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He got his wings so to say,

The backs of my thighs were really starting to burn and I was considering how much I could take before using my safe word.

I moved my legs slightly to help alleviate the pain. No help. I held perfectly still again as Master Dave came nearer. I exhaled with relief when he lifted off the candles from my thighs, then removed the candles from my hands and back. I hadn't realized how hot they were until I felt the cool air in the room take their place. Grabbing a handful of my hair, Master Dave pulled me to my feet. Without speaking, he shoved me forward. I stumbled a few steps with my arms out in front of me.

"Position!" Master Dave snapped.

I quickly spread my legs, straightened my shoulders to press my breasts forward, put my hands behind my back and grabbed my forearms to keep my arms in place. I was shoved again and barely managed to keep from moving my arms. Being shoved across a room while blindfolded and not even being able to use my hands to catch myself left me feeling vulnerable and inelegant. I was worried that I'd fall over one of Master Dave's toys or stumble into a wall.

Master Dave shoved me several times before he shoved downward on my shoulders. I quickly assumed a kneeling position, keeping my arms behind me, as I hadn't been told to change their position. I felt Master Dave's hands in my hair, positioning my head. Suddenly, my slightly open mouth was invaded by a cock.

Wait a minute! I thought. If Master Dave is behind me positioning my head, WHOSE DICK IS THIS! A slight sound managed to escape my mouth before I was gagged by the dick being thrust down my throat. Being a well-trained submissive, I kept my hands behind my back and opened my mouth wide to take in this dick. I felt Master Dave's hands leave my head and wanted desperately to ask him what was going on!

I did my best to keep my teeth away from the rapidly-thrusting dick. I knew Master Dave would be furious if I hurt this guy - whoever he was! Just as I was getting into the rhythm, the dick was pulled from my mouth and I felt a hand grab my hair and hold my head still. I still held my mouth open and was not surprised when I felt cum being splashed on me, while the man in front of me grunted extensively.

The hand left my hair and the man moved away. I heard Master Dave and this other guy talking. I sat still, my head in the same awkward position, my mouth still open, as I'd not been given permission to move. I felt the cum dripping on my face and realized the man must have cum quite a bit.

"My floors aren't a repository for the cum you refuse to eat, slut. I'd suggest you do something before I do something to you." Master Dave's calm words had the same effect as ice water would have. I leaned forward so quickly that I lost my balance and splayed face down on the floor. My face turned beet-red with embarrassment as I righted myself and began to search the floor for cum. With my hands behind me and my eyes covered, it was a nearly impossible task. I finally gave up trying to smell the cum and simply began licking the floor, hoping I'd find what I was supposed to clean up. The biggest problem I had, of course, is that the cum that had been on my face was now on the floor as well. Since I'd floundered around, a bit before righting myself, the search area could be quite large!

After a few minutes, I realized that my jaws were aching from all the stretching my tongue was doing. I pulled my tongue in and just breathed for a few minutes.

"Done?" Master Dave asked. I was perplexed and didn't know how to answer the question. If all the cum was up, then I could answer yes and not get in trouble. However, if there was even one drop left, I'd better say no. But my tongue was hurting, so I wanted to say yes. But I didn't want to get in trouble, so I should say no.

"Um..." was my sparkling response.

"1....2....3..." Master Dave said.

"No!" I said quickly and again began to lick the floor.

"You were right, Dave.

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