Petite High Quality XXX

A convicted art forger gets invited to a country house.

My cock swelled.

Ann slowly pulled back until the dildo was a half cunt hair from leaving my ass entirely. Breathing heavily, she paused. I knew something violent was coming. My fingers balled into tense fists. And then...


Ann just sat there with the tip of the dildo barely inside my bunghole. I relaxed my hands. It seemed that Ann had decided to show mercy. I started to turn my head to look back at her.

"Thank you, mommy, for sparing my ass--," I started to say.

Ann hit me again, her toy prick blasting inside of me like a nuclear bomb.

"Whore!" she yelled.

My body shuddered. Ann withdrew slowly. She paused and pounded me again.


And again.


And again.

"I fucking hate you!"

Ann yanked the dildo out of my ass. With astounding strength, she grabbed me by the hips and rolled me onto my back. The bed shook. I thought the head board was going to fall off. I looked up at Ann. Her brow was furrowed. She drew back her arm and smacked me across the cheek.

"You are a piece of shit," she said.

My cock was ready to explode. Ann dropped down and took my entire schlong into her mouth. Her head bobbed three times. I couldn't hold on. Our eyes met as I shot my load. I'd never cum so hard in my life. I must've sprayed a gallon of goo. Ann took every drop and held it in her mouth.

After sucking the last drop from my pecker, Ann pulled herself up until her face was even with mine. Her deep, brown eyes blazed with hatred. Like a dam ready to burst, her sealed lips held back my jizz.

I knew what was coming.

"Do it," I whispered.

Ann drew a deep breath through her nose. As her chest rose, I opened my mouth and closed my eyes.

The dam burst. Cum splattered all over my face. I felt it running down my cheeks and trickling down my neck. Some of the salty mess landed on my tongue. I closed my mouth and swallowed. The jizz effortlessly slid down my throat.

When I opened my eyes, Ann's face was still there, glaring at me. She rubbed the goo into my face and then made me lick the palm of her hand.

"You fucking disgust me," she said.

I felt humiliated-- and loved it. I didn't want it to end. Ann wasn't about to let it.

She went to the phone on the nightstand and picked up the receiver. She dialed a few numbers, paused and then said, "Yeah, we're ready. Send the first one in."

The knock at the door came almost instantly.

"I hope you're ready for some punishment because you're about to get it," Ann said. "There are five perverts next door. Each one gave me $500. Know what that buys them?"

I shook my head.

"Ten minutes with you," Ann said. "Anything they want."

She opened the door. A dark-haired beefcake of a man stepped inside. His biceps strained the sleeves of his black T-shirt. The lump in his jeans extended most of the way down his thigh.

He looked at my face and nodded.

"Mmmm," he said. "I like it."

Ann went to the overnight bag on the desk and pulled out a video camera. She flipped open the side viewer.

"And don't forget," she said, "with your purchase today, I'll send you a souvenir video for free."

Beefcake smirked.

"Cute," he said.

The guy grimaced at me. He looked like a lion three hours before feeding time. And I was his prey. I shuddered.

"On your knees, bitch," Beefcake said.

I slid off the bed, took two sexy steps and dropped to my knees in front of him. Beefcake unzipped his jeans and hunched over to push them to his ankles. He wasn't wearing underwear. His cock almost smacked my chin when he stood up.

As a former football player, I've been in a lot of locker rooms. But I've never seen a thick-a-saurus quite like this. The guy had at least nine inches.

I wrapped my lips around the head and slowly slid my head down the shaft. I made it about a third of the way down before my mouth was full. I pulled back and inhaled deeply through my nose, preparing for another dip.

"Don't tease me, cunt!" Beefcake yelled.

He grabbed the sides of my head and thrust his whole salami into my mouth. I gagged. But the guy showed no mercy. He pulled back and rammed me again.


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