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She completely submits, and is taken by Master and slaves.

"Well lets go on up to your room if that's ok with you." As an answer you just rise and take my hand. I throw some money on the bar as you lead me to the bank of elevators.

"What floor?" I ask as the doors close.

"The top," you reply. Pushing the top button I turn to you and put my hands on your shoulders. Pulling you to me our lips crush together in a torrid kiss. I move my hands lower, clasping your tight ass and pull your hips into mine. You grind against me feeling my hardness pressing into you. Our tongues intertwine as a small moan escapes from you. The elevator slows and the doors begin to open. Pulling away we both gasp for breath as a maid enters and pushes the button for the next floor.

"You smell nice and look fantastic," I murmur as the maid gets off on the next floor. The doors are not even fully closed when we come together again. Kissing you on your neck and ears I slowly rub your ass over the silky skirt. You reach down and run your hand over the bulge straining against my fly. I slide my hands up under your skirt so I can feel the smoothness of your skin. Over the globes of your butt I roam freely and slip my hand between to discover that you are already getting wet. A little gasp greets me as I run my palm over your mound, feeling the heat emanating from the confines of your panties. You squeeze me making me gasp in turn.

Finally the elevator reaches your floor and we rush to the door of your room. You are in such a rush you can't make the key card work on the first try and a little snort of exasperation slips from you lips. I don't make things any easier as I reach around from behind and palm your breasts, feeling the hard points of your nipples pressing against the fabric of your blouse. Finally the light goes green and we tumble into the room almost falling to the floor. Kicking the door closed, I scoop you up in my arms and carry you to the bed. Laying you down on the bed I fall to my knees and take your feet in my hands. I remove your shoes and tickle your feet lightly before kissing up your calf. Stopping for a second to remove my shirt I continue to kiss and rub your calves and thighs. You part your legs for me and your skirt rides up on your hips. The crotch or your panties is damp and I rub my head into it as I kiss your inner thighs. I reach up and grasp the sides of your panties and you lift your hips so I can slide them off your legs.

You are really wet now and I place my mouth over your smooth bare slit, sucking gently on your lips. I pull you to the edge of the bed and put your legs over my shoulders. Blowing gently on your puss makes you shudder and squirm and clutch my head with your thighs as I lick the whole length of your crotch. Spreading your lips with my hands, I thrust my tongue into you and suck hard. You start to come and I am busy lapping up the juices flowing from your pussy. Standing up, I remove the rest of my clothes as you do the same.

"Now it's your turn," you say and push me down so I am on my back. Kneeling between my legs you reach out and take my straining member in your warm soft hand. Stroking lightly you plant a little kiss on the tip and my cock jumps in your hand.

"Careful," I gasp, "I won't last long I want you so bad." You respond by plunging me deep into your mouth. It feels so good as you suck hard and tickle my balls with your free hand. After a second you start moving me in and out of your mouth, drawing back so just the tip remains then back down again. My hips buck and I come in spurts while you make swallowing motions. I draw you up to me and we kiss deeply while holding each other tight. "That was intense," I whisper, and lay back and wrap my arms around you, holding you against my chest, your head nestled in my shoulder.

I run my hands up and down your side and kiss the top of your head. You reach down and stroke my flaccid member "Will he wake up soon?"

"If you keep that up he will," I reply and start playing with your breasts.

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