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A submissive female at the internet school.

The rear was much shorter than the front, and her full ripe bottom was on display. Sadly, it was not reddened, and no marks were visible. That was to change.

It was just after midnight when Sir Edward rapped on a glass. The chatter ceased.

"Has everyone had an opportunity to be served by Vixen?"

Nods and a series of comments came in reply: "Oh yes." "Nicely, too." "Yes, and she did well." "A delightful wench, yes."

Sir Edward continued. "Then it is time for the main activity of the evening."

He glanced at two husky men standing near the kitchen that Vixen had never seen before. Stout, short-necked, they looked like large gnomes. Each must have easily weighed over 350 pounds, and the shortest was well over 6 foot 5 inches tall. Each had their head completely shaved, and from their corpulent faces beady eyes were focused on her. Their wore tuxedos, but like every other man in the place, their cock and balls were exposed. The cocks were hard, and Vixen was stunned at their size. She could see that not only were they long, very long, but the girth was bigger than any cock she had ever seen, and the bulbous, bulging purple head of each was even bigger. Vixen knew in a second that a cock that big would hurt any woman, and her cunt contracted in an involuntary spasm.

The two turned and walked into what usually was a storage room, and from it they brought forth a contraption such as Vixen had never seen. It was the last thing she saw for some time, since at that same moment a blindfold was placed over her eyes. As she felt the costume she wore being swiftly removed, and her hands being bound by cuffs, Vixen knew she was in trouble.

She felt her feet being bound and then ropes being used to tie her securely. To her surprise, someone began to wrap somewhat thinner rope around her large tits. They were being bound, and bound tightly.

Then she felt herself being lifted. The nature of the devise she had seen was now clear to her. It was a portable rack, and she was being hung from it, much like being on a cross.

Vixen felt her legs being opened, and knew her pussy, having been well fucked several times earlier that evening, must be gaping open, the lips puffy.

She was used to being a slut, doing outrageous and dirty sexual things, and she loved it. But this was a fantasy she had confessor to her lover and mentor, Sir Edward, and now it was coming true. She knew that at least 30 people were gathered in the large room, watching her. She was naked, and bound, and the center of attention. That thought alone sent a spasm through her body.

Suddenly a hand touched her, right on her pussy. It was not subtle. The hand might have been a woman's, but it grasp her lips and squeezed, and she felt the pleasure of pain.

Soon other hands were touching her - one finger, then another, pushed into her pussy.

A pair of strong hands lifted her ass off the rack, and another hand slipped behind. Now a finger was working her ass.

Hand after hand touched her. She felt one set of fingers withdraw, only to be replaced quickly by others, and these, she felt sure, were a woman's. They were much gentler, and played her so well without being rough.

Without warning the new set of fingers withdrew, and a hand slapped the front of her cunt sharply. Oh that stung, and she twisted and moaned, but she wanted it to continue forever.

Despite herself, Vixen felt the rise of feeling within herself. When it happened, it was sudden and almost violent. Her body shuttered and the fingers in her cunt seemed to know just where to touch; two of the lit on her g-spot and played. Vixen came so hard she felt as if she would rip the cuffs from her wrists and ankles.

She felt the sudden surge of wetness between her legs and knew she was squirting. It was something that had begun to happen only the year before, but now Vixen was one of those rare women who ejaculated, spewing forth a clear hot sweet liquid from between her legs, directly out of her love canal.

Raised as she was, she knew the man.

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