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Have a seat there in front of the camera while I look at the interview notes."

Mike scanned the notes, walked over to the posing chair, and began to adjust Sherry's position. "We'll begin with some simple poses and go on from there." Pressing his hand against the small of her back, he arched her forward. One, two, three go the final buttons and her blouse gaped open. Placing her arms to press in on her breasts, he stepped back.


Stepping close again, He brought one of her hands to her breast, "Now fondle yourself."

Back. "Look at the camera." Click. Click. Click.

"Look at me."

Click. Click.

Close again, his deft fingers opened the front closure of her bra. Mike placed her hands on her breasts, a thumb and forefinger surrounding each nipple. Sherry knew what to do. She was no longer a passive participant. She became more excited with each click of the shutter, each flash of the strobes, and each touch of the photographer.

Mike would step back and shoot. He continually told her how hot she was, and how good the pictures would be. Between each series he came close and physically adjusted her pose. He would tilt her head just so, or show her how to caress her breasts for the next shots. He would pull her panties aside and guide her fingers to the exact spot he wanted. He paused only to slap fresh film backs on the camera.

Sherry couldn't remember taking off her blouse or her skirt, her bra or her panties. She knew she must have. Garter belt, stockings, and shoes were all she wore. She had one leg draped over the chair arm and one hand was busy within the wide spread lips of her pussy. Mike had left the camera room to get Diane and it didn't even occur to Sherry to stop rubbing her pussy, much less bring her legs together. Mike and Diane returned to the camera room. Mike picked up his camera, "Diane, get undressed. You can be our other woman."

Sherry watched Diane strip to garters, hose, and heels, matching her own dishabille. The skirt, blouse and the rest had come off without delay, but with a seductive grace. Sherry's eyes followed every move. She continued to slide her hand along the sensitive lips of her pussy without conscious volition.

"Diane, kneel in front of Sherry and caress her teats.

"That's it. Use your tongue on her nipples.

"Keep sucking. Now move your hand to her pussy.

"Push your wet pussy forward, Sherry. Rub against Diane's hand.

"Now, Diane, kiss slowly down her belly to her pussy. Use your fingers in her cunt and tongue her clit.

"Thrust your hips, Sherry. Press your clit against Diane's tongue. Take her fingers into your cunt."

Diane knelt, her lips kissing and her hands fondling Sherry's breasts. Mike adjusted her positions as he had Sherry's, moving her hands, her lips, even her tongue for the most photogenic pose. He would cup Sherry's teat to show exactly how she should present herself to be rubbed and suckled.

Diane moved slowly down Sherry's belly, alternately biting and kissing soft skin, until she had Sherry's clit and labia sucked deep within her mouth. As her tongue flicked rapidly over a swollen, sensitive clit, first one and then two fingers slid into a thoroughly wetted cunt.

Sherry was unable to follow Mike's instructions. She could not thrust. She could only twitch her hips as spasms centered in her belly. Her legs stretched out in a rigid vee, holding Diane's head prisoner in their apex. Hands strained, grasping the chair arms, and a burning sensation pulsed in her nipples.

This was not her accustomed orgasm, a deep throbbing contraction, as short lived as it was intense. It was as if a small rhythmically struck bell was deep within her pussy. Each vibration coursed through her body like an electric charge.

Diane used her tongue and fingers in concert with Sherry.

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