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Guards are expected to conduct surprise inspections, but some are lax in this respect.

One night I made a surprise inspection and found two inmates sharing the same bed, obviously engaged in sexual activity. They were immediately ordered to serve three days solitary confinement each.

The two guards responsible for their supervisions were docked three days pay each, meaning they were required to work on their regular days, but without pay.

As I pondered the matter at greater length, I felt that the three days solitary was excessively lenient. Therefore I decided that the two inmates would be publicly caned. In the past there had been a reluctance to employ corporal punishment, and I felt it was time for a change.

Upon their release from solitary, the two inmates were stripped naked and led to the rec yard in handcuffs, where they were attached to the same overhead bar. It was explained they would each receive twenty five rattan strokes, and were given a choice as to whether or not to be blindfolded.

Neither chose to be blindfolded, so I ordered Loretta, my Deputy Commandant, to administer the first twenty five strokes to one of the two offenders. Since assuming the Commandant position, I have had doubts about Loretta's fitness to hold her position. This was not due to suspected corruption, but she was simply a do gooder, temperamentally unsuited for such a position, where harsh punishments were a necessity.

Much to my surprise Loretta simply stated she couldn't be ordered to inflict such punishments, citing some regulation. My reaction was to immediately relieve her of duty, and order her to leave the island within two hours. This was done in the presence of the other inmates, who had been assembled to witness the caning.

I personally took delight inflicting each of the fifty strokes. They were alternated at unpredictable intervals, so as to maximize the anxiety of the two inmates. By the time I had finished, both were screaming in pain, and their buttocks were severely discolored. I assured them they would be sore for days, if not weeks, to come.

Part 3

It seems that prior to my tenure, a certain high ranking male official of the Lugash Industrial Ministry had been allowed to visit the island, and have sex with a particular inmate, on a monthly basis.

Within two weeks after I became Commandant, he called me personally, requesting that such access be continued. I immediately rejected his request and was greeted with a contemptuous remark. Thinking that would be the end of the matter, I refrained from reporting it to the proper authority.

Andrea had just been appointed as Deputy Commandant, actually it was a promotion from Captain of the Guard. I decided to take a weekend of liberty on the main Lugash Island, leaving her in charge. Events did not go as planned, so I made an unexpected return to the prison, arriving at 9:00AM Sunday, instead of later that evening.

I was stunned to find Alberto, the official in question, attempting to furtively conceal himself in Andrea's office. He was immediately placed in handcuffs and I requested a boat from the Lugash Constabulary be dispatched to the island, to take custody of him.

The inmate with whom Alberto had sex was ordered to serve three days in solitary, yet it was not fair to assign the blame solely to her. As the Deputy Commandant also has living quarters on the island, Andrea was ordered confined to quarters until further notice. Her Internet and telephone access was restricted, and I would contact the Prison Ministry concerning her status.

Andrea had the audacity to challenge her restriction to quarters. Reverting to the methods of my dominatrix days, I tied her spread eagled to her bed, but she was left fully clothed.

It was tempting indeed to take some sexual liberties with her, but I prudently resisted the desire.

Fortunately the Prison Ministry concurred with my request that Andrea be relieved permanently of her duties.

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