and shrugged off her top, standing splendid in her nakedness, not ashamed in spite of the awful circumstances in which she found herself .

The two either side of me clamped their hands on my wrists and warned me not to intervene, all they wanted was a bit of fun fucking the pretty tourist, no violence no problem. OK? However I had to stay quiet and NOT cause problems for myself.

I nodded agreement gritting my teeth.

Jane was now on all flours on the dirty lift floor, and her rapist was about to start fucking her from behind, as he slid into her she shuddered and grunted, with revulsion, I hoped, rather than passion.

The other guy that had been feeling her tits came round in front of her and knelt down facing her, unzipped his jeans and produced an already erect penis, of substantial size and girth." Suck that , Bitch" he ordered, she took the prick in her hand and took its head between her delicate lips. I was , in spite of my horror of the situation in which we found ourselves, getting sexually aroused, my prick was stiffening watching my naked wife being fucked doggy style by a rapist, whilst she sucked the dick of another of the same ilk.

"She has a lovely wet, hot, tight, cunt and she is giving my rod a squeeze with her cunt muscles regularly and very professionally. I think she's enjoying getting fucked, but she's too hoity-toity to admit it. Any minute now she's going to cum big time, wait and see."

The news that she was squeezing his dick came as surprise to me as it was a little trick she used when very sexually excited and aroused, if the rapist was correct she was in fact sensually enjoying her forced intercourse.

The little bastard was right about her cumming however ,as she started moaning and grinding back against his inward thrusts to her dripping hole.

That got him going ,and with a lot of shouting and high speed fucking ,he began a huge climax deep in her cunt, squirt after squirt went in with more and more noise. She was responding physically violently and matching his spasms perfectly , as he shoved into her she shoved back against him in unison.. It was an impressive display and in different circumstances quite erotically impressive. But given the fact that my wife was being raped by some foreign delinquents it left me more than somewhat disgusted, not withstanding my growing arousal and ever increasing masive hard on.

As soon as he made his final lunge into her sopping hole, he called on his pal , who was having head, to replace him in her cunt. He, as instructed, withdrew his sucked erection from her mouth and got behind her, placing his large rampant dick instead the one that had just filled her with cum.

The guy who was giving the instructions then knelt before her and told her to lick him clean.

At first she didn'

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