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The wife's beginnings of exhibitionism in a movie theater.

ed for interested in Amy Bristol's activities?"

"Yes, I do, Ron."

"Can you give me their names?"

"I will check with them and get back to you, Ron."

Dan called Ron a few hours later. "Their names are Elizabeth Moore and Jamie Watkins, and..."

"Don't tell me anything more, Dan. Will either client want you to monitor a divorce trial where Amy Bristol is a party?"

"Ha, ha. OK, Ron. Yes, I'm sure that at least one of them will."

"I'll let you know the date, Dan; thanks," Ron signed off.

While that conversation was taking place, apparently I was interviewing with Chester's biggest competitor, who hired me on the spot with the same salary as I was paid by Chester's company and with a commission almost twice as large. Since I had no non-compete with Chester's company I contacted all of my old clients within a week, and within a month almost ninety percent had transferred their business to my new company. I could afford Ron's and the P I's bills.

Also, between the start of the divorce proceedings and the trial date more than eighty percent of the time I beat Chester's company for new business when we went head-to-head.


Ron had filed for a freeze of assets when he filed the divorce petition. It was granted. Neither Amy nor I was able to touch our money except for attorney fees and other litigation costs, the allowance provided by the Court, or as a result of a special request that the other party either agreed to, or the Court ordered. There was no cashing of CDs, cancelling of credit cards, shifting of money from joint accounts to solo ones, selling of stocks, cancelling insurance policies, or raiding of safe deposit boxes.

The judge assignment appeared bad, but Ron assured me that it would ultimately work to our advantage. Judge Matt Moore was presiding. He was the newest and youngest judge in Family Court; very vibrant, self-assured, and good looking, with a suspected prejudice against us.

I had only met Matt Moore once, at a Fourth of July party at his next door neighbor's house about a month before he was confirmed as a judge. I remember because Amy and I fought that night because she got drunk and disappeared on me. Moore spoke very highly of my father-in-law, Chester Grimes, in the brief conversation that Moore and I had that night.

I asked Ron "Why did we waive a jury trial when you suspect, because of his relationship with Chester Grimes, that Moore is prejudiced against us?"

Ron just smiled. "Who's the attorney, you or me? Don't get your panties in a bunch, I know what I'm doing,. I want to get you more than the prenup calls for," he very confidently replied.

Ron explained the pretrial procedure to me. During discovery we would have to disclose what we knew and would use as evidence. The only exception was that if something would be used only for impeachment --- that is challenging the credibility of a witness or party -- then we did not have to disclose the evidence or any witness who would be presenting it. Ron didn't tell me about his conversation with Dan Drake, nor did he really have any discoverable information based on that discussion, so it was not disclosed to Amy's attorney, Amanda MacAfee, during discovery.

When we received the interrogatory responses from Amy's attorney, sworn to by Amy under oath, unsurprisingly Lila Castle was identified as a witness to my alleged assault on Amy. The assault was alleged to have taken place on the Saturday after the Reginald incident when the discrete P I and I went to my house to collect my things. Ron immediately noticed Lila's deposition, before we had to respond to Amy's discovery requests.

Lila's videotaped deposition, which Amy and I both attended though we never spoke to each other, was on a Monday. After Ron pinned Lila down on the date of the alleged attack, he struck.

"So, Ms. Castle, you're absolutely positive that you witnessed the attack shortly before you accompanied Mrs. Bristol to the clinic for treatment on that Saturday, correct?"

"Yes, I'm positive," she said trying to look confident, but not pulling it off.

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