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At 50, Declan is introduced to Sex in the Golden Years.

" Sue leant forward lightly holding the base of the shaft as her tongue lovingly circled the knob. Opening her mouth as wide as she could Sue could fit the entire head into her small mouth but the cock was to thick to work into her throat so Sue used one hand to wank the hard cock while the other went to the wet pussy below it.

As Sam's cock began to twitch, Sue transferred one hand to the hard Sam's hard clit and sank two fingers into the tight cunt causing Sam to erupt into Sue's greedy mouth. Even though Sam had cum several times last night and again this morning it was still more than Sue could handle and quite a bit leaked from around the cock head wedged in her mouth.

Sam eased her cock out of Sue's mouth knelt down and carefully licked up all the spilt cum before she kissed sue as thoroughly as she could.

"Thank you," Sam said sincerely "not for the blow job, although that was great, but for accepting me as what I am."

"Your really welcome, you are just incredible, and I love it, now shall we get you dressed and hit the shops."

Sam was happy to agree and dug out her bags to find some clothes for the day.

"Oh Jesus, you have got some ugly underwear girl, I think you better leave the bra off and manage with the knickers until we get to buy you some more. Now what else have you got."

The girls chatted non stop as they looked through Sam's meagre wardrobe, Sue noted that most of Sam's clothes had been selected to help her avoid being noticed and Sue was not about to allow that.

Sam found out that Sue was not as young as she looked and was actually twenty-one and had been working for aunt Jane and Kath for three years, and she shared a flat with two other girls who worked at the studio.

Sam had to ask what studio, as she had not thought to ask Jane where she was going to work on a Sunday. Sue told the startled girl that Jane and Kath owned a Porn film studio where Sue worked as an assistant sound recorder. But like all the people that worked at the studio she had appeared in a few films especially as her looks and flat chest made it easy for her to play the role of a young girl being seduced for the first time.

Sue told her that she loved being fucked on camera and promised to show Sam one of her films as soon as she could.

Sue selected a thin tight jumper in a light grey and a full floor length white skirt similar to the one she herself wore. Sam had never gone braless and couldn't believe how good her tits looked in the tight top, her nipples stood out and just the thought of going out in public like this made her excited and terrified at the same time.

All through the drive into the city in Sue's car Sam was on the verge of telling Sue to turn back as she couldn't be seen out dressed like this, but she did not want to appear a coward in front of her new friend, and besides she felt so sexy.

Getting out of the car, Sam was very aware of the looks she was getting from both men and women. Sue was constantly holding her hand or arm and several times she stopped and kissed Sue very thoroughly in the middle of the street attracting more attention some of it disapproving but all of it an incredible turn on after years of trying to hide herself in the crowd.

At every shop they visited they went into the changing rooms together and Sue took every opportunity to caress Sam's breasts or her cock, but every time Sam tried to respond Sue deftly moved out of reach with a smile.

Eventually Sam had an idea she knew Sue would not expect, pulling the startled girl into an alley Sam started kissing Sue. As she explored Sue's mouth with her tongue she held the other girl close to her, then she allowed her cock to slide out of it's sheath into the small gap at the top of Sue's thighs, Sue whimpered gently into Sam's mouth as the hard cock covered as it was with both their skirts slid repeatedly over the girls moist pussy.

Sam continued until Sue's body was shuddering on the verge of an orgasm and pulled away abruptly.

"I think it's time we found a c

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