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Doree is held in chastity 'til the time to pluck her is ripe.


Natasha laughed. "Meri, Meri. As I said before. I know you too well. You're too good hearted. And this is too important. Penance must be administered correctly for it to be effective. If, after watching me with Jeremy, you still find yourself too kind with Scott, well I can deal with that later. But you have to learn the right way for this to be done."

Meryn fully intended to put her foot down this time, and she looked down at Jeremy to reassure him. But as she did, he silently mouthed the words "House rules" to her, and this brought her up short. Was she going to allow herself to be trapped by her own proclaimed conditions? Even worse, did Jeremy want her to be? She stared intently at him, but he just looked straight ahead. Finally she sat back, defeated, and mumbled okay.

Responding to a finger snap, Scott scurried into the den, and returned with what looked like a miniature vaulting horse. It came to groin high, and had two handles in the front. Scott had Jeremy take off his briefs, and then positioned him bent over the horse, his hands gripping the handles in front. His highest body part now was his invitingly exposed rump, which was facing the chair where Meryn slumped.

Natasha stepped forward with the paddle, and began issuing instructions. "I'm now going to administer your just Penance Jeremy. You are to count aloud each stroke followed by a thank you to me. The handles in front are for your convenience. Do not even think to try to cover your ass with your hands. Any such attempt will add ten more whacks for the first offence, and twenty five for any following. When I have completed your Penance, you will climb off the horse, kiss my feet and thank me again for providing your correction. You then will crawl over to your owner and humbly beg her for her forgiveness for your sins."

With that she delivered his first whack, sounding a loud crack that made Meryn jump. "One. Thank you Miss Natasha." Another. "Two. Thank you Miss Natasha." And another. "Three. Thank you Miss Natasha". She struck random spots on both cheeks, sometimes hitting the same spot twice in a row, but making sure that no spot was missed. She also varied the rhythm, at times stringing four or five smacks in rapid succession, and other times pausing thirty seconds or more, so Jeremy could never be sure when the next blow was coming. By ten whacks his entire behind was a bright red, by twenty it looked like it was on fire, and his voice began to be strained. By twenty five his voice began to crack. By thirty his count was punctuated by quiet sobs.

Meryn sat with her jaw clenched as tightly as her fists. She was unable to look away. She was numb with frustration, anger, and another, deeper emotion she couldn't identify. Why was he allowing this to happen? She knew it wasn't a game to him, and he obviously was in real pain. Why didn't he put a stop to it? Why didn't she?

The last five whacks were delivered in a slow, excruciating manner. Each produced an anguished grunt before the sobbing count and thank you. After the last stroke Jeremy peeled himself off the horse, briefly kissed Natasha's feet, and in a barely audible voice thanked her one last time. He then crawled on all fours to a rigid Meryn, bent his head down to the floor, and began passionately kissing her feet, while in a tearful voice begged for her forgiveness. As if paralyzed, Meryn let this continue for about thirty seconds before she whispered. "Enough Jeremy." To her horror, when Jeremy knelt up, he had a raging erection.

"Meri, it's time for Scott's Penance. Please."

Meryn looked up and saw Scott already bent over the horse. She had initially planned to refuse to administer it, but her anger was now such that she stood up and took the offered paddle from Natasha. There was no way she would allow Scott to suffer less than Jeremy.

She stepped forward and delivered the first blow, a resounding smack that was no less hard than any Natasha had dealt.

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